Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pink Wants You To "Raise Your Glass"

As we told you a couple weeks ago singer/"Bad ass" P!nk will be releasing a "Greatest Hits..So Far" Album with "Raise Your Glass" leading the pack in singles. The single, which is produced by ultimate hit maker Max Martin, has that oh so familiar ring to it that makes you say in the words of Pink..."Its So on Right now" Very fun track.

Other tracks from the Greatest Hits So far album include:

"Get the Party Started"
"There You Go"
"Don't Let Me Get Me"
"Just Like a Pill"
"Stupid Girls"
"Who Knew"
"U + Ur Hand"
"Dear Mr. President"
"So What"
"Please Don't Leave Me"
"Glitter in te Air"
"Raise Your Glass"
New Song (to be announced)

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