Saturday, July 23, 2011

R.I.P: Amy Winehouse Found Dead At 27....

Amy Jade Winehouse, A singer that stepped on the scene in 03' with her soulful debut "Frank", has been found dead at the age of 27 this morning. It is reported that at approximately 3:54 pm local time (BST, UTC+1) on 23 July 2011, two ambulances were called to Winehouse's home in Camden, London. Shortly afterwards, the Metropolitan Police confirmed her death. There is currently an open investigation to determine the cause of death, which is described by police as unexplained.

With this coming as a shock to many in the industry praying and hoping that the "Back To Black" singer would make a complete 360 and get back to giving us what she was meant to bring, Here at SAU we want to absolutely celebrate the music she left here with us. Last year I actually had the opportunity to have a nice chat with the singer before an interview at the beginning of the year, and I must say that not only was she the most welcoming person without the "Industry mentality" she also gave great words of inspiration at points. Below are excerpts from our conversation. RIP Amy Winehouse.

10-7-10 (edited For clarity)

Amy:The famous Ms.A who I fantasize about having an interview with, how are you?

Ms.A: LOL! well hello there stranger how are you today Ms. Winehouse? You can call me Asia

Amy: Call Me Amy! What a great name you must be special!

Ms.A: Well I hope so

Amy: I can see it now "Asia and Amy The interview" perfect fit huh?

Ms.A: LOL! I love it

Amy: so you are really willing to interview my crazy ass?

Ms.A: Oh hell yeah I'd be so honored

Amy: Im willing to welcome you to my world I have been wanting to take on Ms.A and the hard ass SAU for a minute now, and you and your people have been calling me out for quite sometime now, so when can we make this "A and A" interview happen? Im willing to let it all hang out even the fake tatas for SAU lol. nothing is off limits you can go as deep and dark as you want to.

Ms.A: I absolutely love your spunk how about the beginning of the year?

Amy: Thank you Asia life is to short to be mad and upset I have done it all did all the drugs subliminally told myself I need to go to Rehab so I live life as fun I have been to the pitts and hell and the slums but now fuck that I say and do what I want Im a child of God he takes me as I'am

Ms.A:I think thats a really great way to look at life I wish more people thought of life that way thank you so much

Amy:your so welcome love so I will see you at the beginning of the year for a duel?
Im ready for you and SAU! bring your vest I'm going in!

Ms.A: SAU is an army within itself so you just might need it :)

Amy: F**k! well I'll bring my jousting outfit as well LOL have a great day love.

"Tears Dry On Their Own"



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