Monday, November 29, 2010

Kings Of Leon Perform On The Today Show...

Kings Of Leon took on the NYC cold, and played a couple songs from their recent effort "Come Around Sundown" Including "Radioactive",And one of my favorites "The End"...

New Music....Well Atleast To SAU...

Leaking sometime back in October, Lloyd Banks' Song "Start It Up" caught my attention but not enough to place it as good or ok. Marinating on this song for sometime now, and after buying his album "HFM2" (Which is a really good rap album)I've noticed that Lloyd Banks' flow has gotten surprisingly strong and assertive. The song thats a piece of our new music today, features Kanye West,Ryan Leslie,Fabolous,and Swizz Beats...On this one Swizz Beat's Chorus/Vocals are actually an accent to the song, as opposed to being..well sometimes annoying. With Lloyd I've been alert on him since HFM released in 04' which could be considered a grade A album. Now we're starting to see him break away from the G-Unit title which is not a bad thing since every rapper that joins a label wants their own voice...Banks is finally getting it with this one.

Can I Get A Sample?...

Uh...Who is this Ms.A?..I can hear it now ringing through the blog. This man Mike Oldfield, has been heard lately in about 550,000-600,000 of your cars, stereos, and computers over this last week, but many of you may not have known it. First, I'll give brief history...

Via his Wiki, Oldfield is an English multi-instrumentalist musician and composer, working a style that blends progressive rock, folk, ethnic or world music, classical music, electronic music, New Age, and more recently, dance. In 1987 he released his album "Crises". From the album, the song "In high Places" was heard but not completely recognized being that it didnt stand out.....

(Check sample at :45)

...Until Kanye's "My Dark Twisted Fantasy" the #1 track titled "Dark Fantasy" samples Oldfield's track like none other, At first listen one might not think this is a sample because of the realness it shows, but check it out for yourself...

(Sample rings in at 1:07)

New Music: Marsha Ambroisus: "Far Away"

Last week a new song from ex Floetry songstress Marsha Ambroisus came about titled "Far Away". Rumored to be produced by hip hop producer Just Blaze, This song starts its journey out wth a soft piano and Marsha playing down her vocals if only for the first verse. As a whole this song is something that reminds me of Marsha's Floetry days but the complete disconnect comes around the 1:49 mark where the vocals start to trek up hill, as we think the song is coming to a nice size early climax (which is a treat for the second verse in any song) but 2:01 she makes the mistake of taking that extra pause which is almost like a punk out in a beautiful ballad and we all know she has it in her...Marsha's vocal ability could be like none other (being that its very different and refreshing) but with her taking that one pause took the song from a 8 1/2 to a 6 1/2 now as there is no release in the song at all. Hopefully this isn't the finished product...Check it out..

BET Soul Train Award Performances....

Last night the BET Centric Soul Train Awards aired and surprisingly made out to be a pretty good watch. With Tributes to the Legendary Anita Baker, Ronald Isley and not to forget a doo-wop toe tapping finger snapping opening with R.Kelly, who tore the roof off the place with his oldies and a Frankie Lyman-esq ending. I was rather surprised the show turned out to be a good one..Check out some performances by R.Kelly, Bruno Mars, Erykah Badu, below...


Erykah Badu

Ronald Isley Tribute

Anita Baker Tribute

Bruno Mars

Friday, November 19, 2010

Uh Oh.....IT's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Folks the day that we pray for each and every Monday is BACK!!! Our Favorite Holiday that comes around every week LET's GO SAU IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

New Vid: Bruno Mars "Grenade"..

Bruno Mars is back with another single from his album "Doo-Wops & Hooligans" titled "Grenade" which has peaked at # 30 on the charts thus far...Check em' out...

Throwback Of The Day....Chad Kroeger & Josey Scott "Hero"..

