Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Music: Justin Bieber, Lloyd, B.O.B,Consequence

Justin Bieber "U Smile"

Damn this Boy is good...the true test was Justin putting out a slower single, with this one Justin is putting it far out for any other boys that come out, I love the arrangement and his cute vocals showing he can actually reach those high notes with ease GO Justin!

Lloyd Ft Mystikal "set me free"

Lloyd sounds a bit better as far as his pitch on this song, It does nothing for me as far as his R&B status but is it me or does Mystikal sound a bit calmer from his earlier days? either way I like the New Orleans feel of it..

B.O.B "I don't know ya'"

Ok I'll be the one to say B.O.B didn't go as hard as Drake on this beat I'm not a
fan of this one B.O.B...

Consequence ft Styles P "don't stand so close"

Consequence I just don't know...I loved "whatever you want" but It doesn't seem that he can stand alone without others on the track I'm not sure about the longevity not a fan


  1. I love the Justin Bieber song

  2. Justin is so cute I love his music and Im a grown woman

  3. Little justin bieber is going to have the records flying off the shelves