Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rihanna's Second Single "Wait Your Turn"

Friday, October 30, 2009

New Vid: Jay-Z Alicia Keys "Empire State Of Mind"

Melonie Fiona Freestyle On Green Lantern

OK I really wish her album sound like this freestyle over Notorious B.I.G's "Warning" beat because the chick got skills check her out!

Alexandra Burke Performs "They Don't Know"

Gotta Love those U.K artists right? Check out Alexandra Burke's Performance Of "They Don't Know" on "VIVA Live" I'm telling you when she comes over here...with the right song she's gonna blowupchuate! Check her out!

UH OH NOW.....Dj Khaled ft Usher,Young Jeezy,Drake,Rick Ross "Fed Up"

Heeee's Baaaaccckkkk....Dj Khaled is back with a new song that has a couple BIG status players in the Game..SAU can DJ Khaled prove the first time around wasn't a fluke?...Quick question though where is his boy Ace Hood?....Damn Ace

New Music: Usher,Wale,Game,Timbaland

Usher: Daddy's Home

Wale Ft Bun B: Mirrors

Game Ft Gucci Mane and Timbaland: Krazy (Krazy combination huh?)

Timbaland: Ease Off the Liquor

Coming Soon....Interview With Lil' Wayne!!

YUP...You guys are wondering about the rumored Jail time,the children and how he really feels about Drake?....Stay Tuned!!

Kobe Bryant Interview!!!!

Ms.A: Mr. World Champion of the whole entire world of Basketball Mr.Kobe Bryant LOL How are you today?
Kobe: LOL I'm doing great today how are you Ms.A?
Ms.A: I'm of course wonderful because I get to interview you!
Kobe: Thank you the pleasure is all mine!
Ms.A: So how was your off season?
Kobe: My off-season was great, it was very relaxing its the first summer in awhile I did not have to do anything for the U.S.A Basketball team! and it always helps when you win the Championship to make it relaxing!
Ms.A: OK Jumping right into it Mr.Champion....How does it feel coming into the season as the Champs?
Kobe: Oh! It feels great this is what we work so hard in the off-season,camp,and the long NBA season for! But now I'm focused and ready to do it all over again and bring a championship back to LA once again!
Ms.A: Do you feel like you guys have a HUGE bulls-eye on your back the entire season being that everyone wants what you have?
Kobe: Yeah I do feel like we have a huge bulls-eye on us because every night were are like the other teams championship game! If a team beats us than that confidence can propel them to do well throughout the season.
Ms.A: Yea Mr.Bryant just rub the fact that I lost money in huh??
Kobe: LOL that should teach you Ms.A never bet against the Lakers!
Ms.A: OHHHHHH that one hurt!
Kobe: LMAO
Ms.A: So this year you guys have the addition of Ron Artest...How does that help your team?
Kobe: The addition of Ron helps us immensely because he is one of the greatest defensive stoppers in the game if not the best in the game!
Ms.A: I agree!
Kobe: So that allows either me or him to check the other teams best man and most importantly he is not going to give me hell anymore because we play together now!
Ms.A: LOL I was going to jump into that next...How are you two getting along? We all know you guys had run ins in the past!
Kobe: Oh we're getting along just fine our team chemistry is great so we're revved up and ready to go!
Ms.A: I can't wait to see what you guys give us this year! So... who do you think is your biggest competition as a team this year..(cough Cavaliers)
Kobe: LOL yes the Cavs are a huge competition for us with the addition of Shaq there gonna be tough man!
Ms.A: Just a tad bit better right?
Kobe: But also the Magic,Spurs,and Celtics have made some huge off-season additions so they will be a huge challenge for us as well but Man LeBron and Shaq are a very tough combination!
Ms.A: You gotta love that competition though right?
Kobe: Your right I strive for it and love it
Ms.A: So you have 4 rings now....are any of them more special than the other?
Kobe: Oh no there all equally as special because each one tells there own unique story
Ms.A: So as of course one of the greats in the NBA when you retire one day what would you like your legacy to be?
Kobe: I would love to be known as one of the hardest working players to play the game and that I strive to give my best every night when I step on the court!
Ms.A: I will give you that Mr.Brant you are one of the hardest working players to touch the ball.....but we all know you can't ball Ms.A! We won't speak to much on that because I know that's a soft spot
Kobe: LOL I know you beat me in one on one this off-season but I'm coming back for my rematch!
Ms.A: Yea yea yea..... I retire champ buddy!
Kobe: LOL your one and done? Damn
Ms.A: LMAO gotta love me
Kobe: LOL your right your one of a kind!
Ms.A: I want to thank you so much Mr.Bryant for stopping By SAU to give us an exclusive but of course before I leave I have one more question for you!
Ms.A:......if you were an outsider from the NBA who would've been better high school Kobe or high school Lebron? You must keep it 100!
Kobe: WOW that's a great question!
Ms.A: I know right?
Kobe: I would have to say high school Kobe I got him by just a little bit
Ms.A: I will give you that one But SAU_____________ the line is all yours!
Kobe: LOL I cant wait to hear the responses!
Ms.A: thank you so much Kobe for chattin' it up with me!
Kobe: Your welcome Ms.A thank you for having me!

