Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kanye West And Kid Cudi At It Again...

With Cudi's 'Man On The Moon II' in the production stages he has reunited with Kanye West for a rock/pop track from Cudi’s forthcoming album...

Jonsin (the producer of the track) told Rap-Up.com: "We did one song together which is kind of rock-influenced. It was something I wanted to do with [Cudi] and just see where he would go. I played him a couple of tracks and decided to play him this batch here and he really liked this one with this rock influence. We tamed it down just a little bit, light weight, he was all open to do it and he killed it, wrote the top line and I helped him with some melodies, he killed one record."

Jim Jonsin then went on to explain that there will also be a sampled Duran Duran track on the album too:

We did another record where I sampled a Duran Duran record. Kanye and Kid Cudi supposedly did that in the studio together and killed it but I haven't got it yet. From what I heard, it's a mix man. It's kind of some club stuff, some hip-hop traditional rap stuff, and then some rock-pop stuff. He's gong everywhere, it's similar to what B.o.B. is doing. These new artists are really trying to reach out to new people and fans."

I like Kid Cudi and I can fully see the direction he's going in I hope he pulls through with a good one for the awaiting fans..



  1. I would like to hear the song

  2. I cant wait to hear there new work Im a fann of Cudi