The throwback song of the day comes from Chad Kroeger (Nickleback) and Josey Scott (Saliva) "Hero" which was recorded in 2002 from the "Spider-Man" Soundtrack. The song peaked at number 1 on many charts including the Canadian singles charts & the Hot mainstream Rock track charts. Josey Scott told LAUNCH:

"He (Chad) had the idea for the song 'Hero' so I came up to Vancouver and met him. He pitched me the idea, and I thought that was pretty dope. So we sort of tweaked it, together, laid down some harmonies on it, and played everything from congas to acoustics on it."

an absolutely meaningful collaboration between two rock artists...

New Music: Sugarland "Little Miss"...

"Little Miss" is set to be the second single from country duo Sugarland, from their "The Incredible Machine" album which topped the Billboard 200 charts as well as the US Billboard Top Country Album Charts. In my opinion Sugarland has found that medium that connects with the new younger Country audience and staying true to their roots. Very beautiful song...

OWWWW Of The Day...Jeri Lee

Eminem & Lil' Wayne To Perform On SNL...

According to online reports, Rapper Lil Wayne is scheduled to make his first TV appearance after his release from Prison. He will be performing with Eminem who is the main guest performer for the Dec. 18th SNL show, on their joint venture "No Love". The host for the evening will be actor Jeff Bridges, who joins Robert DeNiro and Paul Rudd as hosts.

B.o.B Is Officially In "Beast Mode".....

See For yourself....

YESSSSSS! Do you see how many times that flow switches?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This Day Last Year....

On this day (which was a Tuesday) last year John Mayer released his album "Battle Studies" which debuted at number one on the U.S. Billboard 200. Receiving mixed reviews the album was able to go Platinum for the Mayer with 880,000 copies sold in the U.S.

Leading the pack of singles gave us "Who Says" debuting at #17 along with "Heartbreak Warfare" peaking at #34 and "Half of My Heart" peaking at #25. But within this album there were many treats including the fan favorite "Assassin" which was never released as an official single, but took the album to more of a soundtrack to Mayer's heart after that...So here's to "Assassin"...

New Music: Carrie Underwood "There's A Place For Us"...

Carrie Underwood flexed the golden pipes for "There Is A Place For Us" The single from the upcoming movie The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. A beautiful ballad that adds to the lists of big singers who's done soundtrack songs for big movies. Beautiful in every way Carrie does it just right...

Paramore Premiere's New Single "Playing God"..

You don't deserve a point of view if the only thing you see is you-Glorious Quote from Paramore

From their 3rd album "Brand New Eyes" Rock group Paramore releases yet another single (5th to be exact) from this Gold selling album titled "Playing God" you can view the video Here.
Check it out folks...

Avril Lavigne Announces "What The Hell?....

Avril Lavigne is stepping back on the scene with her new album in which she explains was done over a year ago but like many she's had a couple of label setbacks..

“I’m done with my 4th record!!!” she wrote. “Well, actually I have been done for a year… and now my record company have finally decided to release it. OMG..How nice! Thanks guys.”

“People do their best work when they are doing what they want, love and is natural for them, not when you are forcing them to be something that they are not.” further informing us of her label spats. But good things come to those who wait and Avril has announced to her fans that her first single from her new album is titled "What the hell"

“My first single off this record is called: ‘What The Hell’. This song is the least personal song to me off this album. It’s a fun and funny anthem. It has a broad message about personal freedom. It is the most pop track on the record.”

She also announced that a video for the single will be shot in 2 weeks and released in January...We all know from Avril's previous albums that when she does a mid tempo to slower song that's her bread and butter when it comes to stability and making the fans fall deep for what she has to say. With that said I can't wait to see what she dishes up...

New Music: Nicki Minaj ft Drake "Moment 4 life"

***Updated with new song "Blazin" Ft Kanye West

A song from Nicki Minaj's debut album "Pink Friday" has surfaced today in the form of "Moment 4 life". An actual song this is, as opposed to sounding like a mixtape track every time out. Might take a couple more listens for me to completely grasp it but it sounds pretty good to me...SAU whatcha think?


