Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Adele Talks New Album....

Many have been waiting and we're officially getting some insight to Adele's next album "21". Coming Jan. 24th in the U.K. and Feb 22nd in the states, Adele will release the follow up to her debut album "19". "It's different from 19 - it's about the same things but in a different light," she explained in a press release. "I deal with things differently now. I'm more patient, more honest, more forgiving and more aware of my own flaws, habits and principles - something that comes with age I think.

"So fittingly this record is called 21. The whole reason I called my first album 19 was about cataloging what happened to me then and who I was then - like a photo album you see the progression and changes in a person throughout the years."

The album was largely produced by Red Hot Chilli Peppers collaborator Rick Rubin in Malibu, California and Florence and the Machine cohort Paul Epworth in Kensal Rise, London.

According to reports, the album's first single will be "Rolling In The Deep" described by Adele as a "dark bluesy gospel disco tune.

I was a complete fan of Adele's last album "19" and hopefully this Grammy Award winning singer shows growth from her last album to "21". Although from the initial shock of her soulful voice that makes you stop in your tracks and give a quick "Grrrrr?" you'd think there's not that much room for improvement, but lets just hope Adele shocks us...For those of you who aren't familiar with Adele's voice...



  1. I love Adele she is an amazing artist

  2. Her last CD was amazing what a great voice

  3. I love her voice Ms.A I cant wait until she comes out

  4. I love Adele so much

  5. I cant wait for the new music

  6. I love me some Adele her last album was amazing her voice is so lovely