Monday, August 30, 2010

Mark Ronson To Work With D'Angelo.....

Mark Ronson may be readying the release of third album " Record Collection," due out Sept. 28 on RCA Records, but the Brooklyn-based artist/producer is also involved with another high-profile third album: R&B singer D'Angelo's long-awaited follow-up to sophomore disc "Voodoo." Speaking with last week, Ronson said that he was "going into the studio... to work a bit on his record, and I have equal parts intimidation and awe and excitement."

"I was pretty much floored when D said that the only two records of the past 5 to 6 years that he really listened to a lot were 'St. Elsewhere' by Gnarls Barkley and 'Back to Black,'" says Ronson. "I was like, 'I cannot believe I made something that this guy listened to over and over again and looked to for inspiration.'"

Now with the return of Lauryn Hill, D'Angelo and hopefully Amy Winehouse, Are we the only one's that are jumping for joy for the music industry? D'Angelo has been gone since his sophomore album "Voodoo" (Which is a classic) but him steeping back on the scene with good credible music is something much needed now! Forgot D'Angelo?....


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  1. I cant wait to hear what there gonna come up with