Dr. Dre Covers XXL....

With the title "Detox Is Coming"....Dre also stopped his creative process to talk more about the upcoming album stating the following:

"I see the finish line right now. I'm wrapping it up. I need about two or three more songs and hopefully I'll start the mixing process at the end of next month.

"And then at that point I'm about 30 days out. I'm excited about it. I'm seriously excited about it, it's feeling good now.

"One of the reasons it was taking so long was because I felt I was doing it more out of obligation as opposed to really feeling it. As of the last year I've been really feeling where it's going and it feels good and I think I'm ready."

Of upcoming single 'Kush' featuring Snoop Dogg, Akon and Sly, he added: "It's about weed smoking, and I don't want people to think that that's what my album is about

"This is actually the only song with that type of content in it. But it seems that everyone likes it so we're going to go on and push with it."

Welp, there you have it ladies and Gentleman the first single from the long awaited "Detox" is the song posted yesterday "Kush"....

New Music/From The Album: Rascal Flatts,Nelly,Josh Groban,Keith Urban,Rihanna....

Josh Groban: "Voce Existe Em Mim"

Josh Groban and all that vocal power released his latest effort "Illuminations" and #10 "Voce Existe Em Mim" is nothing to skip over! With a powerful composition that opens up a couple times over, to back all foreign words he speaks, this takes you into a "rallying the troops feel" with this one. His official fan website lists each of his four solo albums have been certified at least multi-platinum, and, in 2007, was charted as the number one best selling artist in the United States....shouldn't we know about him if we don't already?

Rascal Flatts: "I won't Let Go"

A fan favorite, Rascal Flatts came about with their new release "Nothing Like This" and truly shows there's not. From front to back they take you on a Country road starting with "Why Wait" ending with the beautiful piano driven "I Won't Let Go" which shows a more vulnerable/ Inspirational side of the group that I can imagine won't get taken for granted...Gary LeVox's vocal ability on this song soars and almost brings a tear to the music lovers eye..I love it!

Rihanna: "Man Down"

Taking this country party to the islands, Rihanna has released a new album titled "Loud". For the most part on this album its a complete 360 from her last effort 'Rated R' which gave off a more dark appeal. This time the Bajan beauty goes back to her roots and gives us quite the story with #7 "Man Down"... Now with Reggae/Calypso being my favorite genre of music, I couldn't help but be intrigued by this song which gives us the "Gangsta" side of Rihanna and lets her bring more island influences along with a deep Barbados accent and steeldrum peaking out every now and again. The infamous "Rum bum bum bum" makes you sway with each bar. In my opinion best song from the album...

Nelly Ft Dawn & Murphy Lee "Kiss"

Nelly has released his "Nelly 5.0" Album which is 200x's better than his last effort "Brass Knuckles". This song featuring Dawn from Dirty Money & brings her vocals to the front sampling Total's 1996 song "Kissing you". Although not a HUGE fan of this song...creative way to sample the song.

Keith Urban "Georgia Woods"

Rounding this party up we take a flight from St. Louis back to the "Georgia Woods" with Keith Urban. Now to start this one off with a small drum pattern was a shocker to me but the guitar that smooths it over until...the breakthrough of the entire song which reminds me of going through a dark cave, finally seeing the opening of the outside world. Keith took this song and made it his own with a nice size guitar riff sitting right in the middle growing right back to that drum pattern back to the guitar. A party is an understatement with this song, that should be a single in my opinion....not to mention he's uber hot! His album "Get Closer" is 8 songs short, but being that all 8 songs are magnificent it completely evens out..

New Vid: B-To The O-B "Don't Let Me Fall"....