MMM MMM MMM Of The Day...Dollicia

New Britney Spears "3"

SAU Being that we HAVE to stay in the "Know" when it comes to music and this song was number one.....This is the new Britney Spears Video for "3" I know as a kid Britney was the POP Goddess....SAU what about now???

American Idol Winner Adam Lambert Cover Art

SAU Sororities I know you guys remember Adam Lambert From American Idol......(whats so messed up is I don't remember who actually won) But Why is he THIS DAMN GLAMOROUS?? I love him right now!! SAU whatcha think of this Glamorous thing here? Should we let him into SAU?? If you guys don't remember him.....

Housewife Kandi Breaks Down On Reunion

SAU Please Cherish the people you have you never know when they might leave you! SAU loves you Kandi!!

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys Perform At World Series!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Rihanna: Slower To Heal

Alicia Keys "Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart"

I LOVE IT ALICIA!!! LOVE LOVE IT the vocals the words, everything about this song says number 1

Kobe Bryant Interview Tomorrow!!!

New Vid: Ne-Yo " Never Knew I Needed"

this is the new video for Ne-yo "never knew I needed" off Disney's Animated Picture and Soundtrack Princess and the Frog. HMMMMMMMM check Ne-yo getting that Disney Doe!!

Shakira On Rolling Stone Magazine!!

I for one loooove Shakira but SAU she has to put another single out other than that shewolf I mean she's hot in the video but it is all about the music right? In the magazine she talks about femininity, motherhood and the pressures of a woman...this should be good go check her out!

New Music: R.kelly,Usher,50cent


Usher: Get in my car (1 minute snippet)

50cent ft Eminem:Psycho

Lady Gaga's Super Deluxe Album Package!

Lady Gaga has massive faith in her fans. Apparently, the seemingly eccentric singer is selling a Super Deluxe edition of her re-released album ‘The Fame Monster’ for a staggering $99.98. The set is described as the “ultimate peek into the House of Gaga, spanning music, fashion, art, fans, and juice”. It will include eight new songs (produced by RedOne, Rodney Jerkins, Teddy Riley, Fernando Garibay ,and Ron Fair) including her duet with Beyonce (Telephone), a collectible puzzle, pictorials, a behind-the-scenes look at her said creativity and pull-out posters. It will also feature themed fanzines, a Lady Gaga paper doll collection, some 3-D glasses to view forthcoming visuals and a couple of personal notes from Gaga herself. This edition will be released on Dec 15th as opposed to the standard edition which will hit stores on Nov 24th.

Birdman/Rick Ross Album In The Works???

