Monday, August 29, 2011

***Official SAU Report Card*** Lil Wayne " Tha Carter IV"

And now he's here.."Tha Carter IV" which has seen many set backs from jail time, to just plain ol' release date problems hit i-Tunes at 12am 8-29-11. With a "Brand new Attitude", Wayne tries his best attempt at growth but appears stagnant in some forms, showing that his past effort "Tha Carter III" still remains the musical highlight of his career thus far.

Going into an album that you expect to be a complete upgrade from the last edition of "Tha Carter", we actually get a mediocre "rap album" at best. Noticeably different from this album compared to earlier presentations has to be the wordplay. Checking out Wayne's background, you can see in a great abundance that the "Lil One" had a full dictionary at his disposal, but using lines like "I'm a sight seer/Now let me see it" as he did on the song " So Special" Ft John Legend as well as "You don't need a buss pass/you need a bust yo' ass" on "Blunt Blowin" shows the regression in every way.

Taking songs like "John", which is basically a 2011 rendition of Rick Ross' 2010 song "I'm Not A Star" from his "Teflon Don" Album with an extra beat behind it is very lazy and well...a cheap way to get a hood classic that already was.

High points on the album include "Interlude" Ft Andre 3000 and the cryptic underrated artist Tech N9ne who blasts on the scene of the song with a wisp of wind, that you can't understand was there...until he's gone. As well as the beat of "Abortion" slashing off the transitionally fucked first :18 secs of the song, where it takes 50 rewinds, a translator from China, and a cup of coffee including 10 "Sweet N' Lows" to ponder on as you rewind.

This album as a whole lacks "Songs" and thunderous beats to where it lays an easy platform for the rapper to go completely bonkers on. "How To Love" which is a wonderful song has no platform to stand on within this album which makes me wonder should it have gone to someone else? There's no doubt Wayne has fans that will completely support this edition of "Tha Carter" which is a wonderful thing to stand on, but the fact of the matter is once again, this album "Tha Carter IV" is just a mediocre "Rap Album" at best.

Growth- D-

Production- C

Lyrical Ability- C

WWA (World Wide Appeal)- S (Satisfactory)

SAU official Grade- D+

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