It's finally here folks, our boy has released the official video for his new single "Don't let me fall" which is his 5th single from his DEBUT album "The Adventures Of Bobby Ray"...I love it! But hey in our eyes B.o.B can do no wrong...B.o.B who's signed to Grand Hustle/Atlantic, has been completely jumping into the hearts of many and created a new lane for himself (which I deem "Rapternative") and can take this all the way! LET's Go B.o.B!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Music: Jay Electronica "The Announcement"...

With Jay Electronic taking his talents to Roc Nation, "The Announcement" was made. Jay Electronica is one to watch out for folks don't sleep on the man....

New Music: Adele "Rolling In The Deep"...

"The scars of your love remind you of us"-Glorious Quote from Adele

The first single from Adele's "21" album has surfaced in the form of "Rolling In The Deep". With a tad bit of country flair, and adlibs that remind you of Motown, Adele keeps with her powerful vocals, but goes into new vicious, hot blooded, lyrics that command attention, yet stay so controlled. Check it out...Adele's new album "21" hits stores Jan. 24th in the U.K. and Feb 22nd in the states.

Kings Of Leon To Headline Isle of Wight festival 2011

Isle Of Wight Festival promoter John Giddings said: "We are proud to bring one of the world's biggest rock bands to the island on our 10th anniversary. It is an incredible way to start the weekend, I can't wait"

With that said Kings of Leon are slated to headline the "Isle of Wight Festival" In 2011. The band, whose fifth album, Come Around Sundown, recently reached No 1 in the charts, will top the bill for one night at the event in June.

Organisers say it will be their only major UK festival appearance in 2011.

These Tennessee boys, who headlined Glastonbury in 2008, have lined up a number of large outdoor events next summer, including a return to Hyde Park in London.

Next year's Isle of Wight festival will be the 10th since it was revived. It began life in the late 1960s, and has featured performances by Jimi Hendrix and the Who.


Interview With ____________ Coming Soon...

Coming soon folks...

B.o.B To Play Grammy Nominations Concert...

Rapper B.o.B and singer/songwriter/producer Bruno Mars are the first performers announced for "The GRAMMY Nominations Concert Live!! - Countdown To Music's Biggest Night." Two-time GRAMMY winner LL Cool J once again is set to host the one-hour special, which takes place live on Wednesday, Dec. 1, at Club NOKIA in Los Angeles. The show will be broadcast in HDTV and 5.1 Surround Sound on the CBS Television Network from 10 - 11 p.m. ET/PT. Additional performers and presenters will be announced shortly.

The road to Music's Biggest Night begins with "The GRAMMY Nominations Concert Live!!" and culminates with the 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards, live from STAPLES Center in Los Angeles on Sunday, Feb. 13, 2011 and broadcast on CBS at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Could this mean??..... Nah its just a concert ;)

Happy Belated Bday B.o.B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wiz Khalifa Freestlyes For Funkmaster Flex...

Rapper Wiz Khalifa has been getting quite the buzz as of late appearing just about everywhere. Recently the rapper hit up Hot97's Funkmaster Flex to show just a bit of his freestyle skills, check em' out...SAU whatcha think?

not convinced? more music below...

New Vid: The Script "For The First Time"....

The Irish alternative rock band The Script has released their video for "For The First Time". The song was released on August 20, 2010 as the lead single from the band's second studio album "Science & Faith". It debuted at number one on the Irish Singles Chart, becoming The Script's first number-one single.

“Science & Faith” is the follow-up to 2008’s “The Script,” which earned the band the hit singles “Breakeven,” “We Cry,” and “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved.” The album is set to hit stores (In the states) on January 18th.

OWWWW Of The Day...Ashley Dawn

"A Thousand Suns" Tour Coming To A City Near You...

Linkin Park has wowed us with their latest release "A Thousand Suns" and with a few spotted major shows here and there, are now officially coming to a city near you! Playing an array of their oldies and newbies, these guys plan to ROCK...YOU! Starting Jan 20th 2011 we finally get a chance to see what these guys plan to give us live check some of the tour dates below..

