Monday, August 31, 2009

New Vid...Drake Ft Trey Songz .......Successful

Oh No Christopher.....You Don't Remember???

So SAU Do We Believe him or...Does he need more people??

Friendly Reminder.......Fantasy Football

Don't forget today is the last day to sign up for Fantasy football with SAU Draft is tomorrow at 3:15pm so let's get signed up! We have room for 3 more people!

OWWWW Of The Week....Melyssa Ford

I know I'm gonna start some controversy over my Owww Of The week Melyssa Ford But lets be real she was VERY good at her video modeling right?? Not to mention she's BANGIN!!

Lookin' Out For....Justin Bieber

SO skipping across the web I ran across this cutie who is known as Justin Bieber...UM How cute is he? He's a 15 year old artist who was born in Ontario Canada...who can REALLY sing! After plenty of youtube postings and catching the attention of Superstar Usher, Justin is now signed to Island Records and has a single out called "One Time" Justin is a self taught musician who plays the guitar, piano, and 15 ! OK I really think this cutie is next up for pop music...A breath of fresh air if you will as a whole...SAU whatcha think? But forreal how swagalicious is he in the video towards Taylor Swift..... check him out and his video one time

MMM MMM MMM Of The Day...Maria Milian

SAU you likee?

THROWBACK Of The Day....Usher Burn

Let us all put our lighters up and sing very loud to this throwback...Let it Burn Usher....didn't you just love the video?

Usher - Let it burn from Melissa Toen on Vimeo.

Question Of The Day......Is It Ok To Go Out To The Club With Your Significant Other?

So My homegirl Chelsea told me her and a couple of her homies has this conversation for over an hour! We all know this is a no-no but do you go to the club with your man/woman? when I say Club I mean seriously Hip-Hop club...SAU Is this how we rollin in 09'?

Road To Gism 2nd Edition....Lil Fizzard and Bogg??

OK SAU when did b2k get this hard though? Were lil Fizzard and Bogg always this hard? (sidebar...who is bogg?) I'm kinda nervous about this song! I guess its suppose to be for the Bring it on Movie with Christina Milian so yea....they still got a tad sugar! check the new video...thanks WSHH

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Greatest To Ever Do It....Happy Birthday!!

Of course you know we all lost an amazing person this year.....If you think about it the most popular person in the world! Michael Jackson Happy Bday we love and miss you!

Now Beat it......

What a Sad Day...... 4 year Anniversary Of Hurricane Katrina

On this day 4 years ago Hurricane Katrina Hit New Orleans and surrounding areas in Louisiana. People were forced to move from their homes only to return a month later and see that their many families, friends, houses, and property weren't there anymore. Today at SAU I'm going to dedicate my blog to the many artists,and athletes that have come from N.O....Please take this day to reflect and be thankful because that could have been anyone of us.

Baby and Mannie Fresh......Big Tymers


Madea...Tyler Perry

Yea I bet you guys didn't know he was from N.O HUH? Yup I discovered this great one too so the pockets are yet and still over flowing! LOL Amazing talent!

Peyton and Eli Manning

OK If they don't represent I don't know who does!!

Your favorie Son.....Lil" Wayne

I'm not gonna go in on Lil' Wayne because when he actually claims New Orleans he reps very well but I am gonna throw it back.......


OK don't front like yall didn't act like you and master P were married....OK maybe it was just me but This man was one of the first to show what a true baller was!!
(sidebar..Why did he have to bring the HUGE gold tank into the basketball court)

AWWWW DAYUM.....The Hot Boyz

So I know You all remember these little dirt dobbers in the begining! Even though they all looked hungry it was such a breath of fresh air huh?? Yea I know it was all me who discovered them...Please fwd all autographs to my lawyers!

Friday, August 28, 2009

New Vid...Mary J Blige Ft. Drake The One

ATT: Young,Fly, and Flashy...MC1 supercar concept

OK I'm not gonna ramble on about the car just know its a concept but check the angles on this baby! Just wrong

New Flight...Cassie Let's get crazy

I just can't Cassie as a matter of fact I can't and I won't! So this is suppose to be Cassie's new single from her up coming project ElectroLove. SAU you likee?


I'm trying to be good today so I'm gonna whisper a couple of things to you guys today.....(whispering)but Dude look its know the chick from G-unit that never was.I mean she looks good but since I'm in a good mood I'm not gonna go in on her but SAU have fun....I will start yall' off wasn't she suppose to be like the Ashanti of G-unit all her dreams and aspirations just GONE!(watch she come out with a bangin' single and shut us all up LOL) have fun! OH But please whisper!