So according to Birdman and Rick Ross has an album completed!(I know I'm thinking the same thing you are!) In an interview with "Rap-Up" Mr.WIlliams told the magazine it is indeed done!

“Ross and I finished the album already. It's called The H. We'll probably put it out in the summer.”

So my question to you is....Where is Mannie Fresh?....This should be interesting

Album Art: The State vs Radric Davis aka Guccard

SAU its getting more and more official everyday that Guccard is next! Do you think Southern Hip Hop heads will go out and support Mr.Mane?

MMM MMM MMM Of The Day....WWE's Kelly Kelly!!

Letoya Luckett On The Set Of Music Video "Regret"

This is Letoya Luckett on the set of her new video "Regret" ft Ludacris...SAU I hope this single by Letoya makes some noise this time around, I would hate to put her on the road to Gism! If you've never heard the song "Regret"....

Preview:30 Sec Teaser Of "Empire State Of Mind"

OK so this is your boy Jay-Z and Alicia Keys's 30 sec preview of "Empire State Of Mind"! Can't wait to see the ful video

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

For All Of The Lakers Fans...Interview With Kobe Bryant Coming Friday!

I told you guys previously we will cater to all fans here at SAU so I caught up with Mr.Bryant just for you Lakers fans!....

UM....Breaker Breaker 1...9...We have a Campus Wide Search....

I'm not sure if you guys have noticed but the President of the fashion club Mr.Andre 3000 has been gone for quite sometime now...I would loooooove to hear something new from Andre..Better yet can't you just Imagine the name of his Album? Mr.3000 we need something!

Outkast - Prototype (Official Music Video) - Watch the best video clips here

New Music:Wale, Lupe Fiasco,Missy Elliott, Lil' Wayne

Wale ft John Mayer: Letter

Lupe Fiasco:(turnt up freestyle)

Missy Elliott ft Teyana Taylor: Put it on ya

Lil Wayne: Break up

Rihanna's Album Art Work For "Rated R"

MMM MMM MMM Of The Day...Kaila


Your cousins Pretty Ricard...OK I promise to keep this short but Who told the guy that always talks(as you can tell I have no clue of their names) that he should perm his flat top? I mean is that the new thing to do now-a-days? And who let the new singer with the muscles join the group...He's a grown A** man running around with a group called Pretty Ricky...SAU keep it real..How good does Pleasure P feel right now? So in Dedication

Did You Guys Check The Gucci Mane Awards Lastnight?

I won't spend too much time on this because BET was TOO wrong for hyping this show up and it wasn't what it was hyped up to be.... The whole "Cypher" bit was the best parts of the show...Ms.Nicki Minaj had a nice freestyle in the cypher SAU if you didn't see it, check it out below...your Boy Eminem...Em I don't think that was fair how you ate that freestyle! That goes to show MTV you guys are DEAD WRONG for not putting this guy in your "Top Mc's" Other than that it was the Gucci Mane/Soulja Boy awards all around!


Nicki Minaj

SAU.....I Just Don't Know

OK this is Tisha Campbell-Martin..You Know "Gina" from the early 90's show "Martin"....singing If I were a boy, SAU I have no explination to why she's singing this but, She's kinda BIG with it.... whatcha think?....

Chris Brown's First Performance "Back"

This is your Boy Christopher Brown's First performance at Powerhouse 2009 in N.Y....SAU the ladies were going crazy so is there a change of heart? Are we gonna accept him back?......Congrats Chris!

Wall to wall

Yo/Gimmie dat

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Interview With Lebron James!!!!


