Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cover Art For Alexandra Burke's Overcome Album!

Sorry U.S This CD will only be released in the U.K But don't worry your roomate Alexandra will be on her way here soon but for now...OOOOOOWWWWWWW Alex!!!

Atlanta Celebs Unite To Help Flood Victims!!

If you guys didn't know Atlanta was hit by HORRIBLE weather last week, leaving 10 people dead and destroying over 400 homes causing an estimated 61 million dollars in damages!17 counties in the state have been marked as disaster areas, making the region eligible for federal disaster assistance. With that being said A number of Celebs will unite on Oct.1 for a special charity project to raise money for recent flood victims in the city of Atlanta. Jermaine Dupri,Nelly and V103,will host "Atlanta Stand Up" which is a bowling tournament where all the proseeds will go to helping recent flood victims! Jermaine Dupri and Nelly’s Charity Celebrity Bowling Tournament takes place tomorrow at Red Carpet Lanes in Atlanta!

MMM MMM MMM Of The Day....Sara Lime

Mike Vick Speaking At Church.....

Either this guy has a BOMB PR team or he's really learned his lesson! AP reports:Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick told a sparse crowd at a Washington, D.C., church that he regrets his decisions that led to prison time for running a dogfighting ring"

Lil Waynes New Tattoo/Freaktivity

So your Second cousin on your daddy's side, Lil' Wayne got a new tattoo on his face...Not sure If this is cool or what....But Check footage of how Lil Wayne and his artist Shanelle get their freaktivity in On the America's Most Wanted Tour...WOW!


I promised myself I wasn't gonna get into this HOOPLA......But SAU WHY?? 4 weeks and they put on a wedding like this? JUST WHY??? and Lamar in the Picture lookin' Chester Cheesy...I just don't get it but Hey If your in "Love" your in Love" Right?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hear It first: Chris Brown Transformer


New Flights! The T-pain Takeover Yet Again???

Leave it to your New Principal Ms.Chelsea to find all the new trizacks...LOL

Shakira Shewolf (remix) ft T-pain

Number one R.kelly ft Keyshia Cole and Tpain

New Flight: Mariah Carey Inseparable

I don't know If I'm tripping....But something in this song reminds me of Beyonce's "Halo" at 1:48 Love the song though!

MMM MMM MMM Of The Day....Jessica Canizales

Suspects Arrested For Killing Chicago Boy!

SAU I don't usually post things of this nature but being that I am from Illinois I am posting this in hopes that you see a life got took for such a stupid "BEEF" I also want to put it out there that this IS NOT a correct depiction of Chicago as a whole! God Bless Derrion Albert,SAU please be sure to keep his family in your prayers!

According to the Chicago Tribune: Two South Side mothers on Monday confronted the brutal violence their sons are accused of as formal charges against the teens were filed and images of them allegedly beating and stomping to death another teenager made national news.

One tearfully said she could not bear to look at the video. The other regretfully acknowledged it was her son on the video depicting the fatal beating of Fenger High School student Derrion Albert, 16.

Mya On Dancing With The Stars!!

Question Of The Day/Amerie's YBR Photoshoot!!

SO we all think Amerie is a cute woman right? My question to you is: Is Amerie One of those artists who should go do modeling full time? Love the pics though!

Monday, September 28, 2009

New Student Orentation!!

Hello SAU! To all the new Students jumping on the bandwagon and Getting accepted to the most prestigious University around....I..Your president of SAU Ms.A want to welcome you and thank you guys for checking me out! We only have one Rule here at SAU and that is have a Strong Opinion on everything!! Other than that have FUN!!

On The Come Up.....Ms.Susan Boyle

This wonderful woman above me is Ms.Susan Boyle! Susan is a Scottish singer who came to international public attention on 11 April 2009, when she appeared as a contestant on Britain's Got Talent, singing "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Misérables (video below)Despite the sustained media interest, she later finished in second place in the final of the show, behind dance troupe Diversity. But trust and believe Susan is on her way to stardom! Her new Single "Wild Horses" Is heating up everywhere and is the first single on her album "I Dreamed A Dream" which will be released November 23, 2009! SAU Gotta love Aunt Susan! I really want my pie Ms.Susan!!

Question Of The Day.....Damn Uncle Kurt!

Watching the game yesterday Home Skillett Chelsea Had an amazing question for all you football fans check her out!

