Friday, September 30, 2011

Whoa Whoa...Are We Partying?....

Oh you better believe it SAU Its time to let the hair down and get ready for the night's festivities! Straighten up those faces folks ITS FRIDAY!!!

Jason Derulo- "Breathing" (Nice Jason! :)

The number one song on iTunes (SAU BUH BUH BUH!!)

Red Hot chili Peppers- "Police Station"

Monday, September 26, 2011

***SAU Official Report Card*** Tony Bennett Duets II"

As the ocean current came closer, a sudden gust of wind lightly grazed the sand. Wrapping her mind around the beautiful objects being washed ashore, an old favorite rang loud from her ipod, "Don't get around much anymore". Kicking up sand with a sly smile, she remembered how this classic jazz standard made famous by Duke Ellington in the 1940's made her feel free in her 1 bedroom apartment years ago. With the current version of that song done by Tony Bennett & Michael Buble' from Bennett's latest album "Duets II", a feeling of hope came along. As Buble' gets into his zone enunciating each and every word of this popular standard,along with the flavor Bennett adds, "How can this moment get any better?" She thought...

"Red Wine!". Stopping at a small cafe' she saw before her moment on the ocean, the lingering sunset set the mood for her even more. Red wine, sunset, Tony Bennett & Josh Groban, "This is all I ask" she thought. Josh Groban has to be one of the top 10 singers alive right now & to hear his soothing, yet oh so operatic vocals on this song featured on Frank Sinatra's 1965 album "September of my years" (An album on a beautifully aging man)"this has to be the end of my night she thought". As she sat there gazing at the curtain of sunset now being blanketed by the twinkle of stars, one line of this song stuck out in her mind, "Stars in the sky, make my wish come true before the night has flown".

Up until now she never realized she was alone, until a stuttering gaze across the table gave back the eerie silence she despised, "My life on a Friday night" "Typical" she thought.

"Hello" he said, as the cafe' now filled with lovers of the night coincidentally play "the way you look tonight", a cover from "Duets II" by Tony Bennett and Faith Hill, "Cheesy" she thought as she heard his thick creole voice. "Hi" she said.

"All alone tonight?" he asked. She realized he never left, as she became completely enthralled in Faith Hills glazed over vocals, She imagined herself dancing the night away with her Prince charming, only to awake to..This

It was only by this second chance she realized the honesty in eyes, the beauty in his face.."DAYUM he's fine" she thought, "another red wine?" he asked "yes please" She obliged.

As the night grew old and the conversation from politics, to her favorite music came and went with ease, "Body and Soul" featuring the prolific Amy Winehouse, & "Blue Velvet" Ft k.d. Lang christened the night, that was until the spunky "The lady is a tramp" ft the creative Lady gaga hit. She broke, took her soul out of the equation, and came to reality, Being that music is her first love, she took it in, saw a couple of problems with this one, but remembering Lady Gaga's background in Theater "that saved her...definitely helped her out on this one" She thought.

As the night came to an end she realized this guy completely took her heart. "Can I see you again?" he asked, Sly as ever, she took a napkin with a smudge of pink lipstick and the faint smell of red wine she used to wipe her mouth, wrote her number, and with the swirl of the ocean she was gone.

He watched the swirling of her purse as she walked away whistling "It had to be you" Ft Carrie Underwood. "Excuse me!" he motioned to the waiter, "here's 20 bucks thanks for playing the album man" "Anytime" the waiter said. "This one's for my baby, and this one's for the road".

SAU this one is a classic album, no grade just go get this one!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Coming Soon: B.o.B "Strange Clouds" Ft Lil Wayne

Looks like B.o.B is gearing up for another go round'. His new single "Strange Clouds" Ft Lil Wayne will be premiering October 3rd! Check out the "Trailer" Below...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

***Official SAU Report Card*** Lady Antebellum "Own The Night"

The "Tennessee Titans", Charles Kelley, Dave Haywood,& Hillary Scott aka Lady Antebellum, have released their third effort titled "Own The Night". With a slight slip in sales (although projected to hit # 1 next week) with sales around 275k-300k compared to their MONSTER previous album "Need You Now" hitting 481k in the first week, what separates "Need You Now" from "Own The Night"? In my opinion the lack of prolific melodies. It's one thing to have beautiful, compelling, lyrics of reasonable real life relationship problems that the average couple deal with, but adding to that cup of beautiful lyrics you need a splash of melodic diversity each and every time.

At times listening to "Own The Night" sounds like one big song, but with the actual flow of the album, it could be reminiscent of that beautiful country "story telling" staple that keeps the listeners ears.

"Lady A", the trio that's a power ballad's "casa", stay on the straight and narrow with songs like "Just A Kiss", and the title track "Own The Night", but an actual push in Hillary's vocals are not seen here. Dreamy thoughts through lovers eyes completely let us know the trio will work this album until it reaches higher status regarding sales, also that this is a pretty solid album, but to give "Lady A" a swift push to a world of vocal/melodic fertilizer is what's needed here.

Growth- C-

Production- C

Lyrical Ability- B+

WWA (World Wide Appeal)- C

SAU Official Grade- C-

Monday, September 12, 2011

New Music: Coldplay "Paradise"

Deep organ keys,accompanied by the beautiful humming of violins, dropping into a synth heavy beat, greets us into the walkway of Coldplay's new single "Paradise" from their highly anticipated fifth album "Mylo Xyloto" due October 24th.

The song, which I view as a "spirited painting", is one that has many repetitive (almost limerick in aabb form) lyrics, this being because in my opinion the object of "Paradise" is seen differently through everyone's eyes, but to actually see "Paradise" in another person's eyes is difficult to convey to the lyrical mental, hence the repetitive lyrics: "When she was just a girl/ She expected the world/ but it flew away from her reach/,along with the many references to "She" to get the point across. Simple, but oh so brilliant! This wonderful one shows that the long wait for Coldplay's new album didn't seem that long after all.

In other Coldplay news, the band is expected to perform at the iHeart music festival in Las Vegas Sept 23rd & 24th. Other acts include Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Steven Tyler,Carrie Underwood,Jane's Addiction, John Mayer Nicki Minaj, and many more.