Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Music: Drake "I'm Ready For You"

Drake is reportedly prepping for a new (R&B Only) Mixtape soon but I don't know if I can take a full R&B mixtape from Drake. The vocals aren't up to par to venture out that far in my opinion but being that he's building a nice size brand many downloads will come his way. But this "I'm Ready For You" track is rumored to be tracked for a female singer (Some say Rihanna) and it will feature Drake....Could you guys see this one being something big for a female artist? Check it out...


  1. Im not sure if I can see it big for a female artist Im not sure

  2. I dont know if I can take an R&B only mixtape from him

  3. Drake I hate to say it but you can't really sing you can hold a note but if you plan on dropping a whole R&B album give it up man