Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Vid: Lil' Wayne "How To Love"

In a visual attempt to show the correct way to propel a hit single, Lil Wayne recently released the official video to his obvious hit "How To Love". Better Late than Never, the visual goes deep into a particular woman's life ultimately showing "If she knew how to love" her life would end up completely different.

Obviously Contradistinctive from other videos Wayne has released in the past, this video has meaning, this video has much heart and soul. Now although just released, one can only ponder about the thought of Wayne going from lyrics & videos with depth, to his latest single "She Will" Ft Drake coasting with lyrics: "Now Gon' Pop that Pu**y for a real Ni**a". Wayne has the potential to absolutely screech on his way to sophistication throughout his lyrics, but in my opinion its not only a form of growth, but a versatile ever-growing fan base.

With Wayne gaining country wide appeal from 04's "Tha Carter", (Which if you ask a person from his hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana was his best effort to date) the growth to "The Carter II" lyrically blew us out the water from "Tha Mobb" to "Hustler Musik" gaining him much notoriety, and for the moment stamping "Best Rapper Alive" on each and every feature Wayne flowed on. The question of "what's next" came answered in the form of "The Carter III" ("lollipop","A Milli","Mrs. Officer") when Wayne gained world wide success selling 1 million copies in the first week. Since then "We Are Young Money", "Rebirth" and "I'm Not A Human Being" have passed, but getting back to "The Carter" series keeps us questioning....We soon shall get our answers.

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