Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Vid:Akon Ft Keri Hilson: "Oh Africa"

Sticking to his roots Akon releases "Oh Africa" ft Keri Hilson, I don't imagine this is his first single for any upcoming album but sticking to the roots is always a great look.

New Music: Erykah Badu Ft Lil Wayne.....

Erykah Badu Ft Bilal and Lil Wayne:"Jump up in the air and stay there"

SAU the title alone does it for me....In my strange little way I love Erykah Badu!For Lil' Wayne to hit up her track is a gooooooood loook...Erykah I like!


Its just everywhere SAU.... Stylists everywhere should hang their head in shame!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Lil Wayne Rebirth Trailer.....

I guess we won't have to wait any longer "Rebirth" is due on Feb 2nd...Although the Video says Feb 1st.

Rebirth is the upcoming seventh studio album by rapper Lil Wayne. The album will be his rock music debut, though it will include hip hop songs. The album was originally set to be released on April 7, 2009, but after many delays it is set to be released on February 2,2010

Christina Aguilera And Muhammad Ali PSA

Please continue to help Haiti!

Keri Hilson On Rachael Ray......

"Knock You down" (Acoustic version)

Apparently its grindin' season for Ms.Keri...She's been everywhere lately and that Grammy nomination doesn't hurt either...Go Keri!

Um....We Have An Amber Alert/Campus Wide Search!!

After the success of Lady Gaga Kon slipped out the back door right? I mean maybe I'm trippin' but I haven't seen Akon around campus in a minute so If you see this piece of Cholo-late' please tell him we're waiting on another Na Na song or the next version of T-pain....

MMM MMM MMM Of The Day.....Dana Lee

By The Way.....

Michael Jackson’s personal physician will be charged with manslaughter within the next two weeks.

Dr. Conrad Murray could be arrested as soon as next Wednesday — but investigators have decided to execute one more search warrant, likely at a Los Angeles pharmacy, next week in an attempt to gather more evidence against him. The arrest is now expected the following week.

If this man gets charged I believe justice will be server for the Jackson family, Good for him!



OK Someones stylist has to get demoted after this move....But check her shoe game!

Lebron James Fined For Kicking Water Bottle....

NBA Executive Vice President Stu Jackson fined James $25,000 on Thursday for kicking a water bottle into the stands!

Upset about not getting a call on a drive to the basket, James was hit with a technical foul for complaining to referees with 12.4 seconds left in the quarter and the Cavs up by one point.

Coach Mike Brown removed James from the game to cool him down and when James came to the bench he kicked the bottle, which sprayed several fans with water behind the bench. Sending anything into the stands is against the rules and James would have been ejected from the game if the officials saw him do it

SAU Lebron better chill before he's the next contestant on "Who wants to loose their contract for no damn reason".....


Beyonce On Set Of Vizio Superbowl Commercial....

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Damon Dash And Memphis Bleek Briefly Reunite....

This is the youtube that's been heating up the net for the past hour Rapper/Hype man of the world Memphis Bleek and Ex-Rocafella Executive Dame Dash reunite in London they give a brief hug and dap you can vaguely hear Bleek say "its good to see you"... Does this mean the ROC is back?..Probably not but its good seeing them together if only for a moment Check it out...

New Music: Dj Khaled Ft Plies,RickRoss,Young Jeezy, "Put Your Hands Up"

Carrie Underwood To Sing National Anthem At Superbowl

American Idol Superstar Carrie Underwood has been selected to sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl next month!

Queen Latifah will also sing "America the Beautiful" before the Feb. 7 game, in which the Indianapolis Colts will battle the New Orleans Saints. The Who will take the stage at half-time.

Check Queen out getting her Superbowl shine on! Carrie has an amazing voice sure to soothe the Colts,and Saints before they try to tear each other's faces off Feb 7th its going to be a good one SAU!

WWE Star Chris Jericho Arrested.... reports

WWE wrestler Greg "Hurricane" Helms allegedly smacked several people -- including a woman -- before he and Chris Jericho were arrested at a Kentucky gas station yesterday, law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

several people were in a taxi cab with Helms and Jericho when things allegedly got violent around 4 AM yesterday.

Cops say they spoke to several members of the group who told them Helms struck three people -- including Jericho, a man named Gary Kelley and a female passenger named Ashley Storer.

Witnesses told cops Helms ran from the scene right after the violent incident but returned to the gas station soon after, where he -- along with Jericho -- was arrested for being drunk in public.