Man Vicard came back last night...I mean kinda rusty but check out the response to his comeback I know he went home and cried with his dogs man!!....SMH when will I stop? But straight up don't you just feel some kind of way when the guy says "look who's comin' in? OK gimmie hug I'm emotional for Vicard.

MMM MMM MMM Of The Day...Mirtha Michelle

Hott little chica!! OWWWWWWW

Question Of The Day......

Come here I wanna whisper this to you guys right.....We all love Lil Wayne but we keeps it 110% here at SAU now don't lie: Whats gonna come out first Lil' wayne's rock album or...T-Wayne??......YALL KNOW NEITHER ONE IS GON MAKE IT!! keep it real..check it even Lil'Wayne looks confused.

Um....Was That LudaChristopher's Hott 16??

So SAU we all know Luda had a nice fliznop with his last CD right? everyone missed Luda's hot 16 he use to drop well......For those of you that live in Atl you know about a song called "Patna Dem" HERRO!!! Luda murdered his 16...check when he said: "Chingaling was DTP but we had to end up DROPPIN em' (why he say drop so hard though) damn chingalingadingdong!...check him LUDA's BACK!! starts at 1:21 (Mouth drops)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Flight....Jay-Z Venus vs. Mars

The flights keep coming from the Blueprint 3...Venus vs. Mars is Sick...Don't think its quite finished but bomb start!

You Asked And You Got It.....Miss Dominican Republic 2009


MMM MMM MMM Of The Day...Chanta Patton

Um...HERRO Legs for days!!!!

Going in on rank.....Plies

Plies is of course on his grind last year having two albums in one year is crazy! gotta love Plies but when I think of him a couple questions come to mind....SAU what is Plies? is he considered a rapper? does he flow or what do we call his style of rap? Next, Why in his music does he come off so RAUNCHY but on interviews sound like he graduated head of the class from Yale? Could we really have an educated conversation about a "Bust it baby"? It just doesn't match to me don't believe me?....check it out. And wassup with that new single "Becky"?? SMH

Quick Question...What happened to this video??

Soo I may be tripping but I've NEVER seen this video on television SAU.....what happened to it....better yet Let me know what went wrong on this Album for your girl Ciara

Fantasy Football is here for SAU.......

SO Fantasy football is now here at SAU courtesy of Ms. Chelsea,whats going to happen is all of you that want to set up and play fantasy football with SAU this year You need to email me and I will give you the password, once you register of course you can find the name SavvyUniversity and log in BUT its a first come first serve we have a select few who can go in so lets do it!! keep in mind our official draft is Sept. 1st at 3:15. OWWWWWW lets go!

New Artist to watch for...Mishon

Being that I have a thing with reading up on New artists I ran across this one named Mishon, The 16 year old has been doing this for about 6 years now. He released his debut CD on Dynasty Records titled "Still Mishon" in 2004. So he's already had a more successful career than most artists. If he looks familiar you may have saw him on the T.V. Show Lincoln Heights. Mishon Also has a successful single that's been making noise on 106&Park. So check it out...SAU you likee?

New Flight......Drake ft Kanye,Lil Wayne.Eminen....Forever

OWWWWWWWW A Hott one! All of these Huge rappers on one track? Classic!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Um.....has Diddy been taking vocal lessons?

OK I just ran across this song by the dirtiest crew around.....LMAO Dirty Money SAU whatcha think? my thing is check the note at 2:30 nice sample from Jay though!

I Want To Hear You SAU!!!!!

SO Being that we have comments back.....I want to hear everything you wanted to say over the last two days....LET ME HEAR IT SAU!!! ok the more I look at that face the scarier it gets huh? well anywho......

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Best Day Of His Life....Mike Vick

Ya boy Mike Vickard WILL play in Thursday's game Vs the Jaguars.....Memo to Vickard......the "cannon" better be on Thursday because if not them dogs....damn I mean the hounds.....basically people waiting for you to jack up prove em' wrong!

Address To My Prestige University........

Hello my beautiful students.....Just updating you on the state of your school...Savvy University! Well I understand your frustration with the comments situation but we should be back up soon!In the next weeks we have huge interviews, more Sexy OWWWWS,fantasy football courtesy of Ms. Chelsea... and uuuugggghhhhhhmmmmmm Guess who has their own website in the making???? SO just letting you all know I know whats been going on I've been getting all of your emails and I can't wait to hear your voices and opinions! Thanks for still riding with the most amazing school around lets cross our fingers for comments OWWWWWWWWW!!!!

DAYUM Busta Busss....

