Friday, April 30, 2010


Is it me or has this week been long as hell?..Either way we made it people...CELEBRATE!

Rihanna On The Set Of "Te Amo"

Pop Singer Rihanna has decided that the next video she's going to put out for her adoring fans is 'Te Amo'

The song “Te Amo” follows Rihanna as she tries to let another girl know that she loves her as a friend but not “like that” as the other girl would want. French model Laeticia Casta guest stars in the video as the girl who has a crush on Rihanna and wants to get busy with her.

Anthony Mander, the new video’s director, promises “something special” for the song’s treatment. He tweeted: “Thanks to all of Rihannas fans for the long list of suggestions…were gonna follow our instincts and give you guys something special.”

OWWWWW Of The Day....Deannia Divine

New Vid: Christina Aguilera "Not Myself Tonight"

Christina Aguilera Premiered her New video for "Not Myself Tonight" Produced by Polow Da Don and Video Directed by Hype Williams...And I just don't get it...She repeats I'm not myself tonight but completely decides to not show who it is that she's trying to be with the visual aspect of the song. To me this looks like an act of desperation.."Shock Value" if you will, and I'll pass...Well atleast she got people talking right?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Music: Jennifer Lopez "On The Radio"

That damn David Guetta WILL NOT STOP..But do you blame him? This is Jlo's newly leaked song and new cover "On The Radio" Originally done by Disco Queen Donna Summer, released in 1979 on the Casablanca record label. It was written for the soundtrack to the film 'Foxes'. In January 1980, her tenth top ten hit in the U.S. and reached number five on the charts..Hoping to have the same success Mrs.Lopez & Mr.Guetta actually made me bob my head to this one, a couple fist pumps here and there..I think I like it..Check her out

Jay-Z And The Bawse Collab On "Teflon Don Album"

Rapper Extraordinaire Jay-Z has teamed up with Rick Ross for Ross' new album 'Teflon Don' Ross told MTV: “The majority of the details of the album I've been trying to keep under wraps so the fans can savor the music that much more."

"I most definitely have confirmed Jay-Z being on the album. [The song] is like an atomic bomb. I'm just waiting to push the button. Shout-out to Roc Nation. Shout-out to Kanye West." (Why the shout outs though?)

Rick Ross' new album is due out this June

Gosh Rick Ross can be so extra sometimes check the video....

TIME Magazine's Most Influental People....

This year's Time 100 brings an bouquet of artists, leaders, heroes and thinkers who are considered the 100 most influential people in the world -- as assembled by Time Magazine

Inside the issue, Grammy Award-winning pop singer Cyndi Lauper admits, "I first heard the name Lady Gaga through a mutual friend. He couldn't stop talking about her. Then I heard her music, and I thought, 'Wow, I love this kid.'"

An artist's job is to take a snapshot — be it through words or sound, lyrics or song — that explains what it's like to be alive at that time. Lady Gaga's art captures the period we're in right now. These days, you go to a club and wonder who all these kids are. They don't seem to have jobs. How can they afford to be here? Her song "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" explains that scene. It's about the New York prep-school party kids she grew up with. It's where she came from. Gaga's lyrics are incredibly literary. When "Bad Romance" starts, the music grabs your ear immediately. Then she opens with the line "I want your ugly/ I want your disease," and all of a sudden you're listening. Most of the stuff on the radio is not very clever, but Gaga presents her ideas in a sophisticated manner. She has an incredible pop sensibility.-- Cyndi Lauper


New Vid: Lupe Fiasco 'I'm Beamin'

Lupe Fiasco has official put out a new video from his upcoming album 'Lasers' 'I'm beamin' is up to bat first....SAU whatcha think? Home run or back to the drawing board for Mr.Fiasco?

New Vid: Sean Kingston Ft Justin Beiber "Eenie Meenie"

The Black Eyed Peas Keep The Checks Rolling In.....

OWWWW OF The Day... Jasmine Calle

Unreal Question To Dez Bryant Asked By Jeff Ireland

Dez Bryant, one of the most highly rated rated wide receivers in the 2010 NFL Draft, raised eyebrows last week when he told Yahoo! Sports' Michael Silver that one team asked him a particularly bizarre question during an interview:

"They asked me if my mom's a prostitute," Bryant says, an account that was confirmed by Wells, who attended the meeting. "No, my mom is not a prostitute. I got mad - really mad - but I didn't show it. I got a lot of questions like that: Does she still do drugs? I sat and answered all of them."

