Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Music: Frank Ocean "Thinking About You"

Since up and coming artist/writer Frank Ocean has his song "Novacane" sitting comfortably at number 17 on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Charts, people want a little more. This artist chose the perfect piece(regardless to if its old,new or a refrence track) to share with his fans to let them know he's most definitely "Thinking About You. With his first Mix tape "Nostalgia,Ultra" released to the flow of critical acclaim back in February, a keen eye has been kept on this member of Odd Future.

The latest song "Thinking About You" shows a mild mannered Ocean giving strong falsetto, with a chorus echoing of what's next. listening to his style of writing which he obviously does himself,the word "sarcastic" comes to mind. Lyrics like:

"No I don't like you,/ I just thought you were cool/ enough to kick it Got a beach house/ I can sell you in Idaho/ Since you think I don't love you,/I just thought you were cute/ thats why I kissed you got a fighter jet/ I don't get to fly /and though I'm lying down thinking bout' you/

Shows that although this song could seem "off" in some way, with how the bars break down,the way he approached this simple beat with a sarcastic ability, stayed on track, mellowed it out, and got us to where he thought we needed to be in his musical mind, made for a nice song. Very creative this guy.

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