Friday, July 31, 2009

Remember The Time......

I am a music head! I've been thinking of this for the last couple days now and I know this is a really touchy subject.... But what happened to the soothing calming music? Kem for instant is one of my favorite artists KEM HUN-NAY where are you? Sade had us calling everyone for that smooth operator and Lauren hill had us telling the man..."it ain't working". Although we have our Jill Scott's, Beyonce's, John Mayer's and Neyo's (and I appreciate them beyond reason) I just can't do the "Stankey leg" all day everyday. I'm sorry! So for your listening pleasure.......

ATT: Gossip Girls, Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap!

OK as you know I try my best to stay away from the drama but....... Sheree....HUN-Nay did she or did she not go in on the Party planner? Why was this 7'9 man growling in a woman's face? Regardless of anything she is a woman, a woman who was paying good money for HER party Shame on you Mr. Party planner guy...won't be seeing any new party planning guy promotions now huh? Just wrong!.

Next..How do you guys like the new housewife Kandi? I think she seems like a really good mother, her daughter is adorable but she doesn't fit in to me so far ..we will continue to watch and see.

Why is Kim still going after this Country Recording contract STILL? Kim we love you but HUN-Nay that ship sailed! maybe Kandi will help her become a superstar?

Gotta love Lisa right? she has to be my favorite out the bunch....I say have another child your family is beautiful and like you said "My clock is ticking" sidebar...who knew she was 38?

Ms. NeNe is calming down huh? I loved how she had a talk with Sheree its great to see old friends can mend their relationship. SAU good friends are hard to find so if they did something minor...let it go we all need someone everynow and again!

ATT: Beach Goers.....

This is Maho Beach in St. Maarten( Netherlands) Due to the short runway 2,180 meters/7,152 ft, Incoming air traffic has to touch down as close to the beginning of the runway as possible.

OK...Someone needs to do something about this because their local Government warns approaching too close of departing aircraft can result in "serious injury or death" ( I know a lot of you like to go out of the country for vacation...guess where you shouldn't go?)

ATT: Jocks and Cheerleaders.....Training Camp Updates!!

In days to come I will be bringing you some of the tops stories going around the NFL's training Camps

We all know Tom Brady tore his ACL week one last year against the Kansas City Chiefs. According to Brady is now training at the Patriots Camp!! The Patriots are opening camp with two camps a day for seven days straight. Below is the play that tore Brady's ACL...OUCH!

Will The Steelers repeat this year? We shall see but until then the Steelers will report to training camp Fri July 31, at St. Vincent College in Latrobe Pa.

Being that Terrell Owens is now with the Buffalo Bills, will Tony Romo be able to progress as a player without his right hand man? Truthfully, I am not sure we have to stay tuned for that progression!!

Last But CERTAINLY not least! Will Atlanta Falcon QB Matt Ryan progress this year or Will he face the Sophomore slump? I am a HUGE Falcon fan so I say yes SAU Matt Ryan has all the makings of a classic QB...Whatcha think SAU give me all your feedback!

The Hips That Didn't Lie Are Back!!

She Wolf - Shakira (Official MusicVideo) (Video Oficial) from on Vimeo.

Shakira is back with her new single "She Wolf"...HELLO do you see her body? No Krispy Kreme for me today! check the dance at 3:19

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fraternities Beware....The New Ferrari 458 Italia OH BOY!

Now this Beauty won't be shown in public until September's Frankfurt Motor Show, but the official details were released this morning.
just to give you a run down.....This baby has a new direct- injected 4.5 liter v8! Under the hood it pumps out 562 horsepower and 398 lb-ft of torque. So how quick is it you ask?
acceleration 100km/h which is 62 mph in 3.4 seconds!!! PHEW this car is an extremely good look!

HUN-NAY...Love the look!

Above is Johnny Depp who will be starring in the 2010 version of Alice In Wonderland. Johnny's character in the movie is the "Madd Hatter". The Movie will be Directed by Tim Burton (don't you just love his movies?) and I for one believe this will be a HUGE box office hit in 2010....but for right now Mr. Depp Love the look!!

American Idol Update... Kara Stays!