If you guys were wondering what Busta Rhymes was up to.... I like Busta Rhymes so I'm not gonna do it! Plus its kinda funny but....Nah not gonna do it check him out....

MMM MMM MMM Of The Day...Dolicia Bryan

UM....HERRO check out those eyes SAU you likee?

Question Of The Day....Asher Roth

Of course watching late night jams a quick thought came to mind....When we think of rapper Asher Roth, We first think that his voice sounds a LOT like Eminem of course but the skills SAU the skills I dunno so my question of the day is : Do we take Asher Roth serious as an MC? I haven't heard his album but what is he trying to accomplish in the industry? .....check his new single with Keri Hilson, which yet again makes me think can we take him serious....

What Hapened to Girl Groups?

So we were all blessed to get a listen to the beautiful harmonies of Destiny's Child, watch the amazing TLC shows and get weak with SWV but now I'm kinda feeling left out in the cold with these girl groups now-a-days! SAU as for now we have to settle with a groups like "RichGirl" and "electrick red" who sold 126 albums! I just don't get why be upset that your album doesn't sale when you have songs like " you ain't gettin no P" and with Rich Girl "he ain't with me now though" with the token black chick, and rumors of "the breakup" already! I don't understand where the turn went? Where is the lead singer that stands out with the amazing vocals? where are the bomb routines and beautiful costumes? Maybe the early 00's spoiled us and we have to settle for the "twerk team"....damn SAU whatcha think?

UM....We Have An Amber Alert/Campus Wide Search

OK...What happened to Tweet? I know you remember her only bangin' single to date "OOPS Oh My" but I'm saying Tweet now that Twitter is on the I-Phone (Tweet) you got one! you better holla at Missy and come up with a song called "tweet me on my I-phone! That's your comeback album! HEY I'm just tryin to help check her throwback

Monday, August 24, 2009

Just A Random Question........

Sooo.....Lil' Mama, where is her music career? I think she is really talented but I don't remember her other than "lip gloss" SAU give the woman some tips on how to make a comeback....maybe lipgloss 2.0 or maybe this time lipstick? I dunno check her photoshoot for J'adore mag.

Lil Mama from J'Adore Magazine on Vimeo.

And The Road To G-ism Continues.....Lil' Bow Wow I love My Cash Money

Dude Bow Wow's road to G-ism is now made a stop and loveland with a song from his mixtape called "I love my cashmoney"...SOOOOO now you love cashmoney? Damn Bow Wow I think it woulda been more suitable for you to have had a song called I'm so so def they're the ones who made you! But check how he's so vulgar all of a sudden. MEMO to BOW WOW.....We don't believe you next we will see bow wow on Channel 5 news in a bank robbery...SMH

OWWW Of The Week...Miss Dominican Republic 2009

Ok My Owww Of the week is Miss Dominican Republic 2009...For those of you that saw Miss Universe last night I think we all can agree that she was robbed....NOT ON MY BLOG!!

Laugh Of The Day.......The I-Gun

Ok stress reliever or what?? the I-Phone will make anything! You HAVE to check this

Friday, August 21, 2009

Pharrell My Love......

Finally a song I can groove to!! The Clipse ft Pharrell "I'm Good" Its so good to hear Pharrell on a track again YAY!

UM.......Laugh Of the Day???? I Guess?

Soulja Boy.....Why didn't you show your friend Arab how to mix and master a song? This is so bad guys... not Soulja Boy bad but kinda like your never going to get signed bad, noone will take you serious ever bad,kinda like you shoulda erased this and started over again bad... Just BAD the Soulja Boy effect DID NOT touch this young man I am so sorry! and the voice is so lightskinned I just...... Anywho for those of you that don't know this fella he's Soulja Boy's BFF.

Come On Trey......LOL Smiley Face????

OK OK OK I think Trey is a cutie but if he wants to be taken serious as a real artist that is....We can't be having songs with the chorus talking about LOL smiley face. I mean don't get me wrong if they proceed to actually put this song out it will do very well with the teenie boppers we all know that but Trey lets stay on the path of "I need a girl" But hey it's just my opinion SAU... Do you agree?

Breaker Breaker One Nine...We Can Cancel That Search Team!!

Day 26's new video for "So Good"...Check B.Cox at the begining tryna sound sexy (ICU Baby)Do we still care about day 26 anymore though? The last album was such a woomp I'm not sure.....Diddy that extra $132 bucks did the video some justice we the people appreciate it! Take that Take that

DAMN SAU........

So the trials and tribulations of having a "free Blog" is understanding the dang thing just might decide not to work on certain days.....SAU forgive me and work with it SAWWY!!

