Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Music: Wale "Make It Rain" (Freestyle)

And why again is Wale so damn underrated? His flow on this beat is crazy along with (What some don't realize makes a good rap artist's sound) his vocal tone. Not anyone can get on a rap track and blow it out the water with 1:50. Wale has been basically screaming to the game "Check me out" Since "Rhyme of The Century" and "Nike Boots". SAU what you guys think about Wale? Give the man some feedback...

Check out "Nike Boots" and "Rhyme of The Century"(Which was Wale's first song on DMV radio)


  1. He is nice Im a huge fan DMV stand up

  2. His flow is the sickest I love it

  3. Why is he so under rated dude is nice