Monday, March 22, 2010

New Music: Kelly Rowland,Jamie Foxx,Ludacris

Ludacris ft Trey Songz "Sex Room"

Luda has been putting all kinds of Grind time in lately, But this one on his newest album "Battle Of The Sexes" takes it to another level (his raps too)tending especially to the ladies. With the help of Trey Songz this one is a nice slow banger I love it!

Kelly Rowland: "Smooches"

This song without a doubt dumbs down the voice that Kelly Rowland does have. After about a minute 30 the song gets so annoying and repetitive very lazy writing on this song not a fan at all Kelly I think she can do much better.

Jamie Foxx:"Night like this"

I don't know about this one SAU....For some reason I think Jamie will always chase the success of "Blame It" but this one aint it...


  1. I love the song with Luda and trey its sexy but I don't think Jamie will ever have a song as big as Blame it again

  2. Kelly Rowland can't seem to get it right I bet she hates Beyonce LMAO

  3. You need to give it up Kelly you suck sweetie

  4. Kelly should take her ass to the U.K and start there because Beyonce has the U.S on lock and noone else has the key!