Friday, August 13, 2010

New Music: Keri Hilson "Last Time"...

Keri Hilson seems to be trucking along with this newly leaked song called "Last Time". (Not sure if this is hers or tracked for someone else) but regardless Nice melody, and nice easy vocals but what I'd like to see from Keri this go around is her building that range. It seems that Keri could potentially have a nice size range but is scared to go there with her vocals so to the producers that are working with her push those vocals to the max! Without growth there is nothing in a voice from the first album that makes you want the next. The beat produced by 'the clutch' is pretty good and a head nodder but again I would like to hear deeper relaxed melodies and more pressing from Keri....Check it out..


  1. I understand what your saying Ms.A I agree with you

  2. I wonder what her next project will sound like