Today, the identity of Bryant's questioner has been revealed. Silver reports that Miami Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland extended the tasteless inquiry. According to ESPN Dallas, Ireland apologized to Bryant for using "poor judgment."

The question may have even outdone several other whoppers that were reportedly asked this year. Third overall pick Gerald McCoy says a team asked him whether he wears a G-string or jock strap. Rhodes scholar Myron Rolle was asked if he deserted his team by attending Oxford.

This is a very unexcusable question to ask anyone, especially if his mother was once what they asked him... SAU do you agree?


Sons Of Sylvia On American Idol....

SAU did you guys happen to catch this band on American Idol last night called Sons Of Sylvia? Absolutely LOVE the song now tell me what you guys think Check em' out....

SAU On The Lawn Spotlight: The London Souls

The London Souls are rock’n'roll, straight up with the slightest twist of soul and a little dash of the blues. They play loud, they play raucous and they play with every bit of their bodies, as any good rock musician should; but perhaps the even better news is that unlike a lot of what passes for rock these days, they haven’t lost sight of what good music sounds like, no matter how loud it is.

The London Souls are a New York City band that became a trio in 2008. Their song She's So Mad has received airplay on FOX TV's show Fearless Music[1]. They are working on their debut album according to the press. They are also part of the afro-punk community.

So without further Ado I give you the London Souls *WARNING* for Extreme music heads only...And if I may say doesn't the lead singer give you that Jimi Hendrix feeling?

Go Ms.Chelsea

New Music: Eminem 'Not Afraid'

Lets be honest that last relapse album was ehhhh-Glorious quote from Eminem

SAU When that beat drops.....

I don't know where to start but I will start by saying we forget Eminem has a voice right? I think this song is AWESOME! I believe this is what a full fledged rap single should sound like. And this is a man that can absolutely claim being the best in Rap.

I'm your worst critic but you know I give you your props when they are due...Great Job Mr.Sanders ;)

New Music: Drake 'Find Your Love'

Although this sounds like a brief leftover from Kanye's 808's, I think it's a very well put together song. Drake's vocals have become better than we last heard them, no extra off notes here or there its a very solid song. I think the beat makes Drake sound like an ARTIST as opposed to 'Over' Which sound like your average mix tape rapper (But real quick have you guys noticed gimmick rappers are stealing what was once Drake's style of rapping? Keep it 100)...I think if the video is solid, we can rejoin the Drake train. Great job

Some Of People Mag's Most Beautiful People 2010!

The most beautiful person of 2010 (according to People) and going for her 4th cover of the same title is Julis Roberts! At 42, the mother of three (twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, 5, and Henry, 2) is celebrating her fourth turn as the cover girl for PEOPLE's Most Beautiful. While the star of the upcoming film Eat, Pray, Love is as lovely as ever, old pal George Clooney says he knows her secret. "It has nothing to do with the way she looks," he says. "It has everything to do with who she is."

After a hiatus to have twins Emme and Max, 2, the multi-tasking actress is back – with the Back-up Plan and a new outlook. "I can't help but be a different person now that I've had kids," Lopez, 40, has said. "That really does change your whole perspective on life for the better."

Our Girl Zoe Saldana has made it as one of the most beautiful people of 2010...The mega-success of Avatar has landed the native New Yorker on red carpets all over the world – and on countless best-dressed lists. Her secret to mastering the red carpet? "I have learned to have at least one arm on my waist," Saldana, 31, tells PEOPLE. "And I have also learned not to talk when I'm am posing."

The new commer Mr.Biebster is in the mag...The secret to the singer's "swoosh"? "I spend five minutes on it," he says."I use shampoo, conditioner – basically whatever is in the hotel – and blow-dry." That three-step routine has tweens swooning over the 16-year-old, who insists the do does not make the man: "It's part of my image; it's not who I am."

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

..And Your Not Copying Lady Gaga In Some Form?

Oh Christina this looks so bad on your part to say that your not copying Ms.Gaga and then put out something like this...OUCHIE..The whole Dirty movement from the 'Stripped' album I get..But this..I don't


Spotted Around Campus....

Jennifer Lopez was spotted in Paris at the Jacadi store..So Chic

Toni Braxton was spotted leaving Mr Chows wearing a risque lace-panelled catsuit...