MMM MMM MMM Of The Day.... Angelica Carrera

New Flight...Fat Joe ft Pleasure P & Rico Love

I'm not sure who Rico Love is either guys.....check it out sounds like that ol' 2007 swag come on lets step the beat game up guys!

New Flight....Sammie Sky's The Limit

SAU is this a mixtape single? Or a single from that new Sammie CD you guys are checking for? But what's up with the video? kinda scary bad huh?

In Young Money News.......Omarion Yet again

Welp, ya boy "O" released his statement regarding this whole young money issue:

“I have a lot of respect and admiration for the genius of Lil ‘Wayne and the entire Young Money family. I asked to be released from the label to pursue other opportunities that were recently presented to me. Because of our relationship, Lil’ Wayne had no issue with us ending our business relationship and released me from the label. Lil’ Wayne and I have nothing but love for each other, there is no Beef. I also wanted to make it clear that my company nor did I, leak the song, “I Get It In” and I want to dispel any rumors that have surfaced. I appreciate my relationship with Young Money/ Cash Money and look forward to doing business in the future. There will be a major announcement regarding my career and my new album, “Ollusion” coming next week. Stay tuned…”


MMMMMMMHHHHHMMMMM Omarion Trey Songz talk to the man please.....

Finger Lickin' Good.....Usher

OK Sororities I know your excited for his new album but for drooling purposes only....This is the 5th anniversary for Uptown Magazine the "style" issue... Just Why is he fine on this level?

I will Admit.......

I have to admit I like Cassie's hair now...At first it was this HUGE shocker that she shaved her locks but I like it! Very chic now But (you knew there was a but) Cassie when is that lightskinned album coming out?

We Need A Campus Search.....Missing Person Alert

Aye Bruh.....Where is Lil Jon? LOL OK I think I officially miss Lil Jon' He hasn't been on any PitBull tracks,Ciara or anyone else....So If you see Lil' Jonathan tell him I asked about him! So in dedication......

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Julius May Need A "Get Out Of Jail Free" Card Soon....

According to BBC News, Croatian police are investigating an incident involving one of Beyonce and Jay-Z's personal bodyguards in Dubrovnik (19 August). Filmed footage of the altercation shows the pair, who were there on holiday, walking through the narrow streets of the town and a bodyguard arguing with an assembled group of paparazzi before the couple board a speedboat.

Footage of the altercation in Dubrovnik
Cameraman Dragan Banovic, 57, is warned not to film the couple by the bodyguard before a piece of Banovic's equipment is thrown into the sea.

Police spokesperson Marija Genero has confirmed that the local authorities are investigating.

At 2:57 that's all she wrote for the poor reporter's tripod huh? I just don't get why its that serious to tape them. The funniest part is at the end when Ju Ju goes in on the reporters mother...dang

How To Stay Savvy 103...Azimuth Roulette Watch

This watch is obviously for compulsive gamblers but its a HOTT one!!

OH NO Aubrey!!

I loved Danity Kane as well as everyone else....but I really don't remember Aubrey looking like she did in the first pic...Kinda rough Homie.

MUST SEE....Movie "Precious"

I have no words for this trailer....I see so many good things for Movie its insane so SAU watch the trailer and be amazed at the actresses in this one....Can't wait! The big "O" and Tyler Perry really have one on their hands this time huh? Check Mariah gettin her act on.

Homework Assignment...Compare and Contrast

So Last night I was the premiere of Jamie Foxx's new video "digital girl" and you guys know I'm big on giving props when props are due...doesn't Jamie Foxx's video look waaaay too much like Lloyd's video "all around the world?" SAU homework assignment is please compare and contrast this for me and let me know!

MMM MMM MMM Of The Day...Tammy Torres

SO I know you guys are thinking you've seen this chick before well she was the lead chick in Lil Wayne's video "Ms. Officer" likee??

..................................... Damn "O"

SO I believe 100% in my heart right? That all of young Money were high one night and Lil Wayne said, Ya'll let's sign Omarion just to drop him and laugh! Omarion, how in the blue hell did you get dropped already? Where is Chris Stokes? What happened to TUG? Man, go talk to Marques Houston or something because a future at Burger World looks good for you. Bow Wow help ya boy out!

The label put out a VERY STRONG statement: “Omarion is…
… no longer with Young Money,” he said via a written statement. “May God be with him and his future endeavors". Dude didn't he just get the chain peoples???

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

....Give Credit Where Credit Is Due....Ms. Amber Rose

Sororities and Fraternities....Don't front like her body ain't sick!!