Ms.A: Mr.LeBron James How are you today??
Lebron: I'm doing great today how are you Ms.A?
Ms.A: I'm wonderful today! thank you
Ms.A: Now this is SAU.... you promise to keep it 100 through the whole interview right?
Lebron: yes Ms.A I solemnly swear that I will keep it 100 LOL
Ms.A: OK so how was your off season this year?
Lebron: Oh my off-season was great! I had a lot of time to relax and reflect on the past season
Ms.A: speaking of last season this is a hard subject for us Cavalier fans....but how did you feel after last seasons loss in the Eastern Conference Championship?
Lebron: I was devastated but I viewed it as a learning process! I really wanted to get to the Championship but I'm going to take that experience as a building block and take me and my team to the next level this year
Ms.A: OK game what are we gonna do to crush the competition this year?
Lebron: Well we have the addition of Shaq now so we will be able to dominate the middle of the paint this year! Unlike last year Dwight Howard just clearly ran over us so I think this year we will be a very formidable team
Ms.A: (let us pray)
Ms.A: being that your playing with big Shaq Diesel this year and you'll be able to dominate the middle of the paint more do you feel that's the piece the Cavaliers need to go all the way?
Lebron: yes I do feel that Shaq is the final piece that is needed, with his size, strength and experience he will make trouble for other teams night in and night out
Ms.A: OK so we all know I would kill you and Shaq in a rap battle right..... but between you and Shaq who would win in a rap battle
Lebron: LMAO right you would win
Ms.A: c'mon we all know I would
Lebron: I definitely got Shaq he doesn't know it yet but I can rap man
Lebron: Man if Basketball did not work out than I was on it Drake would have some serious competition!
Lebron: but Shaq I got him! LOL I'm just kidding when he reads this I'm sure he will be battling me but I'm not a rapper really LMAO
Ms.A: I love it!!
Ms.A: OK the Nike puppet commercials from last season
Lebron: oh Lord!
Ms.A: keep it 100 what did you think about them?
Lebron: I loved them I thought they were very creative but obviously I would have loved the last commercial to play out a little different
Ms.A: LMAO as a Cavalier fan.....I didn't think they were funny at all buddy!
Lebron: LOL they were funny until we lost LOL!
Ms.A: I lost a couple dollars because of you homie!
Lebron: I'm sorry but you can bet again this year I think you will like the end result
Ms.A: and if we lose can I please have my money back?
Lebron: LOL you can have your money back I will do that just for you, but I think you will be really happy this year
Ms.A: are witness to what the man just said LMAO
Ms.A: OK so we all know your a free agent after the season can SAU have a clue to where you might land?
Lebron: LOL I'm not really thinking about that right now I'm just worried about bringing a championship home to the city of Cleveland
Ms.A OK we will let you get away with that as of now but we will be back to ask again soon
Lebron: OK after we win the championship I will come back and we can talk about that
Ms.A: deal
Lebron: deal
Ms.A: Mr.James thank you so much for your time today But Of course I have one more question before you go
Lebron: your welcome the pleasure is all mine Ms.A what you got?
Ms.A: Beyonce'....or Alicia Keyes?
Lebron: I have to go with one of the baddest to ever do it Beyonce no one can top her!
Ms.A: there you go SAU the official answer from Mr.James....Beyonce' wins it out!
Ms.A: Good luck this year Buddy!!!
Lebron: thank you very much and I will check in through out the year thank you Ms.A

MMM MMM MMM Of The Day.....Bria Myles

Tyler Perry On 60 minutes...

Tyler Perry was recently on 60 minutes discussing criticism, Madea and his entertainment empire...How can you not like Tyler?

New Music: Amerie,MJB,Soulja Boy

Amerie: Swag Back

Mary J. Blige: I can see in color:

Soulja Boy ft Drake: Playball (Soulja Boy.....please, singing isn't for everyone!)

Jay Sean Performs On Ellen..

On the Low SAU Baby made a real "comeup" this year HUH? Drake,a number one hit with Jay Sean...I wonder how everything is gonna change when your Boy leaves...

Video Preview: 50 Cent Baby By Me...

SAU I dunno about you guys but I'm kinda excited to see what your boy 50 is gonna do with this video starring Kelly Rowland and Ft Ne-Yo.....He can't go wrong with Ne-Yo can he?

