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New Vid: Nipsey Hussle Ft Lloyd "Feelin' Myself"

We debuted this song at SAU a couple weeks back and the reception was fairly good. Now we get to see the visual to Mr. Hussle's song for "Feelin' Myself"...U like?

Linkin Park To Perform Live At MTV Music Awards...

After premiering their eerie but yet interesting video for their new song "Catalyst", Linkin Park will return to where they shine best... the Stage. The Band will perform their new single "Catalyst" for the first time live on the MTV Video Music Awards stage.

"After two years of working on our new album, we're looking forward to sharing our first live performance of new music with our fans around the world on the MTV Awards," Chester Bennington said in a statement about the show.

Other performers for the 2010 VMAs include Eminem, Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Paramore, Drake, B.o.B, Usher and Florence and the Machine. Travie McCoy, Jason Derulo and Robyn.

The Pumpkins Smash Sunset Strip.....

The Saturday night ending to the "Sunset Strip" festival ended with the often emulated never duplicated Smashing Pumpkins who first played Sunset Strip in 91'. The press release stated:

Organizers of the SUNSET STRIP MUSIC FESTIVAL have confirmed that THE SMASHING PUMPKINS will headline the street festival on Saturday, August 28, with a live performance on the legendary Strip, which is being closed to traffic for the second time in its history. The iconic band will wrap up the third annual SSMF, set to include a special tribute event for SLASH at House of Blues on August 26; live performances in The Roxy Theatre, the Whisky A Go-Go, Viper Room, Key Club, Cat Club and House of Blues on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights; plus more than 50 bands, two outdoor stages and a full day of music in the venues on Saturday, August 28.

(Cherub Rock)

(Tonight Tonight)


Lauryn Hill Performs "If I Ruled The World" At Rock The Bells....

"If I Ruled the World"..A classic Rap track that debuted in 96' from Nas, and spawned his first top 20 R&B Hit and was also nominated for a 1997 Grammy Award for Best Rap Solo Performance. Lauryn Hill's verse interpolates the song "Walk Right Up To The Sun" by The Delfonics. Lauryn surprised a New York Crowd at the 2010's "Rock The Bells" performing this classic with the one and only Nas.....

Marsha Ambrosius Performs At NY's J&R Festival....

Ms. Marsha has a new look, a basically new sound and she's coming very different with her new single "I hope She Cheat On You"...She performed the new single at New York's J&R festival recently SAU what you guys think about this single from the former Floetic singer?

* (Updated) SAU Undergrad....Jay Electronica...

Jay Electronica is very very nice rapper. He produced the first track, "Queens Get the Money", on the 2008 Nas album Untitled. The unconventional nature of much of his music, and the lack of conventional release methods for that music, have since 2007 made him the object of much attention. He was perhaps best known for the piece of music Act 1: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge), until the release of the Just Blaze-produced track "Exhibit C" in late 2009

Hailing from The 504 with a New York flow, Mr. Jay Electronia has been heavily disected by myself over the last couple of months, and I have come to realize this one right here is a TRUE MC. He has yet to release a full-length album but has released two official singles to date, "Exhibit A" and "Exhibit C,"which won a sucker free summit award for instant classic ....'Exhibit C' produced by Just Blaze had the web going bonkers with his flow:

They call me Jay Electronica/Fuck that./Call me Jay ElecHannukah/Jay ElecYarmulke/Jay ElectRamadaan Muhammad Asalaamica/ RasoulAllah LaSupana Watahalla through your monitor/.....

HOT and most definitely what the rap game is missing. I.E Grundgy hella hard rap verses that make you run it back one more time... Give the man a listen

(* Exibit A)

B.o.B Answers 5 Questions For VH1....

Rapper B.o.B Sat down with VH1 to answer their five questions regarding his favorite place in the world,One gadget he never leaves home without, his funniest movie and more...B.o.B also declared that his next single off his gold album "The Adventures of Bobby Ray is "Magic" although not one of my favorites, it did land him an Adidas contract so watch him performing it on his "Shooting For The Stars Tour"...

OWWWW Of The Day....Kayla Hart

Mary J Blige Announces Tour With Jazmine Sullivan & Miguel...

Uploaded by yardie4lifever2. - Explore international webcam videos.