When did drinking and smacking women get this serious WWE Universe? Someone is gonna get smacked with a fat ass lawsuit soon.....

Read more:

Keri Hilson's Photoshoot With OK Mag...

Keri also talks Grammys and Physique in the current issue of OK....

Keri Hilson has it all going for her. At 27-years-old she is already an accomplished songwriter, writing hits for Britney Spears and Mary J. Blige, and now she is being recognized for her singing ability as a famed recording artist. Keri received two Grammy nominations — Best New Artist and Best Rap/Song Collaboration for “Knock You Down” featuring Kanye West and Ne-Yo.

At a photo shoot with OK! the lovely, lively songstress says she is low maintenance, while modeling some top fashions. “I think sex appeal is all about confidence,” Keri tells OK!
Keri always looks in shape, but she admits to OK! that she does not have a big exercise routine.
“I used to be a national swimmer when I was 14,” she said explaining her toned, lean physique.
Even though she does not work out, Keri said eating healthy is an important part of felling good.
So what will Keri be wearing on the Grammy red carpet?
“I really don’t know yet,” she says. “I guess my aim would be to stand out. I want it to be kind of the humble approach of being at the Grammys for the first time, first album. So I want that, something great but not something like ‘I’m here. I’ve arrived.’ ”

Johnny Weir Skates To Lady Gaga's "Pokerface"

And he gives one hell of a performance showing why he's a 3 time U.S.Figure skating Champ..It also shows that Gaga's reign isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

A lot of people criticized Weir's performance as being "to over the top" but isn't figure skating about going all out and putting on a show? LOVED IT!

In other Gaga News According to Lady gaga pulls off a European chart double on Billboard's new composite sales charts, extending her reign on European Albums with "The Fame" to a fourth consecutive week and climbing back 2-1 on Hot 100 Singles with "Bad Romance" (Interscope/Universal).

"The Fame," now in its 54th week on the survey, continues at No. 1 in Germany and Switzerland, No. 2 in France and No. 3 in Austria. The subsequent EP "The Fame Monster," listed in its own right in some markets, climbs 3-1 in Ireland and 4-3 in Italy, and 16-14 on the aggregate chart. "Bad Romance" holds at No. 1 in Spain in Finland, climbs 2-1 in Sweden and now debuts at No. 1 in France, but slips 1-3 in both Italy and Norway.

Do It Gaga!!

Another Sports Player Dumps Their Contract In The Garbage...

So who's the next contestant on "Lets dump our contract in the garbage for no damn reason?" Former Arizona Cardinals defensive back Eric Green...But check what he did SAU, SEXUAL ASSAULT to whom? A TRANSGENDERED woman here's what NBC sports had to say about dummy.....

Former Cardinals defensive back Eric Green, a member of the Super Bowl XLIII team, has been slapped with a lawsuit claiming that the four-year NFL player forcibly sodomized a transgender New York resident, according to the New York Daily News.

The plaintiff contends in papers filed in Florida, where Green resides, that Green "forcibly sodomized" her at Green's apartment in early 2009. The two allegedly met in a Scottsdale, Arizona casino.

The plaintiff has filed a separate action against New York City alleging that police humiliated and abused her during an October 2008 arrest for trespassing.

Now there are rumors that Green is not a member of the NFL at this point, but every sports player that has gotten cut at one point or another want their posistion back on another team.....WELP Eric its a wrap for all your dreams and aspirations of returning to the NFL you better believe it!

New Music: Chris Brown,Sade, Lyfe Jennings,Jlo

Sade: "Skin"

Now we're talkin' this is vintage Sade at its best! Very calm, relaxing, but straight to the point!

Chris Brown:"they Say"

Chris, This range your singing in at the begining of the song is not very appealing! Not a fan of this one it sounds like he's trying to go the "forever" route but something really got in the way of the pure sound of the record. Its WAY too extra....NOT A FAN AT ALL!

Lyfe Jennings:"Busy"

I don't like the Chorus in any fashion Lyfe. It comes across annoying and just too much for my ears.