After the 31-10 beat down that the Arizona Cardinals were handed by the Colts.....Do You think the Cardinals Super Bowl run was just a fluke last year? With every passing play and hit QB Kurt Warner looks older and older, there is no resemblance of a running game and a Defense that has more holes in it than Swiss Cheese do you think they will make it back to the playoffs this year?

We Need A Search Warrant Effective Immediately..........

Don't you miss Dj Khaled screamin "WE DA BESSSSS" On every track? Hmmmmmm I wonder whats the status on that whole "Bess" thing now?? Maybe he should scream..."WE AIGHT"?
(If you've seen this man or his Career).....OK I'll Stop!! But in dedication:

OWWW Of The Week!! Vida Guerra!!

Kanye's First Performance Since.....Well You Know!

Kanye made a surprise performance at a benefit concert for Common last week and of course ROCKED the crowd...I guess this is a sign of "let the past be the past?? check him out!!

Kanye Surprise Guest @ Common Show in LA 9/26/09


OK Now I know you all have seen this video...But does it really hurt to watch it 15 more times?...The Cutest thing ever!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009


The man said "don't forget to remember me" right??

Coming Soon.....Interview With Model Tiara!!!

My favorite and your Favorite Model is up NEXXXXTTTTT!!

Interview With Drake!!

Ms.A: Drakester!! I've been waiting to interview you how are you today?
Drake: LOL Im doing great today Ms.A how are you?
Ms.A: I'm wonderful do you perfer me calling you Drakester or drakezzy?
Drake: LOL Drakezzy will do
Ms.A: LMAO!!
Ms.A: OK so you had an Ep drop tuesday what was the purpose of that?
Drake: Well I get that alot because you can get it for free and people have been listening to the mixtape for awhile now, But I wanted to do it because I wanted everybody involved in the project to get there hands on a physical copy and see it in stores.I just really wanted to give you the option to have the disc! If you got it for free and want to just keep it that way than by all means do so but just think of it as a gift from me!
Ms.A: How sweet was that? great way to put that
Drake: Thank you Ms.A
Ms.A: So we saw you in 06' with your first single ever ft Trey songz called replacement girl right?
Drake:: Yes ma'am
Ms.A: How did you go from that to being the hottest thing since sliced bread?
Drake: Well its been a very long hard road
Ms.A: I bet
Drake: I got singed to a record deal, after that and I got dropped than one day after I sent my mixtapes to Lil Wayne for about a year I finally met him and spit for him on the spot, after that he told me I can run along with his crew but I had to earn the right to record
Ms.A: WOW, so you sent your Mixtapes to lil wayne for a year?
Drake: Yes I sent him my material for over a year so I would go on the road with him and I would write and he would have me be like a rookie on a football team, I had to go fetch the food and other products then one day he said get in the booth and ever since than its been a whirlwind
Ms.A: Damn!! it sounds like you've earned the right to be in young money!
Drake: Yeah you can say that for sure
Ms.A: So other than Lil Wayne who are some of your role models in this music thing?
Drake: I look up to Michael Jackson,Jay-Z,Kanye,Snoop,Dre,U2, Their lasting power I feel is amazing so I hope that Im blessed with that longevity in my career
Ms.A: Speaking of Kanye West did you see the VMA's?
Drake: Yes I did see the VMA's it was a very interesting show
Ms.A: What did you think of (Your cousin) Lil' mama going on stage at the end of Jay-Z and Alicia Keyes performance?
Drake: LMAO my cousin! When I first saw it my mouth dropped to the floor I was in complete shock and awe!! But I guess she did what she wanted to do and that is be seen
Ms.A: To each its own I say
Drake:LOL thats a good way to put it
Ms.A: I know you've seen my blog and the comments the women have about you...what kind of women does Drake like?
Drake: LOL I love a smart woman who carries herself very classy! She has to have a heart of gold and a really good understanding
Ms.A: So SAU if you ladies see this all the birdies have no chance with Drake right?
Drake: You damn right No chance!
Ms.A: So I know we all have our personal opinions about the music industry as a whole....what is your personal opinion on the state of hip hop?
Drake: My personal opinion on Hip-Hop is that we are in a very pivitol state of transformation right now as you know record sales are down and we have to find creative ways to sell records and be profitable
Ms.A: Of course
Drake: If we dont change Hip-Hop wont be around forever
Ms.A: Thats a good point
Drake: I feel that for the last decade or so Hip-Hop has been the dominate genre and now I feel Rock and Alternative or starting to take over again because they have adjusted
Ms.A: For the ladies Drakeezy...Boxers or Briefs?
Drake: Ummmmm I would have to go with Boxer briefs
Ms.A: Uh OH now!
Drake: How about I have a question for the ladies of SAU Thongs,Boy Shorts or Regular Panties??
Ms.A: LMAO Don't tempt SAU ladies like that!
Ms.A: Ok last question and I will get out of your hair
Drake: Oh No problem this is the best interview I have had in awhile Im having alot of fun
Ms.A:OK Fresh Prince or Martin? If you choose wrong....
Drake: Awh damn how can you choose?? ummmmm I have to say Fresh Prince
Ms.A: OK you better had!!!!
Drake: Will Smith is a monster man
Ms.A: That takes nothing away from Martin but Willard is the truth!
Drake: LOL Willard I love what you do with the names
Ms.A: Why thank you I gotta keep you entertained right?
Drake: Thats right and you do a great job of that everyday on your site your my favorite
Ms.A: 2pts for team Drakester!!: Thank you, I try my best
Drake: Tell Ms.Dominican I said hi when you talk to her again
Ms.A: LMAO will do again thank you so much for your time Drake!
Drake: Your welcome Ms.A keep up the great work on your blog
Drake: I'm honored to be apart of your prestigous University! Can I say one thing before I go?
Ms.A: Sure
Drake: I see that you guys have a Fantasy Football League going on
Ms.A: We sure do
Drake: Well since I love the ladies of the SAU so much How about the woman who comes in first place in your league will recieve a personal date with me one on one in New York City all airfare and and accomomidations paid for by me and she will be there for an entire weekend maybe a little shopping on me also but I will work that out I will hash out the details of everything in about a week with Ms.A to get everything straight!
Ms.A: WELL SAU ladies you heard it first! Any lady that wins Fantasy Football Gets an exclusive Date with the Drakester himself!
Drake: Well I cant forget about my fellas! If a man comes in first than he will recieve an autographed copy of all of my mixtapes maybe even my album at that time
Ms.A: SAU you heard it here!!!
Drake: Aswell as a $1,000 dollar gift card for Itunes and a new IPOD touch maybe more but me and Ms.A will hash out the details!
Ms.A: I'm with it
Drake: Well than have a great season and Im sure Ms.A will keep me updated as the season progresses
Drake: Play hard! Thanks for your time Ms.A and I will talk to you soon!
Ms.A: have a Great one Drizleton
Drake: LOL I got a new name again, That might be the name of my second CD...JK