Yesterday On 106&Park Mary J. Blige announced that Herself, Jazmine Sullivan and New comer Miguel are going on a tour soon, along with talking about her foundation. With that Jazmine Sullivan debuted her 80's inspired video for "Going In Circles" which gave us a glimpse at Missy Elliott (who's very much missed right now) So check her new video...

In other news Mary J. Blige and Swizz beats are featured on the Remix...

New Music: Drake "I'm Ready For You"

Drake is reportedly prepping for a new (R&B Only) Mixtape soon but I don't know if I can take a full R&B mixtape from Drake. The vocals aren't up to par to venture out that far in my opinion but being that he's building a nice size brand many downloads will come his way. But this "I'm Ready For You" track is rumored to be tracked for a female singer (Some say Rihanna) and it will feature Drake....Could you guys see this one being something big for a female artist? Check it out...

WWE Recap...By Ryan

R.I.P Luna Vachon!!!!!!

Bret Hart was out to kick off the show and Cole noted Hart was part of the early great memories from the TV show. Hart completed his ring intro and apparently we're going to get two hours of Cole doing the "longest running episodic" line. Once in the ring, Hart recapped the beginning of Raw when he wasn't sure if the show would catch on, but now it's "doing pretty damn good." Hart said Raw has the most shows in the history of prime time TV. He said he was there for the very first show and there's only one other wrestler still here who was around back then. The Undertaker.

Suddenly, Kane's pyro shot off and Kane strolled out sans World Title belt around his waist. Once in the ring, Kane took a mic and smiled. He said there is no Undertaker anymore because he physically decimated Taker and left him to rot in a vegetative state. Kane said he's not "phenomenal" in any way; he's just a man. Kane paused for an "Under-Taker" chant and smiled. He then described Taker like Hart - old, feeble, scraggly, over-the-hill, irreversibly damaged. There were "What?" chants during this. Only appropriate on a historic Raw. Kane said the only time Taker was truly Taker was when he ended Shawn Michaels's career. Kane said Hart must have really liked that seeing a man he seemingly made amends with, yet utterly despised.

Hart said the only thing he's going to savor is when Taker gets his hands on Kane and beats him...like he always does. Kane laughed to himself and said the only thing he's only wanted his entire life was to break away from Taker and prove he is the devil's favorite demon. Kane said Taker took out an icon, Michaels, and he needs to take out an icon of his own. Kane grabbed Hart around the throat, but Hart Dynasty hit the ring to make the save. Hart then tried to fight them off, but Kane grabbed him by the throat again.

Suddenly, the bell tolled and the arena went dark. Taker was in the ring when the lights came back on. Taker stared down Kane, who gritted his teeth and clenched his jaw. They exchanged looks, then Kane smiled and back-flipped out of the ring. Taker stood his ground in the ring as Kane walked off from the ring.

Suddenly, the Raw GM chimed in Cole said he has received an email. Cole read that the GM sees an iconic moment taking place, so in honor of this moment (and despite his disagreement in the past), there will be a history-making main event tonight: Bret Hart vs. The Undertaker.


Rapid-fire start to the action before Bryan clubbed Miz in the face to draw Miz's ire. Bryan then ripped off rapid-fire kicks on Riley before running into Kofi, who landed a leg sweep for a near fall. Three men are eligible at a time here. Eventually, all three Rookies were in the ring together. Riley broke up a submission attempt by Kaval on Hennig, then took a big kick to the face from Kaval. Hennig tried to roll up Kaval from behind, but Kaval escaped. Kaval then went up top for the Warrior's Way on Hennig and he connected. Miz suddenly entered from behind (following a blind tag) and dropped Kaval with the Skullcrushing Finale and Cole nearly jumped out of his chair. Miz with the pin on Kaval for the win. As a result,

Ryan's Angle: Too many men in the over-done, over-played three-way format. The end result was fine to continue getting heat on Miz building to a likely U.S. Title match between Bryan and Miz.

2 -- DREW MCINTYRE & CODY RHODES vs. R-TRUTH & JOHN MORRISON -- #1 contender match to the WWE Tag Titles

Cole listed notable tag teams in Raw history and Lawler interjected, "Ross and Lawler." Cole and Lawler talked up Ross for a bit, noting his signature catchphrases. The match lasted less than one minute, as all four men brawled in the ring and the ref threw out the match. Post-match: McIntyre and Morrison brawled ringside. Mac ate the Raw GM podium and crumpled to the floor. Morrison and Truth then walked off. And, well, nothing was settled.