Jan. 20: Sunrise, Flor. (Bank Atlantic Center)
Jan. 22: Tampa, Flor. (St. Pete Times Forum)
Jan. 23: Atlanta, Ga. (Phillips Arena)
Jan. 25: Detroit, Mich. (Joe Louis Arena)
Jan. 26: Chicago, Ill. (United Center)
Jan. 28: Minneapolis, Minn. (Xcel Energy Center)
Jan. 29: Kansas City, Mo. (Sprint Center)
Jan. 31: Philadelphia, Penn. (Wells Fargo Center)
Feb. 1: Boston, Mass. (TD Garden)
Feb. 4: New York, N.Y. (Madison Square Garden)
Feb. 7: Montreal, Quebec (Bell Centre)
Feb. 8: Toronto, Onatario (Air Canada Centre)
Feb. 10: Washington, D.C. (Verizon Center)
Feb. 11: Uncasville, Conn. (Mohegan Sun)

(With The Prodigy)
Feb. 15: Houston, Tex. (Toyota Center)
Feb. 17: Dallas, Tex. (American Airlines Center)
Feb. 19: Las Vegas, Nev. (MGM Grand - Garden Arena)
Feb. 20: San Diego, Calif. (Viejas Arena)
Feb. 23: Los Angeles, Calif. (Staples Center)
Feb. 25: Salt Lake City, Utah (Energy Solutions Arena)
Feb. 26: Denver, Col. (Pepsi Center)

Left Behind: Gossip "Heavy Cross"....

"Heavy Cross" is the first single taken from Music for Men, the fourth studio album by Gossip and was released on April 28, 2009 in the U.S. Beth Ditto (female singer) explained to the NME that the song is "about recreation and my friends, who I feel like are the ultimate creative re-creators." The single was certified triple gold in Germany, for selling over 450.000 copies (with Gold in Germany being 100,000 copies sold) and is now certified as "biggest selling international produced single" ever..

The female singer above Beth Ditto has a voice that you wouldn't think would come from her I.E very high and forceful with her runs. This band is an American indie band so instead of posting this as an "On The Lawn" Spotlight, I decided to give this one a left behind being that it's certified as "biggest selling international single ever...AND their album "Music For Men" is platinum worldwide! (Along with only peaking on Billboard 200 at 164). Check out one of my favorites....After the basic acapella beginning, the full beat hits and this "Disco punked female fronted band" takes it to another word..DONE!

The ACA's Are Coming...

The First annual ACA's (American Country Awards) are on its way next month. Premiering live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, with rumored acts such as: Blake Shelton, Rascal Flatts, Toby Keith, along with Reba and Josh Turner scheduled to perform. Fox has also announced that Laura Bell Bundy, Rodney Carrington, Jewel, Lady Antebellum, Bret Michaels, Jeff Dunham and Ty Murray will also make appearances at the event. NASCAR drivers Clint Bowyer, Elliott Sadler and Michael Waltrip are also scheduled to appear.

The official press release via goes as followed:

The two-hour prime time special is the only country music awards show that gives fans the opportunity to vote for their favorite artists not only in traditional categories but also in previously unrecognized areas of the business such as touring, encompassing the entire spectrum of country music and bestowing honors that no other awards show has. You can vote for your favorites once a day until November 8, 2010, in all categories. However, there’s one big exception to that: the ARTIST OF THE YEAR category will remain open until December 4th – two days before the show airs live from The MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Monday, Dec., 6 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

There are going to be big musical performances and some never before seen music collaborations! But we’re also bringing the funny by having big name comedians on hand to make this a night of fun and music! Keep checking back here to see who will be on the show and to vote.

New Music: Dr. Dre Ft Akon & Snoop Dogg "Kush"

New music from Dr. Dre recently leaked online. Yet again, speaking on this being the "Official Single" from his highly anticipated album "Detox". While the song (which features Akon, and long time protege' Snoop Dogg) is basic in just about every way, I guess Dre was going for the less is more attempt this time out. Playing the safe route talking about "Kush".... and well, that's it..Check it out folks...