Prizes For Fantasy Football/Drake Contest!!

OK so the winner of the Fantasy Football For Drake contest wins: (If Woman) All expense paid trip to NYC, Dinner at Fine restaurant, $2,000 shopping spree at Neimans, 1,000 Spending Cash, and Every Mix tape signed By Drake Himself!

Guy: All expense paid trip to NYC, Lunch at 40/40 club, $1,000 spending Cash,IPod Touch,$500 itunes card,all Mixtapes(maybe CD) signed by Drake himself,and you get to sit in on a Drake Studio Session!!

SO Play Hard SAU!!!! (Sidenote) For those of you that didn't have a chance to sign up for SAU fantasy football...SAU will be having more contest so please stay tuned!!!

MMM MMM MM Of The Day....Simply Ophilia

T-Pain Back On His Grind??

This is Jesse McCartney Ft T-Pain "Body Language" Ya Boy Painzer is Officially back on his grind!! SAU you likee??

Jay-Z On Oprah!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I promise I laughed at this for the first two minutes yesterday and didn't wanna post it but.....Why is Stephon freestyling on Jay-Z?? I missed this whole thing! But when he says all day loo-ooo-ooong at 1:30 that took the cake SAU the guys are actually bobbing to this in the studio...the guy is playing a keyboard yall'! like this is the flight of the World!(nervousness is coming on) Check him out

MMM MMM MMM Of The Day....Tehmeena!!

New Vid: Amerie Heard Em' ALL

I'm not too sure about the choreography in this video but the breakdown on the song is nice! Go Amerie!!

Ashanti On Early Show/Hip Hop Honors

I thought your girl Ashanti looked great on the Early Show, But I just don't get it man...This performance was for the 70th anniversary of the video....Where is Ashanti's career? I for one liked Ashanti!! Damn Irv. I don't know about the whole "Rocker chick" look. SAU you likee?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So..... Painzer Was On The Ellen Show??

