Friday, November 4, 2011

*** SAU Official Report Card*** Wale "Ambition"

Like a colony of bats that flock together and fly left, Wale attempts to break from the pack and go right with his latest release "Ambition". A generous amount of chips this rapper seems to have on his shoulder this time around, noticeably dropping them off with each new song. With his previous effort "Attention Deficit" selling a mere 66,000 copies as of Jan. 2010, with a single that featured the (then) fresh face Lady Gaga titled "Chillin'", Wale scraped the old directions and decided to start a new with Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group and Warner Bros. Records.

Ambition- /amˈbiSHən/

1. A strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.
2. Desire and determination to achieve success.

There's absolutely no doubt Wale's been studying his craft in order to find his own way through this thing we call Hip Hop and it seems to be paying off. Adapting to his new surroundings with brighter songs including "Miami Nights" and the lemon fresh scent of "White Linen" Ft Ne-yo, throughout his lyrics, beats, and flow we can feel the spirit of an "Ah Ha" moment throughout this album.

The thing that would make this album without a doubt a sure win would be for Wale to understand looking to the future is to also know what you did right in the past,AKA story telling. Songs like "Lotus Flower Bomb" is where Wale shines, just as on "Attention Deficit" we got the clear visual of "90210" & "Diary", but here the story telling lacks which isn't a MUST but would be a wonderful accent regardless to what category the story is from.

All in all, I say check this one out, it would be a great addition to any album collection.

Growth- B-

Production- C

lyrical ability- C

WWA (World wide appeal)- S (Satisfactory)

SAU official grade- C+

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