Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Michael Jackson's Estate Signs Massive Deal.....

Months after the Death Of the great Michael Jackson his Estate has signed one of the biggest recording contracts in history, giving Sony, Jackson’s longtime label, the rights to sell his back catalog and draw on a large vault of unheard recordings according to the NY Times.

The deal, for about 10 recordings through 2017, will guarantee the Jackson estate up to $250 million in advances and other payments and offer an especially high royalty rate for sales both inside and outside the United States, according to people with knowledge of the contract who spoke anonymously because they were not authorized to speak about it publicly.

“We think that recordings will always be an important part of the estate,” John Branca, an entertainment lawyer who is one of the estate’s executors, said in an interview on Monday. “New generations of kids are discovering Michael.”

I don't know about you SAU but if I ever have children I would want them to know about the great who was Michael Jackson as well as listening to and loving the music we never got a chance to hear, so I think this was a great move for Sony and the future of music...


  1. WOW $250 Milliom

  2. Damn thats alot of Money but thats about the only artist people will buy so its a good deal

  3. I was reading about this earlier Sony will make back its investment and so much more

  4. I cant wait to hear the new material