Ya Boy T-Painzer was on the Ellen Show....While we're making fun of T-pain he might mess around and make another come back with the autotune........NAH I'm not too sure about that... but a little extra doe cheese on the side with the T-pain app on the IPhone won't hurt huh? check ya boy out.

Exclusive Drake Interview Coming Friday......

UH Oh NOW......Mya On Dancing With The Stars!!

I know we should be focused on Mya she looks and did GREAT!!(As you figure Mya might have a CD coming out soon) But the chick who is singing "Vision" of love in the back is mad ANNOYING!!!!

MMM MMM MMM Of The Day......Halie

.....UH New T-Pain????

I think the official home skillett Chelsea found T-pain and this (MIGHT) be his new single...if it is SAU...pray for the man please....I'm just mad that he says in the song at 1:40 is Auto tune really dead? Pain..(right hand up) Yes Pain it is!

New Flight 50 cent Dreamin'(produced by Dr. Dre)

Speaking of Dr.Dre...when is....OK I'm not gonna ask about that album the new question is who will come out first 50..or Dre?

OH Goodness...New Vid Plies Becky

New Vid: Drake Ft Kanye West,Lil Wayne,Eminem Forever

Well At least Eminem Showed!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Check Jeezy..... Going In On "Tight Jeans"

Jeezy's on the cover of Complex's Oct/Nov issue looking like he's ready for a comeback! I'm a big young Jeezy fan so I can't wait to see what's next for Mr.Jizzle check behind the scenes the whole video he's going in on tight jeans I love it!!

And The Jokes Continue......

Cedric The Entertainer was The special guest Host on WWE's RAW lastnight and here's what he had to say check him at 4:55..Thanx Ms.Beezy for sending this to me!!

Rickard Gets Jewles & Laptop Stolen??

DAYUM Ricky Ross They Got you?? The messed up thing is its on the news!!

New Vid...Lil Scrappy ft Ludacris..Addicted to Money

The beat knocks!!

MMM MMM MMM Of The Day...Maliah Michel

Soulja Boy....I Just Don't Get It

So Soulja Boy posted this in dedication to the kids in the war...But I don't get it SAU if this is in dedication to the kids in the war...Why are they turning their "swag" on? OK you guys are smart let me know the meaning behind it!! The Artist behind this is Die Orsons..Yo Die this is damn scary not inspirational bud!!

Who's Gonna Hunt Chris Brown??.....

You guys gotta see this.....Affion Crokett, Why you gotta have the "Christopher Brown" Outfit on, with the Bow tie?(Dude does one hell of a Jay-Z)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Laugh Of The Day.....Awh Damn Rihanna

(Ryan Seacrest Voice)...This is....Ammmerican Idol!!

Ask And You Shall Recieve......

I think this is a VERY beautiful gesture from Ms.Knowles it shows her warm spirit and this is definitley a tear jerker! She is singing to little Chelsea who has cancer....GO BEYONCE' that was beautiful

Check Michelle.....

Don't you hate those friends where you KNOW they wanna flaunt their man?? I don't think Michelle is one of those but she is definitely on the borderline....Michelle we see your boo booski!


I mean...I love President Obama more than the next person but SAU get your cousin... Isn't this kinda stalkerish?? OK I'm officially nervous

MMM MMM MMM OF The Day...Lashontae' Heckard

Road To Gism....Omarion and Khloe Kardashian

........I just don't wanna...But we all know Omarion is trying to get that face on TV again I just don't know if this is real or a publicity stunt..SAU whatcha think?

OWWWW OF The Week.....Gloria Velez


Uhhhhh Braker Braker One Nine We Have An Amber Alert......

OK we have another Amber Alert for your boy (and Mine) Lupe Fiasco....UHHHH Where is that CD Lupe? Don't Front like Lupe Isn't one hell of a Rapper!! So in dedication:

Alexandra Ft Flo-rida Bad Boys Video

I'm gonna tell you SAU...the U.K is going to come over here and take over if we don't step up...Ya'll see Susan Boyle!! Another thing...Can we hate on Flo-Rida for getting that corporate America money?

New Flight: Mary J Blige Said & Done

Check Mary's new flight produced by Ryan Leslie...SAU you likee?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Coming Soon The Interview You Don't Want To Miss......Drake!!!

Coming soon SAU please make sure you stay posted we have a VERY exclusive Interview with the Drakester With contests, Cash, and prizes included....Check me out!! You guys deserve it!!

Housewives of Atlanta Alter Ego Photoshoot!!!

Amazing job Derek Blanks!!!! SAU you likee?