Before the bell sounded, Nexus's theme music hit. You knew they weren't delivering a match. Barrett said this match is not going to happen. He said when people talk about the 900th episode of Raw, they don't want to talk about two legends, but the future. "And the future is Nexus," he said. Barrett said he said earlier today he would do something unforgettable and he's going to do that right now. Barrett slipped into the ring and charged Taker, who answered with right hand blows. Taker landed a big boot and Barrett crawled to the ropes to take a clothesline over the top rope.

Suddenly, the lights went down again. The bell tolled. This time, Kane was in the ring. Hart was gone. Kane now has Taker's magical powers. Kane then landed a right hand strike and they traded blows. Taker had Kane by the throat, then the lights went down again. Kane was gone this time. Taker was alone. Nexus's music hit and the remaining four members stomped out to the ring. Was Hart eaten up by the ring during this? Nexus surrounded the ring, then Taker tried to fight them off one-by-one. Taker had Barrett by the throat, but the lights went off again. Thud noises in the dark.

Suddenly, Barrett had Taker on his shoulders to deliver his signature slam. They cut to a shot of Kane standing on the entrance ramp watching with a smile. Barrett then directed traffic to set up Taker for the 450 Splash from Justin Gabriel. Kane watched approvingly from the stage. At least there was heat on Nexus by the end of this, as the crowd chanted, "Nexus sucks," as they stood over Taker. Taker then tried to do his classic sit up, but he collapsed down to the mat. Kane chuckled and smiled from the stage.

RYAN'S ANGLE:Another non-match here. Hopefully they're following the Summerslam formula of a weak undercard, then 20-30 minutes in the elimination tag match to tell a strong in-ring story to make that important. The lights on/off gimmick was over-done and Barrett looked very weak mid-way through, but at least Nexus stood tall at the end to retain some measure of credibility as heel threats. I'm not sure if anyone cared by the end of the segment, though


Jericho and Tarver started things off, but didn't lock up. Jericho paused for a pro-Jericho chant, then decided just to bail from the ring. The ref started a ten count and Jericho teased running back into the ring, but smiled and walked off to the back. Jericho is gone at Cena was upset, but went back to the ring as Edge entered the ring. Edge then shoved down the ref to be DQ'ed Nexus had a good laugh at this. So, it's Cena, Orton, and Sheamus.

Cena entered the ring and battled Tarver. Cena shoved Tarver into the corner, then tagged in Sheamus while shooting a look to Orton. Slater tagged in and the red-headed kids battled in the ring. Sheamus slowed down the pace and knocked Slater to the outside before rolling him back into the ring. There was no energy in this match up to this point. Otunga tagged in to no reaction, then paced the ring and grabbed a basic side headlock. Sheamus and Otunga collided mid-ring, then Sheamus clotheslined Otunga, who tried posing in Sheamus's face. Sheamus was then isolated - yes, the heel champion playing babyface in peril - as Nexus stomped away on him. Sheamus never made it out of the corner after a couple of hope spots and Slater eventually pinned Sheamus (I don't get that booking at all.)

John Cena then came in hot and dropped the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Slater. He wanted the Attitude Adjustment and connected for a pin on Slater Wade Barrett entered next and dumped Cena to the outside. Nexus seized the opportunity to stomp away on Cena ringside. Barrett rammed Cena head-first into the announce table before rolling him back into the ring for a two count. Gabriel came in and landed some basic offense. Otunga then tagged in and showed how green he is in the ring before Cena countered a suplex attempt.

Otunga cleared Orton off the ring apron, but Cena sprung to life and slapped on the STF for a tap-out Gabriel then came right off the top with the 450 splash on Cena for a pin on Cena . Orton then snuck in the back door and dropped Gabriel with the RKO for a pin Tarver came in next and took an RKO for another pin Barrett then hit the ring and dropped Orton with his overhead slam finisher. Barrett made the cover for the win Five decisions in less than one minute. Very fitting for this show. Barrett posed in the ring with a smile on his face as Cole suggested Barrett's in control heading to Night of Champions.

