Thursday, June 2, 2011

On The Lawn Spotlight: Dag For Dag "I Am The Assassin"

Bite your knuckles and cringe under your sheets, the assassin has confessed to us all who they are. A brother sister Duo who actually get along in the form of music...Different right? That's the Swedish-American duo Dag for Dag, which consists of Brother and Sister Sarah and Jacob Snavely. This haunting song "I am The Assassin" caught my ear something serious after I listened to it...Stopped...thought about it, and came up with this, Follow me: The song is called "I am The Assassin" but taking the title a tad bit deeper could be looked as something on the lines of "Genius". Looking at the drum pattern as "the chase", the singing as taunting us (the chaser), and the brief break at 1:18 as it is, but a smooth transition and start up again you get a full 2:06 chase folks what does the assassin do? Stay on the run :0..So so so so sweet! You guys follow me? Chase The Assassin Below

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