Jlo:"Everybody's Girl"

This song is rumored to be released across the pond first,yesterday it premiered on German radio stations and I like sounds really 80's inspired and it makes you want to party not sure if it would do as good in the states as it could potentially do internationally but we sure shall see

Lil Wayne,Drake And Eminem To Perform At Grammys

Eminem, Drake, Lil Wayne and Travis Barker will team up for a special performance at Sunday night's Grammy Awards. The addition of the rap crew that represents nearly the entire lineup for the remix of Drake's "Forever" No word On if Mr.West will show his face

This massive performance was announced via the Grammys' Twitter early Thursday morning Says

They join a major roster of performers that is already packed with all five Album of the Year nominees — BeyoncĂ©, the Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, Dave Matthews Band and Taylor Swift — as well as Bon Jovi, Green Day, Lady Antebellum, Maxwell, Pink and the Zac Brown Band. The show will also boast a 3-D tribute to Michael Jackson featuring Celine Dion, Jennifer Hudson, Smokey Robinson, Carrie Underwood and Usher.

The Grammys this Sunday is panning out to be a show like none other! If kanye shows up to put his spin on the "forever" performance it will be well needed...Now that I think about it, have they ever performed the song together? Can't wait to see how they rip it!

MMM MMM MMM Of The Day....Juliet Cabrera

Jill Scotts In "Sins Of A Mother"

For us women whats better than a big bag of Popcorn and a Lifetime Movie? Well Ms.Jill Scott is Expected to appear in the forthcoming made-for-television film, "Sins of the Mother,' LMN says Jill Scott will portray a mother who starts a new life after raising a daughter.

Based on the novel "Orange Mint and Honey," written by Carleen Brice, "Sins of the Mother" is described by Variety as focusing on a grad student who returns home to face her abusive, alcoholic mother (Scott) only to discover that her mom is sober and has a 3-year-old daughter and new life.

"Sins of the Mother" will premiere on the Lifetime Movie Network February 21st at 8pm! Get it Jill

Beyonce' To Try Her Hand At Acting Again?

Beyonce could be trying her hand at acting again.

Robert Downey Jr. and Beyonce may share the big screen in the remake of Hollywood classic ‘A Star Is Born’.

First released in 1937, the musical has been reworked twice in the past, with Judy Garland and James Mason in 1957 and Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson in 1976.

The Sherlock Holmes star may play the role of Normal Maine, while the Beyonce could don the character of Esther Victoria Blodgett, aka Vicki Lester.

John Hamm, Alicia Keys and Rihanna may also make an appearance as back-up stars.

According to Deadline Hollywood Daily, Nick Cassavettes has signed the deal with Warner Bros to direct the movie .

The film is set to release in 2012.

SAU I want to see Beyonce' do another original part like her movie "Obsessed" rather than take on another singer...We all know she is one hell of an artist so I think its about time for something new...Beyonce is also rumored to play the part of Eartha Kit in her upcoming Biography

Kim And Khole Kardashian Quick-Trim Commercial

Ok so I could go into why this is the most clique' Commercial ever....But damn it really makes a woman want to loose weight!! Kim and Khole look amazing in this commercial, I mean of course we all know "Quick Trim" doesn't transform you into looking like that in an instant but what a great marketing team they have. Kudos to Quick Trim and fatter pockets for the Kardashian fam...

In other Kardashian news....

This My friends, Is what Ms. Kim Kardashian will be riding in to the Superbowl! Reggie when did it ever get this serious? I mean the chick is riding around in a Brinks truck, is someone out to get Kim and we don't know about it? LMAO

New Mag Covers.....

February's issue of Rolling Stone Magazine goes to John Mayer. His thoughts on Finding a Mate....

“I’ll be happy when I close out this life-partner thing,” he says. “Think of how much mental capacity I’m using to meet the right person so I can stop giving a fu*k about it.”

Editor and chief of 10 magazine Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou talks about why she decided to go with Victoria and David for 10 magazine's 10th anniversary:

“For me, David and Victoria are an intriguing power entity with a truly renaissance attitude. They are multi-faceted and incredibly clever in the approach to their celebrity status, defying the transient nature of that celebrity to create true longevity as a brand and a force to be reckoned with.”

Now on to Ms.Scherzinger....Doesn't she look stunning on this cover of Cosmo Spain? Now only if she can transfer that beauty into her lyrics she might have something....

New Vids: Mariah Carey Ft Nicki Minaj,Usher,Chester French

Usher "Hey Daddy"

It's here SAU, the official first video from Usher himself without Plies...Its definitely not what I expected from Usher! His album Raymond vs Raymond will hit the shelves March 30th!