RYAN'S FINAL THOUGHT: Nexus gets the win they needed at Summerslam. But, it's too little, too late. There was hardly any heat on this match until the very end with the rapid-fire finishers. At the end of the day, it's Barrett and "a group of inexperienced wrestlers," based on WWE's presentation, who have lost their edge as threats. The collective unit doesn't have much steam, with the emphasis now on Barrett leading to Night of Champions. As for Team WWE, fine use of Jericho and Edge, Orton was protected with his injury, Cena was surprisingly finished off early, and I have no idea what WWE was thinking with the booking of Sheamus here. Disappointing main event to conclude a very disappointing show.

Kravitz/Jackson Remix In The Works Yet Again?

On Sunday (Which would have been Mj's 52nd Bday), Many people took to twitter to show their love and respect for the one and only King Of Pop. Along with many others Lenny Kravitz posted:

"Happy birthday Michael. I feel your spirit here with me as I am working on a new version of our track."

Now "Our Track" titled "Another Day", was originally leaked early January of this year, Kravitz denied that he was responsible for the leak, and reportedly promised to negotiate with Jackson's record label in an attempt to have the track released officially....Looks like that day might be here sooner than later. Lenny is an artist that along with driving the women crazy has a keen ear for current music, so there is no doubt that this will be something special!

But in other MJ News, Michael Jackson is the most downloaded artist in the world. According to MTV, data from the Nokia Ovi Music Store places the late star ahead of Lady GaGa, Elvis Presley, the Black Eyed Peas and Rihanna.

The singer is reportedly most popular in India, where 26% of all Ovi downloads are of his songs.


Monday, August 30, 2010

Paramore Claim Their Space At The Reading & Leeds Festival

Paramore is panning out to be one of the best new(er) rock bands we have out check them rocking out at the Reading/Leeds Festival 2010...

New Music: Raekwon Ft Kanye West & Justin Bieber "Runaway Love"(Tags)

A couple weeks ago we told you that the Raekwon Kanye West & Justin Bieber collaboration was a go and here it is...Check it out SAU Whatcha think?

New Vid: Taylor Swift "Mine"

Assignment Of The Day... Yuranshanker Rajo "Iragai Pole"

Weird name right? well again last week I ventured into different types of music, Checking out XM radio's different stations and I came across a "Bollywood" station and realized my head was nodding harder that to most current tracks of today...So although you might not get it at first, and don't understand what the hell he's talking about your assignment of today is to let the beat set in and check it out.....Let me know what you guys think...Now again I'm not too sure what he's talking about but dammit if that beat doesn't knock...Someone out there has to feel me

"Bollywood" is the informal term popularly used for the Hindi-language film industry based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The term is often incorrectly used to refer to the whole of Indian cinema; it is only a part of the total Indian film industry, which includes several regional film industries sorted by language. Bollywood is the largest film producer in India and one of the largest centers of film production in the world

SAU Question Of The Day.....

Welp, as you all saw I left you for a mere week last week. During this week I got to know a lot of new music and to be frank ended up being kinda bored last week without you guys so the question of the day is...WASSSSSSSSUP SAU?!!!!!

Mark Ronson To Work With D'Angelo.....

Mark Ronson may be readying the release of third album " Record Collection," due out Sept. 28 on RCA Records, but the Brooklyn-based artist/producer is also involved with another high-profile third album: R&B singer D'Angelo's long-awaited follow-up to sophomore disc "Voodoo." Speaking with Billboard.com last week, Ronson said that he was "going into the studio... to work a bit on his record, and I have equal parts intimidation and awe and excitement."

"I was pretty much floored when D said that the only two records of the past 5 to 6 years that he really listened to a lot were 'St. Elsewhere' by Gnarls Barkley and 'Back to Black,'" says Ronson. "I was like, 'I cannot believe I made something that this guy listened to over and over again and looked to for inspiration.'"

Now with the return of Lauryn Hill, D'Angelo and hopefully Amy Winehouse, Are we the only one's that are jumping for joy for the music industry? D'Angelo has been gone since his sophomore album "Voodoo" (Which is a classic) but him steeping back on the scene with good credible music is something much needed now! Forgot D'Angelo?....


New Vid: Trey Songz "Can't Be Friends"

SAU I can't help what I like and... I like it people...

