Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Music: Beyonce' "Girls" (Who Run The World)

Mystery Photo shoots, accompanied by a mystery video shoot, lead us to believe the one we call "Queen B" was up to something. Welp, this mystery can now start the process of coming together, in the form of Beyonce's new single "Girls (Who Run The World). From Play we get a strong tribal/ drumline feel, that begins to quickly become a understatement when the sample by "Major Lazers" (which consists of Diplo and Switch) titled "Pon de Floor" hits, making the beat stick with you from the jump.

But... I found myself lost towards the middle of the song, being that the lyrical melody goes north, south, east, and west, never settling and finding a soothing home in our ears, almost as the lyrics and melody are competing with the beat. In my opinion you either have a "bangin'" beat, with the song melodically falling in line or vice versa, but on this one we get the screaming sample, drums that won't quit, a nice 'flag waving' chorus and then.... the rest of the song. Now although we have about 50 million sounds, melodies, and not to mention Beyonce's voice to listen to through this 3:48 song, everything about it screams female empowerment,and party. That mixed with one of the most infamous brands in music today, there's no doubt we'll be moving in our seats to it by Friday. Check it out Below...


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