Mariah Carey Ft Nicki Minaj:"Up Out My Face"

Now although the video is real bright and "targety" its entertaining! Nicki Minaj has been everywhere lately and this is a good look for her and Mariah...I like the vid

Chester French Ft Diddy:"Ciroc Star"

Mariah Carey Ft Ne-Yo: "Angels Cry"

The video kinda reminds me of "One sweet day" with Mariah and Boyz II men real behind the scenes action...Mariah is trying her best to recoup that money back right?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Mug....

Thanks to TMZ we finally get to see the Mugshot for Gilbert Arenas...SAU the man got booked on a Felony gun charge and according to will be sentenced in March
I can't believe they really got him! Do you think he deserved a felony?

In other Gilbert news ESPN reports that the Wizards star met with the NBA commissioner David Stern, and this meeting will decide his fate in the NBA

Arenas was expected to be accompanied by his legal team and NBA Players Association chief Billy Hunter.

One source told that Arenas' suspension details could be announced as early as Wednesday afternoon because he already has met with league investigators.



SAU I can imagine this is old but searching through youtube I found this...

Taylor Chats with Rolling Stone Mag about T-Sweezy:

"What I was getting at was when are you going to start rapping? I thought T-Sweezy was one of the highlights of 2009."

Did you really? [Laughs] The CMT Awards asked me, "Do you want to be a part of our intro?" and one of the first things that came to my mind was that I really, really want some excuse to be able to rap and go to the mall and go to those kiosk things and go buy bling and experience rapping in front of a car with spinners for the first time. T-Pain agreed to it and flew to Nashville and we were in a sweltering hot, 95-degree parking garage for an entire day shooting — I will never, ever forget that memory.

Chester French ft Diddy,Jadakiss & Clinton Sparks...."Ciroc Star" Trailer

I was clueless to why Chester French is pairing up with Diddy And Rick Ross until I saw the title of the song..."Ciroc Star" here's what the had to say about the video being shot in the "Sin City"....

"If you managed to get in the door at Vanity nightclub for P Diddy's epic grand-opening party January 2, you probably saw a blinging, singing mess of celebrities crowded on stage around Clinton Sparks' DJ booth.

Rick Ross was playing the part of a boss in an array of diamond-encrusted accessories. Nelly and Jadakiss were hanging alongside a vodka-bottle-wielding P Diddy, and Chester French singer D.A. Wallach was up in the mix decked out in a bowtie and orange curls. It was like a game of "How many celebrities can you fit in one DJ booth?" Answer: Lots.

Also in the mix was a camera crew filming for Chester French's upcoming "Ciroc Star" music video featuring Sparks, Diddy and Jadakiss. Here's a first look at the trailer for that video, all filmed right here in Las Vegas, at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and in our delightful natural surroundings.

....Guess that explains it.

Throwback Of The Day......Wyclef Ft Claudette "Two Wrongs"

I'm not sure if you guys remember this song but it was the truth! Sidebar.....What happened to Claudette? back then didn't you think she was going to break away from City High and just do it? Guess not but the song was it....

MMM MMM MMM Of The Day...Uldouz

Susan Boyles Fans Go Too Hard....

The "Wild Horses" Singer Susan Boyle has been left shaken up after her West Lothian home was broken into by an obsessed fan. Susan returned home only to find the man standing before her!

A friend of Susan’s revealed how the intruder managed to make his way into the house, after spotting the singer arriving home. The source told The Sun: “She (Susan) got home to find an intruder half way up her stairs. She was with a female pal, who was dropping her off.

“The guy had seen her come in and bolted straight past Susan and her friend. Susan is unharmed but is very shocked.”

Police detained the man, but he has now been released.

OK Susan....Now is the time for you to move and enjoy your money buying a new house, Apparently everyone knows where you live,but my bet would be that it was some sort of paparazzi!...Still want to be in the music business people?


Ciara In Paris For Fashion Week....

Ciara attended a Givenchy Cocktail party "In her honor" for fashion week in Paris and decided to throw on the smokers jacket for this one.... First, Why is Givenchy throwing Ciara a party of any sort? Did I miss some sort of achievement ran by Ciara's way? Maybe some sort of Platinum album,Fashion Award..anything? Any who, Ciara tells reporters that "she's in the studio working on her next album" can't wait to hear what she's cooking up, Check more pics of her and Fashion Weeks Couple of the year Kanye and Amber....

American Idol "Diva"

Last night was of course American Idol night but this "Diva" Jason Green startled me to the tenth degree!.... Just Freaky

While we're on American Idol, Did you catch Katy Perry goin' IN on Kara every chance she got? The highlight had to be hearing Katy tell Kara (after a great performance) "This is not a lifetime movie Sweetie"....DAMN check it out....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Whitney Houston Deluxe Anniversary Edition.....

