Friday, July 29, 2011

On The Lawn Spotlight: BOBBY "Sore Spores"

BOBBY is a cooperative musical project based on the talents of musicians from Partisan Records and Knitting Factory Records which is notable for achieving an avant garde alternative sound using polyrhythm, as well as achieving critical acclaim. The group is composed of seven musicians, some who are members of other bands, collaborate on experimental acoustic folk and synthesizer-based sounds. Some members work with other established bands, including Molly Sarle and Amelia Meath of Mountain Man. The music has experimental rhythms in which multiple meters are superimposed on one another so that "each song can be felt in different time signatures." The group performs with numerous effects pedals, numerous synthesizers, and a Rhodes keyboard.

The many different sound that make up this band is actually...well what makes up this band. Experimenting with different sounds, and switches, along with the lead singer's vocals that add to the different feel of this alternative,indie,dream pop,earthy sound. Worth listening to the entire song.


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