New Vid....Chris Brown I Can Transform Ya.....

OK SAU whatcha think.....official comeback?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Interview With Lebron James Coming....Tomorrow!

My favorite season is here....NBA season so of course I had to catch up with the greats...

Coming Soon.....Interview With Amber Rose!

All my lovely SAU models that attend SAU I just HAD to holla at Ms.Rose and ask all of the questions you guys wanted to know....Stay tuned!

MMM MMM MMM Of The Day..... Courtney Black

H-Town FT Jodeci: Knockin' Your Heels Off

That man said SHIZZAM! WOOOOOOOOOWWWWW SAU whatcha think? I don't know whats going on

OWWW Of The Week...Rita G

Michelle Obama On Jay Leno...

Gotta love her!!

Quick Note.....

OK SAU I officially crown your boy Simon Cowell "Chief Financial Officer" Of SAU! A couple of facts on Simon and Why U.S.A Is completely sleeping on him: Alexandra Burke...The winner of last seasons X-Factor JUST sold 1.8 million albums in her first week in the U.K (labels take notes they stick together over there!) At the AMA's this year its rumored that his artist: Kelly Clarkson,Carrie Underwood,Adam Lambert,and Chris Daughtry will perform to add more weight to his pockets! Please lets not forget about great Aunt Susan Boyle because truth be told she is gonna be a monster! Leona Lewis who has 2 million in "Cash received" pre-order albums....and another 500,000 in regular pre-orders!( now this is first week sales which we complain about!) add that to X-factor which will be in the States soon, America's got talent, and your baby...American Idol..Simon Cowell is the true meaning of.... (and I quote)"It aint trickin' if you got it"

(Labels and up and coming ballers please please take note)

New Music: Ciara,Weezer,Lil Bow Wow,Jason Derulo,Usher

Ciara: Turn it up....

Weezer: Can't stop Partying

Bow Wow ft Lil Wayne: Can I be Your Man

Jason Derulo: She flys me away

Usher: Rockband

Damn Dirty Money....I Just Don't Know

SAU Dirty Money Performed Diddy's Hit "I'll Be Missing you" in Brazil recently and I just don't know about this right here You know they sound bad when Faith singing on the track in the back sounds better than the TWO singing Live HUH?? I'm still gonna give this Dirty Money thing a chance But Please Step the singing game up ladies...SAU whatcha think?

Um.......Watch Out Sean Paul...

This is your Half White cousin from Jamaica Collie Buddz....Now I could be tripping but when did Jamaica start producing white reggae artists? SAU let me know something but the song is kinda hot...Sean Paul???

Collie Buddz - Come Around (Official Music Video) - More amazing videos are a click away

Friday, October 23, 2009

Rihanna to Perform @ American Music Awards??

It isn't completely Official but there are STRONG rumors that Ms.Rihanna WILL be performing at the AMA's this year! I for one can't wait to see what she's gonna bring! The 2009 American Music Awards will be broadcast live from the NOKIA Theater on Sunday, November 22 at 8/7c. Hmmmmmm I wonder if your boy C.Breezy will be performing "transform ya"

New Music: Twista, Juvenile,Wale,Timbaland

Twista: She got it

Timberland ft Jay-Z,Keri Hilson: Rumors

Juvenile ft Bobby V: Everything

Wale Ft Gucci Mane: Pretty girls (Gucci Mane is EVERYWHERE!!)

Lloyd Going In On Ciara...Again

As you guys may or may not know Lloyd has had some choice words for Singer Ciara claiming she acts "Brand New" so here he is going in on her, Jarule,and Murder Inc. Lloyd SAU can't WAIT to hear what you got post Murder Inc. buddy... Don't forget the music is what really matters!

50 cent: Crime Wave Video/Movie

Sorry SAU I didn't make it all the way to the actual song tell me how you like it....

