Friday, February 25, 2011

From The Album "21" Adele "Turning Tables"

This Jewel Ms. Adele...Not only is she on her way to her first number one U.S Album, with the release of her second album "21" (Which is expected to shift around 300k) but get this folks...The album is actually really amazing! Weird huh? Adele sang her ass off from number 1. "Rolling In The Deep" to what made me stop in my tracks and give a nice size "WOOOOOW" track #3 "Turning Tables". This song, which is now categorized as "My song", starts off with a beautiful piano melody that gets so good, the blade that connects from shoulder to neck might give way, when the sweet soulfulness that is Adele comes to carefully message away the beautiful pain of a piano melody aided by wild violins throughout the Chorus and Bridge. (Oh its that good folks)

Adele's voice has grown so much from her last album to now. I remember asking "how can this woman grow coming out of the box with what some might consider a classic album?" I guess she showed me... check out "Turning Tables"... beautiful!

New Vid: Dr. Dre "I Need A Doctor" Ft Eminem & Skylar Grey

"Y'all Can Kiss My Indecisive Ass"- Glorious Quote From Dr. Dre

With Dr. Dre being on a serious hiatus for so long, some people thought this day would never come, But yesterday, Dr. Dre released his second single from the long awaited "Detox" titled "I Need A Doctor" featuring long time protege' Eminem, as well as new comer & multi-instrumental singer, songwriter and record producer Skylar Grey.

Not expecting too much from this video, being that now a days you have a big song and the video suffers, Dr.Dre knocked it out of the park in my opinion. The date at the beginning of the video (February 18th 2001), was the date that NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, known as "The Intimidator" for his aggressive driving style, was killed in a crash During the Daytona 500 race. The video goes on to not only show pivotal days from Dr. Dre's life, but also shows him learning how to basically "walk again within music" ending it at the grave site of Eric "Eazy-E" Wright" (If you don't know him, look him up)...very creative direction.

The moral of this video is... not only is Dr. Dre showing that he is "The musical Intimidator" but that he's starting from ground zero within his craft, which many of you know can bring much more freshness and creativeness to a project...this album could potentially be a wonderful thing for the music industry, and hopefully come at the perfect moment, check out the video Here....

Monday, February 14, 2011

Just A Thought....

After letting the state of this industry settle approaching the 3rd month of the year (along with last night's Grammy's) I'm having a moment where I feel the need to say what's needed to be said for a minute now...

So I've been gone from this site about 2 months now, returning every now and again to say hello or what not, But the reality of why I haven't been posting is because...well there's really nothing to talk about. This music industry has been at a nice size halt since around the end of November and I pose this question: Why the wait? From the outside looking in, it seems to me that "the powers that be" throughout this industry are waiting on some sort of "tag" to start the process of giving us what is suppose to be an endless supply of music, like we're not approaching the 3rd month of the be even more basic, this music industry right now is the longest game of chess I've ever been in in my life..Make a move! Another way to look at it, A good friend of mine asked me "What if the movie industry decided to not make movies for 3 months?" or your favorite store decided they were going to take 3 months off from selling you clothing, food ect.. (crazy right?) that's us folks! Demand is what we need to find out how to get again. I for one think its puzzling that an industry that's rumored to be running short on money, has these big label Presidents that sit around and wait for another label to make a move, basically letting them know "its OK we can go make money now"- well how about I become that person...Folks we're going into the 3rd month of the year, music execs, its OK to give us what your paid to give...MUSIC!

on to the Grammy's- a night that's suppose to be the biggest night in music turns into one of the biggest disappointment's of the year..Why?

Analogy- To go to a dance during the school year dressed down to impress..OK but going to your Senior prom in the same attire?

We in this music industry DEMAND so much "respect" but as the saying goes you get what you give. How can we fly anywhere in this musical bubble, if we don't respect what's ours in the form of Tom Ford?

Performers at this year's Grammy's with the exception of a few were quite lazy...They put the camera on Beyonce' and I wanted to throw a leotard and heels at her, Praying that she would save this second rate musical assembly, with the infamous Bob Dylan damn near tripping over cellos and banjos, stage hands running wild all night, camera angles basically showing the audience when we're suppose to be watching Skylar Grey, Eminem and Dr. Dre or B.o.B Janelle Monae' and Bruno Mars go in on a wonderful performances....Music's biggest night Folks...

So I'll end this rant, and get off my soapbox, but I'll end with this : since you guys only have 10 months now to try and gain what we pray for at the end of the year and that's at least a percentage up from the previous...Sober up people because it looks like we have a long road ahead of us. (OH! SAU I love you guys ;)