Kid Cudi and friend were spotted at the premiere of 'Nightmare on Elm Street. Cudi said via his blog "i honestly cant wait and i kno that sounds a bit juvenile but ive been waitin on this flick since foreverrrrr"

Singer John Legend and girlfriend Christine Teigen was spotted coupled up...

Singer Seal and children were spotted at the Lakers game...How cute

Leona Lewis Covers "InStyle UK"

London Sensation Leona Lewis Covers the latest edition of Instyle Uk. In the issue Leona talks about her relationship with boss Simon Cowell Leona states:

'I'm very fiery and very passionate,' she says, and even Simon Cowell has had her say no to him: 'We don't argue, we debate,' she laughed, and she even gave her verdict on Simon's new fiancée, Mezhgan Hussainy: 'She has the Leona Lewis seal of approval', she confirmed. When asked about her favorite designers Leona says:

“I still love my big ballgowns with a kind of twist to them, but I also like Vivienne Westwood because she’s kind of punky and does really nice shapes for ladies. I like Antonio Berardi because I like his shapes too. And William Tempest. And I like Stella McCartney because she’s got a vegetarian range. I want to do a vegetarian range of clothing. I haven’t had time to properly focus on it, but I’m still designing.”

Check out the full issue on stands Thursday...


OK SAU,I wanna hear it. We all know its Playoff season 2010 in the NBA last night the Lakers smashed Oklahoma City 87-111 (Lakers),& Cleveland ended Chicago's season 94-96 among other games, but I want to know who do you think is going to take it this year?

OWWWW Of The Day...Candace Cabrera


I come around like what goes around/ what goes up must come down/ anyone comes up must go down/ might as well go for the gusto now/-Glorious Quote from Eminem

SAU...Why Did EM Do the rap game like this? Don't you just love how out of the blue Eminem slips a reminder under the door and goes completely in like this? Drake & Banks If I were you I wouldn't even be mad I'd be happy.... but your beat got totally destroyed and it's no more...

Other than this masterpiece above Eminem's (who is scheduled to have his new single debut on radio Friday),manager Paul Rosenberg tells Billboard that the new single "Not Afraid" is not a dark song, it's an uplifting song," Can't wait to hear it!!

New Vid: B.o.B "I Bet I Bust"

Love the fact that B.o.B Is getting the push he needs from his label...The one they call Bobby Ray has a new video for his song 'Bet I Bust' Check it out...I don't understand B.o.B's style at all. Compared to his music is style lacks SOOO Hard but I guess its ok for 'I Bet I Bust'

Kanye West And 'No I.D' Have Something In Common...

Rapper Common Is giving it another 'Go' with announcing that Kanye West and (producer) No I.D and the primary producers for his next album eloquently titled "The Believer," as "soulful hip-hop." "I'm striving to get it out in the fall," he said, adding that fans can expect a single by late summer or early fall.

"It's 'good' music," he said. "The themes are street music and elevation, things that I feel like I always embody when I rap. But here there's new situations, new solutions." As far as production goes, Common says he's working with No I.D. and Kanye West, both of which have produced a couple of his previous albums -- "Be" and "Finding Forever," "Resurrection" and "One Day It'll All Make Sense" respectively.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kanye West On The 'Cleveland Show'

Kanye West shows his voice over skills as his character 'Kenny West' on the Cleveland show Check em' out (2:48)

Interview With Jay-Z coming Soon!

Lucky me, I got to catch up with Mr.Popular himself Jay-Z...Check the interview coming soon people...

Yet Again Amy Winehouse Keeps Her Name In The News...

This past Saturday (April 24) the “You Know I’m No Good” songstress tripped and fell in her North London house and sustained bruised ribs and a cut above her eye.
Amy Winehouse is being treated for bruised ribs at a London clinic after falling at home.

Spokesman Chris Goodman said Tuesday that the 26-year-old singer is recovering at a private clinic, and is expected to be fine.

Winehouse shot to stardom with the Grammy-winning album "Back to Black" in 2006, but her music has been overshadowed by drug use, legal run-ins and a tempestuous marriage that ended in divorce last year.

Goodman says she has been recording new material with producer Mark Ronson...And I can imagine you all wondering why I continue to keep up with Amy news, but if you think back, this woman had a talent that was unknown at the time of her debut album release...I'm just hoping for a huge comeback!