OWWWWW Of The Day...Sayeeda Blue

'Can I Get A Sample'? Eve Ft Alicia Keys "Gangsta Lovin"

Samples seem to make the world of music that much better. Taking a piece of a beat (Or verse) from a previous artist can absolutely bring a sworm of hype around your track. Taking it back to 2002, rapper Eve released a track from her third studio album titled "Eve-Olution" mixed in a little Alicia Keys and a sample from 80's group Yarbrough and Peoples' "Don't Stop the Music". This sample (Sung on the chorus by A.keys "I just wanna rock you alllllll night long") took Eve to hold her second consecutive number-two hit on the Billboard Hot 100 as well as her third consecutive top ten hit in the United Kingdom....Very creative and nice sample gotta love it, and can't get enough of the original track by Yarbrough and Peoples....

Sample starts at: 2:58

New Music: Jay-Z & Kanye West Ft Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross & Bon Iver

Its that goose and Malibu, I call it Malibooyah!- Glorious Quote from Kanye West

Welp Friday Night browsing the web before a night of fun, I ran across this "Monster Of a track which is scheduled to be from a joint venture from rappers Jay-Z and Kanye West, who announced that they will collaborate on an album together.

The hip-hop stars released their new single 'Monster' on Friday and have confirmed that a five-track LP called "Watch The Throne" is in the works.

West wrote on Twitter: "Me and Jay bout to drop a 5 song album called Watch The Throne... Monster... Happy GOOD Friday! The second song off of me and Jay album (sic)."

Couldn't agree more, This grungy heavy bass rap beat takes Rap back the its essence! The way the beat rode between their verses..Nice, add that to Kanye West, Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj (Who turned out to be the star of the track) Looks like they have a heavy one on their hands....


Throwback Of The Day.....Puddle Of Mudd "Blurry"

Puddle of Mudd is one of my all time favorite rock bands because of the connection they made with this song "Blurry". Released on their debut album "Come Clean" The song is the band's best known song, reaching the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks and Hot Modern Rock Tracks charts for ten and nine weeks, respectively. This soon propelled the single to mainstream success, reaching the #5 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 Airplay and Billboard Hot 100. The song is also the band's highest selling U.S. single ever, with sales of 753,000 copies, as of 2010.

"Blurry" is about a break-up, as well as cowardice. The song was primarily written about how lead singer Wes Scantlin misses his son, Jordan.

It is best known for its refrain, from which it derived its secondary name: "Can you take it all away? / Can you take it all away? / When you shoved it in my face / This pain you gave to me". Guitar One magazine named Ardito's “Blurry” harmonic riff as one of its “Top Ten Riffs of the Decade.....How can you not love a heart felt song by a rock band? Love it....

New Music: Bon Jovi "What Do You Got"

Bon Jovi will be releasing their GREATEST HITS on the 9th November 2010, along with 4 new songs. The First single titled "What Do You Got" is a very inspirational mid-tempo song that highlights Bon Jovi’s best aspects, and brings the message of love that never gets old back once again....

Mrs. Lauryn Still Got It......

Apparently Fans of Lauryn Hill aren't the only ones waiting for her comeback, During her set at "Rock The Bells" 2010 in N.Y, The superstar that we've been waiting for brought out Mary J. Blige, Swizz Beats & Alicia Keys, Beyonce,Jay-Z, and John Legend. It is very obvious that even though she's been gone for a moment her name still rings bells...Ding Ding Check our girl out killing "Fugee-La" & "Lost ones"...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

AP Talks Nicki Minaj's Success...

With The release of "Pink Friday" on the way soon from rapper Nicki Minaj the steam that she is generating is coming to a boiling point as AP goes in on the success of Ms. Minaj check it out.....

Lauryn Hill Charts For The First Time In 10 years....

Billboard: Just weeks after a track titled "Repercussions" leaked on the internet, the elusive Lauryn Hill debuts on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart at No. 94 -- her first debut as a lead artist in over 10 years.

The last time the West Orange, New Jersey, native charted as a lead artist on the tally was back in November 1999, when "Turn Your Lights Down Low," featuring Bob Marley, peaked at No. 49. In 2006, the Method Man track "Say," featuring Hill, charted at No. 66 after 10 weeks on the chart.