MMM MMM MMM Of The Day...Bella Skyy

Uh Oh....Mrs.Tameka Addressing The Situation On V103!

Hmmmmmm she seems to be dealing with the situation fairly well wouldn't you say? SAU_________________________________________ your thoughts here please! (source

Watch Out Jeremih.....Jason Derulo!

Being that your boy Jeremiah FLIZOPPED with songs after his one hit "Birthday Sex" your girl Kara Dioguardi snatched Jason Derulo up and figured she'd try again! Jason's new single "Watcha Say" is the number 2 song in the country so Since we here at SAU are always in the "know" Check em' out Jeremiah...Homie take notes this is number 2 song in the WORLD craig!

Raheem DeVaughn Ft Ludacris: Bullettproof

Love Love Raheem But doesn't he sound a bit Marvin Gayeeee? Sounds good to me check em' out

Laugh Of The Day...Affion Crockett

This is your boy Affion Crockett doing a spoof of Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons....Dude he looks JUST like Russell!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

**Breaking News** Lil Wayne Just Plead Guilty To Gun Charges

According to Lil Wayne has just pled guilty to attempted weapon possession in New York.
Wayne was busted on July 22, 2007 in NYC after police pulled over his tour bus because they allegedly smelled pot.

Cops say when an officer approached the bus, Wayne tossed a Louis Vuitton bag with a gun inside.

New York is known for having extremely tough gun laws -- Wayne is expecting to get 1-year behind bars.

Wayne's troubles are far from over.

The rapper still faces felony drug possession and weapons charges in Arizona ... after cops found 105 grams of marijuana, 29 grams of cocaine, 41 grams of ecstasy, various drug paraphernalia and a handgun on his tour bus during a traffic stop in Yuma County back in 2008.

Wayne pled not guilty to those charges -- his trial is set for March of 2010

Read more:

DAMN...Drake you better tell em' the squeaky clean image is so in now!

New Music: The Game,Ryan Leslie,Cassidy

The Game: Heaven (I'm just mad after all the dramatics the beat drops like that!)

Ryan Leslie:I choose you


Have You Ever Wondered What Vanilla Ice Is Up To???

Um....HERRO Dude this is an African Commercial for Beer! I guess the whole bit is its "extra cold" and ice ice baby...whatever! Go for what sells I guess!

Chris Brown Interview With Angie Martinez

This is Chris Brown's first radio interview since "the incident" I'm not going to put my 2 cents in here________________ but that blank line is of course for you guys! whatcha think SAU let him hear it!! Congrats Ms.Martinez!

AWWWWWW 4 Year Old Miles Brown On Ellen!

Awwww check your sisters son poppin' and lockin On Ellen! Can't you just imagine his mother in the audience going..."that's my baby"!!!?

MMM MMM MMM Of The Day... Nicole Ricca

Soulja Boy Kickin' It In Jamaica.....

For those of you that care this is video Footage of Soulja Boy Kickin' it in Jamaica recently...I for one am not a big Soulja Boy fan but I must admit he has lead the way for all the teenie boppers to come strolling along with the "lightskinned" beats lately HUH?...Should they pay homage?

Sneak Peak Of Omarion's New Video "I Get It In"

OK this is about a 33 sec sneak peak of Omarion's new Video "I Get It In" Note that at the beginning of the video it says "The King Of Dance Is Back".......Damn he Must of forgot Usher, and Chris Brown are on the way! SAU do we think Omarion is the King Of Dance? Check em' out and see for yourself......

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Chris Brown: Crawl

This is Chris Browns 2nd single "Crawl" from his new upcoming Album "Graffiti". I for one think Chris Brown's voice has grown so much over the last year! If he can win back the hearts of youthful America I believe this could grow to be a POP HIT! whatcha think SAU?

Nicole Richie's Family Picture...

AWWWWW This is Nicole Richie's children (Son)Sparrow and (Daughter)Harlow with long time Boyfriend Joel Madden of Rock group Good Charlotte gotta love family right?