SAU Kara DioGuardi IS staying for another season on American Idol! A source said "There are no Ifs, ands or buts, she will be back.

That's fine that she's staying, I just hope she finds new sayings other than "OH you could record an album TODAY!" "Right now you could go into the studio" If that were so would there be any contestants Kara? gotta love her! Kara made her music video debut in Theory Of A Deadman's video for the song "Not Meant To Be" which she co-wrote.

ATT: Band Goapele Milk and Honey

I Love Goapele (that's pronounced like monopoly) she's another Neo-soul voice that's relaxing to hear! Now I'm not sure about the effects in the song but I'd bump it!

Voted Best Couple

Am I wrong for liking these two? I think they both are so eclectic and mysterious (at times). I'm a fan so Best Couple goes to Kanye West and Amber Rose.

Question Of The Day

When you have children, as a parent is it now time to stash away your dreams and aspirations? I for one believe there is a difference between throwing away your dreams and stashing them. whatcha think? (gotta love the picture)

ATT: Health Club! How To Become Happy With "Self"

Are you Happy with yourself? We all have our "pick flaws"...I.E. "I want longer hair, "I want to loose 10lbs etc... But Happiness comes from within! Of course it sounds clique' but SAU it's too hard trying to be someone else! So lets focus on the wonderful aspects of our lives and become
Step 1. Love yourself SAU if you don't love yourself how are you going to love another? Start with the small things, they will eventually grow!

Step 2. No negativity SAU we all need to weed out the negative people in our lives because a true statement is "misery loves company" SAU....Let them go!

Step 3. Accept YOU! There is no easier way to say it. You will be you forever. No makeup compact, or pair of new shoes will change who you are so HUN-NAY let's be our SAVVY selves here!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

SAU....There's a new Guy in school!!

JaySean is his name. He hails from the U.K and is now signed to CashMoney Records. The surprise to me is that his single "Down" feat Lil Wayne is Num.2 on Itunes already wow!!! Sororities he's 28 and fresh whatcha think?

ATT Drama Club: Real Housewives Preview

Speaking Of Drama! SAU are you ready for the Real Housewives of Atlanta return? They have added a new housewife, Kandi from the 90's girl group Xscape I wonder how she's going to deal with Nene's mouth...HUN-NAY

And He Told You That He Won't Stop!!.....He Didn't

I know a lot of you caught the new "Making His Band" Monday Night right? If not I will tell you, I believe this will be a really good show because it shows the true essence of a artist! I believe no artist is a real artist unless they can hold down a real band behind them right? So with that being said DIDDY DID IT AGAIN!! The show is basically about Diddy making his "Last Train To Paris" album, but with him making a band will Diddy be heading on tour shortly after? When it comes to these MTV shows can Diddy be stopped? Maybe we should begin to take his words to heart huh? Great show check it out! (Speaking of "His Band....where is Day 26?)

Before Or After?

OK so we all had a sight of R&B singer Ciara's new cut right? I'm not sure about this one SAU so of course I need your help Which is better? Before of after?

ATT: Fashion Club and fashionistas

HUN-NAY comes in blue and purple at Bakers HOT BUY!!! The colors are crazy!

OK so in the wonderful world of fashion we have many choices... Spend our rent money on a pair of D&G glasses or the less expensive! So I have tips for all of you that want to ball on a budget (don't act like we aren't balling on a budget here SAU!!) Some of you didn't get the memo!

OWWW Of The Week.....Male

Public announcement for Sororities and Ladies of SAU..... OWWW of the week, Mr. Randy Orton of the WWE! Now I know I'm not the only one who sees this hunk of a man Monday nights SO lets hear it SAU ladies whatcha think?

OWWWW Of The Week.......Female

Now this OWWW of the week for the SAU fraternities and others is Ms. Vanessa Veasley. For some reason I think we will be seeing a lot more of her but for now.....Whatcha think?

SAU Question Of The Day

OK, so here at Savvy University we give fair criticism. From the In's and outs of the music industry, fashion, movies and more. I am guilty of this as I know most of you are so lets get to the meat of the problem! So my question for all of you Savvy affiliates is: Why are we as people so interested in the dirt in peoples lives as oppose to the good things they bring to our ears and eyes?