The release of "Repercussions" came on the same day the former Fugees member performed at the FESPAD Festival in Kigali, Rwanda last month and fueled the rumors that Hill is finally working on a follow-up album

People want Mrs. Hill if you can't tell. When her album drops its absolutely going to be a DEAD ASS SERIOUS day for Music...Haven't heard the track?.....

Neyo Announces Next Single Will Be "One Life"

Singer Ne-yo introducing "One Life" as his next single from his new album "Libra Scale". The video is set to continue the "Storyline" in which "Beautiful Monster" and Champagne has already done. This inspirational song that talks about living like there's no tomorrow...SAU whatcha think? Neyo....I just can't see the direction Libra Scale is taking but hopefully this can generate some noise...

Funniest Youtube I've Seen In A Minute.....



T.I To Work With Lady Gaga.....

Lady GaGa reportedly wants to better her currently unreleased duet with T.I.

Earlier this year, the rapper announced that the pair were teaming up on a track for his upcoming album, adding that he was "extremely proud" to have worked with the singer.

He has now revealed that GaGa has approached him to record an even better song together.

"[GaGa] brought it to my knowledge that she would like to top what we already have," he told Rap Up.

"That being said, I don't know if that’s going to be a keeper or if that's going to be one-upped or what not."

T.I, real name Clifford Harris, admitted that he "begged on hands and knees" to score time with GaGa in the studio.

Lady Gaga is aiming to be the queen of Pop and the queen of features!...In related news the rapper as also admitted to Rap up.com that he plans to push the album back again to focus on the "Takers" movie release. Now in more Gaga news the collab with her and David Bowie now turns out to be a "Hoax". Bowie claims he hasn't worked with the one they call Gaga.

Beyonce' Readies 'I Am 'Tour DVD....

Beyonce is readying the release of her long awaited tour DVD for the I'am..... Tour which was shot in London's 02 Arena a billboard tribute of her was just revalead that will be featured on the DVD as well. On the tribute it not only goes into her countless #1 hits and sold out shows but it also talks about her charity work and her other side ventures...Check it our plus choreography for her song "Why Don't you love me...

Throwback Of The Day.....Sinead O'Connor "Nothing Compares To You"

"Nothing Compares 2 U" is a song written in the 1980s by Prince for The Family. In 1990, a recording of the song by Sinéad O'Connor became a number-one hit in many countries, charting in the U.S., UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, and Germany, and launched O'Connor's mainstream career.

Irish singer Sinéad O'Connor re-recorded the track in 1989 and included it on her second album I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got, bringing the song to worldwide prominence. The song's music video was a hit on MTV. The single topped the charts worldwide, including the United States, UK and Australia. The song also topped the U.S. Modern Rock Tracks chart. O'Connor's version was listed at number 77 on Billboard's "Greatest Songs of All Time and at number ten on VH1's "100 Greatest Songs of the 90s".

Due to the popularity of the O'Connor recording, Prince began to perform the song in concert, and included a live duet between himself and Rosie Gaines on his 1993 compilations The Hits/The B-Sides and The Hits 1. Prince also recorded a solo version of the song for his 2002 live album, One Nite Alone... Live!.

At a time in music during the 80's when music was very much heartfelt Ms. O'Connor came and broke the door down with this meaningful song that had many people dedicating this beauty to lovers around the world. Music that you just can't help but feel is something the music game is missing right now, and vocals that surpass a lot of the the pop hits can actually still exist. If a song this slow could hit number one, couldn't it still happen today if coming from the soul??

OWWWW Of The Day......Anishya Sue Reyes

New Music: Keri Hilson "Breaking Point"...

Keri Hilson brings a new look and much growth (Which we said she needed) for her new single "Breaking point" from her new album "No Boys allowed" Coming towards the end of the year. Now although Keri shows much growth on this Timbaland produced song, my only thing is the arrangement at the beginning. To the untrained ear you can't distinguish between when she is actually talking and when the actual song begins. Keri's vocals also seem just a tad clinched (Forced) through out this song as opposed to riding the "Doo wop" inspired beat, which would've came across as a much cleaner sound. Now although you all know I'm very anal about vocals period, Keri sounds good and has much more control over her vocals on this one...I can't wait to see what Keri is going to come with on this new album LETS GO Keri! Check it out...