Principals Memo....By Ms.Chelsea

The recording industry once again aims to boost sluggish sales by packing their MVPs into the last three months of the year. This fall’s release schedule includes a songstress whose last four albums all debuted at No. 1 (Alicia Keys’ The Element of Freedom), a sequel more star-studded than the Grammys (Timbaland’s Shock Value 2), the most-delayed album of 2009 (Lil Wayne’s Rebirth), and a couple of Shady characters (Eminem’s Relapse 2 and 50 Cent’s Before I Self Destruct).(All albums are subject to change release date) Huge Days for the recording Industry are ahead...Will these Albums boost sales?

Joss Stone – Colour Me Free – October 20
Michael Jackson – This Is It Soundtrack – October 27
Amerie – In Love & War – November 3
Ryan Leslie – Transition – November 3
Wale – Attention: Deficit – November 10
50 Cent – Before I Self Destruct – November 17
Teairra Mari – At That Point – November 17
Leona Lewis – Echo – November 17
Justin Bieber – My World – November 17
Rihanna-Rated R-November 23
Timbaland – Shock Value 2 – November 23
Omarion – Ollusion – November 23
Birdman – PRICELE$$ – November 23
Juvenile – Cocky and Confident – December 1
Lil Jon – Crunk Rock – December 5
Snoop Dogg – Malice N Wonderland – December 8
Chamillionaire – Venom – December 8
Usher – Raymond V.Raymond– December
Clipse – Till the Casket Drops – December 10
Lil Wayne – Rebirth – December
Monica – Still Standing – December
R. Kelly – Untitled – December 1
Eminem – Relapse 2 – Q4
Plies – Goon Affiliated – Q4
T-Pain – RevolveR – Q4
Young Jeezy – Thug Motivation 103 – Q4

New Music:Leona Lewis,Alexandra,Young Money

Young Money: Thinking to Myself

Alexandra ft Neyo:Goodnight Good Morning

Leona Lewis: I got U

MMM MMM MMM Of The Day....Ashley Cormier

Mariah Carey On Her Grind!

Mariah Carey Performed a medley of songs for Power 105.1 In N.Y. recently Check her performance of her next single Hate U..Is this good enough for Mimi to cop an extra 100,000 in sales of her record SAU?

Laugh Of The Day.....

OK...Ok why does this man really sound hella close to Mike Jacks? We see him around campus all the time and finally someone asked this man for a solo....(thx WSHH)

Kelly Rowland performing @ Loop Live In Bulgaria

Your third cousin, Kelly Rowland Performed her heart out for 50,000 Screaming fans at Loop Live in Bulgaria recently and I must say SAU..regardless of how many times she sings that song when the beat drops its OVER!! LOL Check her performing a medley of DC songs and her infamous "When Love Takes Over"

Fake Reports Of Kanye West's Death...

Despite all the Rumors..Rapper Kanye West DID NOT die in a car Crash Tuesday night! According to At press time, it was unknown where the rumor started, but some were pointing to the image board as the origin of the phony report that West had died in a crash involving two custom cars in Los Angeles. It quickly blossomed into e-mail chains and comment threads on Facebook and Twitter. So for it to make HEADLINES on the News was Bologna! I'm not sure how it feels to have a Newsroom report your death But I can imagine this little spat added fuel to Kanye's fire...SAU whatcha think about this one?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Music: Jamie Foxx,Ne-yo,Omarion

Jamie Foxx: Private Party(snippet)

Ne-yo: Love U

Omarion: Vroom

Coming Soon...Interview With.......Lady Gaga

Yup SAU had a nice chat with Ms.Gaga herself! Stay posted!!

Interview With Usher!!

