Wednesday, March 17, 2010

CSI Actor Gary Dourdan Catches A Beat Down...

But Not by a random guy in the street or a frantic fan..But by his woman! Dourdan, who played analyst Warrick Brown, was found scratched and bruised by police who went to a house in Venice, California, TMZ reported.

Offcicers arrested Maria Asis del Alamo where she was taken to the station and booked on misdemeanor domestic battery.

She was later released on bail...well thankfully he didn't punch a hole through her face and just let her have it. Why is everyone so damn mad now SAU? Ladies it isn't cool to beat up ya' man either..Go have a coke and a smile and sit down somewhere!


  1. LMFAO she beat his ass! but like you said Ms.A atleast he didn't dawg her back

  2. I don't get it is he a punk because he let his girl beat him up? or his he a man for not hitting her back?