Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Music: Rihanna Ft. Eminem "Love The Way You Lie Pt 2"

The highly anticipated "Love The Way You Lie (Pt 2)" By Rihanna Ft Eminem has blasted on the scene of music today. The song from Rihanna's upcoming "Loud" album keeps the original hook but adds a nice verse by Eminem. I can say that its a nice treat that Riahnna kept her vocals in check and for the most part on key on this one because this could've easily went down the drain, but it came across very subtle and almost poetic in my opinion. Eminem added a flame of a verse on this one..Nice SAU check it out...


  1. Its ok Im not a big fan of part 2's

  2. The first was classic you should not mess with great songs already

  3. This song did not recieve the mad scientist blessing he didnt write this except what was already there but I dont think he gave his blessing.But like Ms.A said it could have been worse