The Band That Changed Everything....Hits iTunes!

Iconic, Legendary, and quite the buzz today...The Beatles. The Beatles' music is officially available for download on iTunes for the first time. There have been years of negotiations between EMI Group and Apple to make the songs available for download, but never an agreement until now folks!

"The band that changed everything is now on iTunes," a message read.

Albums are available for £10.99 ($12.99). Double albums, such as The Beatles (also known as The White Album) are priced at £17.99 ($19.99).

Single tracks - the availability of which was previously thought to be an impediment to any deal regarding The Beatles' back catalog, can also be purchased separately for £0.99 ($1.29).

A 'box set' is available for £125 ($149).


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lil Wayne Returns To The Studio....

Since being released from Prison Lil Wayne has finally been able to step back into his home- the studio, this is a picture from the Hit Factory in Miami where Wayne laid down his first verse since his release...In other Lil Wayne news the rapper showed his face at Drake's recent concert in Las Vegas which was his first time hitting the stage upon release. Ending his verse to Drake's "Miss Me" with Lil Wayne saying "Yo Vegas, I'm Back" and in return the crowd chanting "Weezy"...Check it out below

In Drake news...Fuse will be airing Drake's September 29th Radio City Music Hall concert on November 24 at 9 p.m. The concert featured artists such as Jay-Z, Fabolous, Swizz Beatz, Birdman and R&B singer Trey Songz.

“If I could perform every night and make it to every city, I would,” said Drake. “Partnering with Fuse to broadcast my Radio City show allows me to perform for the fans who weren’t able to make it out to my Light Dreams & Nightmares Tour. Performing at a venue like Radio City is an honor and I’m excited that Fuse has given me a chance to preserve it.”


From The Album: "AB III" Alter Bridge "Show me A Sign"....

Some of you may not know who Alter Bridge is so a quick history (Via wiki) Alter Bridge is an American rock band that was formed in 2004 in Orlando, Florida by then-former Creed members Mark Tremonti (guitar, vocals), Brian Marshall (bass), and Scott "Flip" Phillips (drums), with Myles Kennedy (lead vocals, guitar), formerly of The Mayfield Four and the current frontman for Slash's touring band.

The band is named after an actual bridge that used to be located in Detroit near Tremonti's home on Alter Road. The bridge led to a bad part of town, and the neighborhood children, who saw the other side of the bridge as the "unknown", were not allowed to cross it. Thus, according to Tremonti, the name of the band symbolizes going into the unknown and starting something new.

Alter Bridge has released three studio albums, one live album/DVD, and eight singles. Their debut album, One Day Remains, was released in August 2004, followed by their second album, Blackbird, in October 2007 and their third, AB III, in October 2010.

"AB III" was released in Australia and Germany on October 8, 2010. A release date for the rest of Europe has been set for October 11, 2010 and a North American release date for November 9, 2010..and BLOWN away I was after listening to this pure Rock album! The song that stuck out to me had to be "Show Me A Sign" with this guitar riff that's out of this Fu*king WORLD and played throughout the song....ONLY pure Rock Lovers Check it out below...

Beyonce' "I...Am"..World Tour DVD Extended Trailer.....

Throwback Of The Day Snoop Dogg Ft Dr. Dre & D'Angelo "Imagine"...

A Friday night full of fun took me to pause when I realized this track was sitting on my iTunes. In this inspiring track that makes you imagine if there was no Hip Hop, Dr. Dre starts off on top of this beat that's oh so vivacious, and lively stating "Imagine it never happened". This track which takes you into a mood that's not up until the last note of D'Angelo's voice is one that shouldn't be passed up....From Snoop's "The Blue Carpet Treatment" album released in 2006 and debuted at #5 on the charts, this song played the role as dessert on this album check it out....