Monday, July 25, 2011

From The album: "Here I Am" By Kelly Rowland "Keep It Between Us"

It looks like Ms. Kelly Rowland is back and making a statement with her new release "Here I Am". With a more careful and steady approach on this one, Kelly shows her marinated smooth vocals with songs like "All Of The Night" and the sexy "Keep It Between Us". On this one Rowland's smooth sailing, and deep vocals keep your attention 100%, and her vulnerable vocals, accompanied by the "barely there" heart beat, has the opportunity from jump to capture you and wrap it's depth around you in every way. Very sexy, very carefully thought. Another thing that catches my attention is the simplicity of her background vocals here, it adds just enough flavor without going overboard making it a heavy dinner something light and fitting was needed and she gave just that. Attention to detail was added at the 2:15 mark where the producer could've easily brought the complete beat in but gave that one second delay that added an extra umph to the second chorus... Producers attention to detail either major or minor counts! Nice

Kelly Rowland's "Here I Am" is in stores and online now.

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