Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Linkin Park Preps Video For 'The Catalyst".....

The awaiting Linkin Park fans won't have to wait to much longer for the official video to their new song "The Catalyst". The group promises that the video will be "Very Different" (as all their music videos are).

"[Linkin Park DJ] Joe [Hahn] directed it, and Joe likes to create things visually, likes to go for something big," LP bassist Dave "Phoenix" Farrell told MTV News. "So the look of it is very different. There's a lot of energy in it, and for me, that's what makes for a good video. It adds something to the song, and that's what makes me like this particular video even more."

Farrell wouldn't spill any details of the video — which will debut August 26 on MTV.com and VH1.com — but he did hint that it would be in keeping with the artistic theme of Suns (due September 14).

"For this record, I think we were able to be in front of the curve for a lot of things. We were working on art, and we've been working on it nonstop, because we really wanted to incorporate it in everything," Farrell said. "And in the case of the album cover, we released it in little pieces, gradually constructing it out of nothing, and fans were seeing all kinds of stuff, they saw people's faces and everything ... none of that was intentionally there.....

So will Linkin Park begin a new with this "Thousand Suns" album and regain the title as one of the most creative, yet oh so current guys on the block?...We sure shall see


  1. I cant wait for the video Im excited

  2. Im so happy there back on the scene