I will smack yo momma.....SAU Whitney Houston is releasing an anniversary edition of her debut album. Due on today, this baby will be fully remastered with bonus remixes. It’ll also come with a DVD full of music video’s, Whitney first ever televised performance, and a brand new interview with Whitney and Clive about the album.

The self-titled album has sold a total of 25 million copies since its release in 1985, and is included in Rolling Stones 500 greatest albums of all time list, also ranking #40 Rock & Roll Hall of Fames Definitive 200 List and I can't WAIT!

If you forgot how classic that voice is.....

Teairra Mari Does NOH8 Photoshoot.....

Not sure if Teairra Mari really believes in saying no to Prop 8 or she's doing this because everyone else is but the pics look great...Didn't she have some sort of single out a minute ago promoting her next album? Wha happened?...Or do we really care?

Chad OchoCinco On Urban Ink Magazine/Fergie Wants A Cosmo

This is Chad Ochocinco on the cover of Urban Ink Mag along with Flavor Flav reality star Hoopz...Well atleast her 5 minutes of fame is extended to 7 Go Hoopz. I love the whole "super hero" feel to the magazine cover.

Fergie decided to order a cosmo with a side of FACE...B.E.P and Fergie has been giving em' hell lately I guess this means there is no signs of stopping.

MMM MMM MM Of The Day...Stacey Keibler

WWE RAW.....

Keeping with the Celebrity hosts last night Raw was hosted by Dule Hill star of the USA show Psych and I thought he did one hell of a job! James Roday was scheduled to co-host but needed an emergency appendectomy and could not attend but Dule really didn't need him...On to the show..

Raw kicked off with a lot of events but one of the main things that caught my attention was when Chairman Vince McMahon went into the crowd asking THEE question "Why should he bring Bret Hart back?" Vince has really stepped his game up by actually reaching out to the fans, the WWE universe deserves to actually be closer to RAW I mean we are the reason they do what they do right? Cudos to Vince for that! And for also letting Bret speak his peace next week he deserves to!

Is DX dividing over the Royal Rumble? I knew it would come to this being that both Triple H and Shawn Michaels are HUGE stars in the WWE universe,and they both want to win the Rumble, but I'm waiting to see if the Royal Rumble will actually Break , DX apart...

(real quick, How funny was it when Dule Hill scared the hell out of Maryse with the fireworks?..did you see her really get nervous about that?...PRICELESS)

On to the main event where John Cena got his revenge (a tad bit) on Sheamus, Sheamus was DOMINATING John Cena....It was kind of a change of events seeing as Cena is the champion of all champions...amazingly Sheamus countered all of John Cena's finishing moves...Just when you thought it was over THE VIPER Rand Orton comes in to send his message for Sunday to Sheamus, giving him what he totally deserves...turning to John Cena ready for the R.K.O...It's Countered with the Attitude Adjustment just like that!....What a show.

With Raw adding the Hosts every Monday spicing things up...WWE Universe, what can RAW do to make things even better?


Now This guy in the above Picture runs his mouth too much SAU Check this....Apparently Michael was one of the top 24 contestants on American Idol This year but got cut when he ran his mouth to his father and his father told the WORLD Craig.....Check what MTV is saying about this FAIL...

"We're almost three weeks away from the start of Hollywood Week (February 17), but it appears that "American Idol" has already lost one of its top 24 contenders. Word has been circulating for days that St. Petersburg, Florida, singer Michael Lynche — who auditioned in Orlando — allegedly made the cut but was then recently dropped after his dad, Marque Sr., confirmed the blessed event to a local newspaper. In keeping with their veil of secrecy about internal goings-on, spokespeople for "Idol" could not be reached at press time to confirm whether Lynche has made the top 24 or has been dropped from it. But the St. Petersburg Times reported last Wednesday that Lynche — whose mother works for the paper — may have made the top 24. It was reported that Lynche's dad had confirmed the information about his son."

SAU...this man's father ruined his DREAM by running his damn mouth? Me and Daddy would've had a nice talk,and he would be the next person shopping my album to a record label...Damn daddy was too happy.

Ciara Covers Jack Magazine....

Searching for Ciara around campus has been a real mystery lately but she turned up here on the cover of Jack Magazine lookin' great! Looks like she gained a tad bit more weight....Do it Ciara,Not sure when your album will see the light of day but Do it!!