Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Music/From The Album: Rascal Flatts,Nelly,Josh Groban,Keith Urban,Rihanna....

Josh Groban: "Voce Existe Em Mim"

Josh Groban and all that vocal power released his latest effort "Illuminations" and #10 "Voce Existe Em Mim" is nothing to skip over! With a powerful composition that opens up a couple times over, to back all foreign words he speaks, this takes you into a "rallying the troops feel" with this one. His official fan website lists each of his four solo albums have been certified at least multi-platinum, and, in 2007, was charted as the number one best selling artist in the United States....shouldn't we know about him if we don't already?

Rascal Flatts: "I won't Let Go"

A fan favorite, Rascal Flatts came about with their new release "Nothing Like This" and truly shows there's not. From front to back they take you on a Country road starting with "Why Wait" ending with the beautiful piano driven "I Won't Let Go" which shows a more vulnerable/ Inspirational side of the group that I can imagine won't get taken for granted...Gary LeVox's vocal ability on this song soars and almost brings a tear to the music lovers eye..I love it!

Rihanna: "Man Down"

Taking this country party to the islands, Rihanna has released a new album titled "Loud". For the most part on this album its a complete 360 from her last effort 'Rated R' which gave off a more dark appeal. This time the Bajan beauty goes back to her roots and gives us quite the story with #7 "Man Down"... Now with Reggae/Calypso being my favorite genre of music, I couldn't help but be intrigued by this song which gives us the "Gangsta" side of Rihanna and lets her bring more island influences along with a deep Barbados accent and steeldrum peaking out every now and again. The infamous "Rum bum bum bum" makes you sway with each bar. In my opinion best song from the album...

Nelly Ft Dawn & Murphy Lee "Kiss"

Nelly has released his "Nelly 5.0" Album which is 200x's better than his last effort "Brass Knuckles". This song featuring Dawn from Dirty Money & brings her vocals to the front sampling Total's 1996 song "Kissing you". Although not a HUGE fan of this song...creative way to sample the song.

Keith Urban "Georgia Woods"

Rounding this party up we take a flight from St. Louis back to the "Georgia Woods" with Keith Urban. Now to start this one off with a small drum pattern was a shocker to me but the guitar that smooths it over until...the breakthrough of the entire song which reminds me of going through a dark cave, finally seeing the opening of the outside world. Keith took this song and made it his own with a nice size guitar riff sitting right in the middle growing right back to that drum pattern back to the guitar. A party is an understatement with this song, that should be a single in my opinion....not to mention he's uber hot! His album "Get Closer" is 8 songs short, but being that all 8 songs are magnificent it completely evens out..


  1. I love the Josh Groban and Keith Urban songs

  2. Groban is one of my fav artist

  3. I love the Rascal Flats song

  4. Keith Urban is the best I love that song