Friday, May 20, 2011

Um....Did You Guys Forget?.....ITS FRIDAY!!!!!!

After yesterday, and this hellacious week I need a break, how about you guys? Not Forgetting to mention.....ITS FRIDAY!!!!!! OWWWWWW! looks like you guys forgot how to let the hair down and prepare for the weekend..I didn't :)

SAU...BUH BUH BUH!!!! When the beat drop....I just...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Vid: Beyonce' "Run The World (Girls)"

With set back after set back, We finally get the visual for the first single from Beyonce's new album titled "4". The video (which is a choreographer's wet dream) starts off with dance moves that actually make you question the correlation between sight and sound, being that the dance moves actually make you hear the song differently... The beat hits harder, as well as the anthem of the song as a whole, absolutely mind blowing. This Francis Lawrence directed "pot of gumbo" serves up a steaming plate of Beyonce, showing that with a little fire and direction...she WILL blow up.

Is this what Beyonce' needs to set the fire under the ass of the actual song? We sure will see Check it out Below...Great visual indeed!