Thursday, August 4, 2011

One Good Thing About Music.....

"One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain"-Glorious Quote From Bob Marley

But what if the pain in music hit you so hard, you had no choice but to humble yourself within the swaying of the "Trenchtown Rock" king of Reggae himself, and let the emotions flow? Who'd be behind you soothing your soul with your new found soundtrack to life? Adele.

With her debut album "19" perking your ears up like a canine hearing a brief new sound, but shaking it off as a coincidence, "21" has to be the complete "BOOM" that makes the dog howl. With "21" being certified by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) at ten times platinum, denoting domestic shipments in excess of three million units adding that to now 12 nonconsecutive weeks at number 1 on the Billboard 200...say it with me folks..OWWWWWW!

When asked about the emotions felt when the complete album "21" arrived on his desk, Simon Cowell told SAU "It was such a great collection of music tied in together. The perfect marriage of pain, sorrow, heartbreak, and hope. Her voice delivers excruciating lyrics in a beautiful way. As a concrete rose. Especially in terms of the music industry, she sticks out like a sore thumb."

An unexpected bloom for sure being that Adele's "21" peaked at number 1 in over 5 countries including Ireland, Australia, Canada, and Germany. There seems to be no stopping this gush of aqua deeply nurturing an impoverished industry. But how did we get here? A wonderful album has to hit its mark with much force, but adding to that it needs all around great production and writing.

SAU spoke to the man Ms. Adele credits for helping her "tackle her emotions head on" Mr. Rick Rubin. When asked how Adele tapped into the pain, Mr. Rubin responded " Well Before the actual album you hear now, it was an entirely different album But when Michael Sanders and myself collaborated on the songs, and I received the final songs Adele was to sing, she seemed a tad bit intimidated. I sat her down and explained that these songs were tailored especially for her no one else, but its your job to go get it, and I believe she did just that."

A songwriter on 99% of the album Michael Sanders explained "transitioning from "19" to "21" was different. Adele was trying to find herself on "19" he said, going into the album "21" we knew where we wanted to go, but the car broke down a couple of times. I actually heard a quote from someone that said "I don't want to feel like I'm on my way to a funeral listening to her album" we had to take that into account. So the album was structured around soulful heartbreak instead of plain ol' heartbreak which I think Adele could sing getting out of bed in the morning."

The Highly praised second single "Someone Like You" continues her critical acclaim without a shadow of a doubt, but to know an album of so much praise could have quickly gotten looked over with "Rolling In The Deep" debuting fairly low in the states, The push of a single shows the statement "One and Done" still has meaning.

The rose that grew from concrete, The One, Adele is as of right now One Good Thing About Music.

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