Ms.A: USHER!! Hello how have you been?
Usher: I'm doing great! how are you Ms.A?
Ms.A: I'm wonderful thank you! Its been about a year since we last heard from you What's up with that?
Usher: LOL well I went on tour for my last album,right after that I got back in the studio and started cooking up this new record
Ms.A: Speaking of new record...Last week we heard the first song of your album Raymond Vs Raymond called "Papers" Is that the official single?
Usher: It's kinda a buzz single getting you guys acclimated to hearing me again but you will be hearing a lot more music from me very soon!
Ms.A: What can we expect from the new Album?
Usher: You can expect to hear whats been going on in my life for the last year,you can expect to cry, you can expect to dance its vintage Usher baby!!
Ms.A: and We love It!
Usher: thank you very much
Ms.A: So as women sometime we don't understand how men deal with their emotions...How do you deal with heartache and pain?
Usher: Of course every man deals with it differently than others
Ms.A: right
Usher: I just pray and meditate, I know God will point me in the right way
Ms.A: that's the best way to deal! So with all of the emotions you were dealing with was it hard finding "Usher" on the last album?
Usher: It was not hard finding Usher that album told the story of what "Usher" was going through at that time, that's the state of mind I was in
Ms.A: and what state of Mind was that?
Usher: The state of being married,settling down having kids, Married Life!
Ms.A: So is Usher a single man as of today?
Usher: Oh Yes I'm very single!
Ms.A: SAU did you guys hear that??: New meat!!
Usher: Please make sure your lovely readers know that!
Ms.A: So how is single life treating you?
Usher: Its treating me pretty good, I'm taking it really slow
Ms.A: So as a new single man how do you get back into the playing field?
Usher: I'm not trying to get back into the field, I'm just trying to be the best dad I can be and focus on my music right now!
Ms.A: awwwwwwww Gotta love kids!
Usher: Oh you have to their our future
Ms.A: So we all knew your mother didn't manage you for a brief moment..How's your relationship with your mother now?
Usher: we're great now, she is my manager again
Ms.A: Love that!
Usher: I do to, Hi Mom!
Ms.A: yea..Hi Mom! We love you! OK so this is for my SAU sororities that LOVE the ground you walk on.....what attracts you to a woman?
Usher: I love a woman who can hold a good conversation and hold my attention, I love a woman with a good heart! If you have that than we can talk
Ms.A: Damn, so that means no Majic City dancers???
Usher: LOL if they have a good heart and good conversation you never know!
Ms.A: SAU Usher doesn't discriminate!! so lets get those resumes faxed
Usher: LMAO
Ms.A: Usher I wanna thank you for taking the time out of your day to chat with me but I have one more question before you leave me and you MUST answer this!
Usher: OK no problem I love SAU
Ms.A: Angelina Jolie's eyes lips or 02' Jlo's ass and hips?
Usher: Damn! That's a hard one
Ms.A: and we are talking about 02' Jlo
Usher: I have to go with JLO she was killing them back then
Ms.A: I don't know Usher, Angelina's lips are killer!
Usher: but pull up JLO from around that time... and Diddy had her man she was killing the game!
Ms.A: DAMN Diddy did have her huh?
Usher: yes he did!
Ms.A: OK ok ok I will let you have that one but since you think your so spiffy Beyonce' or Shakira?
Usher: damn that's hard I can get myself into some trouble on this one but right now at this moment... Shakira
Ms.A: I mean that takes NOTHING away from Beyonce'
Usher: but if you asked me this a few months ago then my answer would be different
Usher: Ms.A before you go I would like to say you do a great job on your blog and I can see it taking you very far! you bring a class and Style to the blogging world and that's very hard to do.
Ms.A: Why thank you Usher I really appreciate that
Usher: and students of SAU,How would you guys like to be a lucky winner and win an autographed copy of my new CD and a trip to New York for my appearance on the Today Show? If you guys are interested stay tuned me and Ms.A are cooking up something really special details coming soon!
Ms.A: told you SAU more contests for you all!!
Usher: Have a great day Ms.A and I will talk to you later SAU!