Friday, November 5, 2010

Left Behind: Chris Gaines "Lost In You"....

Thinking who the hell was or is Chris Gaines right? Let me take you back to 99' when Garth Brooks was in some people's opinion in a "Mid life crisis" LOL. He took the one that we call the "best-selling albums artist in the United States" right behind the Beatles in the SoundScan era, to what I like to call a more "Loner artist" (Meaning he found the spot in his musical mind where he connected with the loners of the world) and brought us the magical single "Lost in you". Chris Gaines is a fictional alternative rock persona created as an alter ego for Garth Brooks to explore rock and roll styles far removed from his success as a country singer. But, "Lost In You" is anything but Rock...

Picture a dark rainy night, alone in the house, in a corner with a guitar, loaning for the one you call love..."Lost In You" gives you that exact moment in life in my opinion. Very subtle, soft, and sensual wrapped in a bow.

In 1999, Brooks released one album as Gaines; the album produced three charting Billboard singles, including this Top 5 pop hit.

Simply beautiful...


  1. Ms.A I use to love this song

  2. Beautiful song I love it Ms.A

  3. I forgot that Garth went through this period

  4. :)....almost perfect

  5. Beautiful song I want to find this album