Friday, May 14, 2010

SAU On The Lawn Spotlight....Deadbeat Darling

Equal parts mischief and bliss, eloquence and irreverence, Deadbeat Darling is a New York City-based rock band whose music shimmers with hints of dub and electronica, and has thus far inspired a rabid and eclectic fanbase solely upon word of mouth. They released their debut full length album "Weight of Wandering"during the Summer of 2009, followed by a sold out show at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City and a run of album release shows throughout Texas and the Midwest...

"Deadbeat Darling's "Weight of Wandering” mesmerizes listeners with gentle reggae waves, sprinkles of exotic modulation, a dab of Dub, and tinges of electronica... Fusing an enchanting instrumentation with (Joseph) King’s soaring, soothing, and shining vocals that attend to every nuance and touch every emotion, the Brooklyn quartet creates a “zen-rock” experience on their ten-track album.... “Weight of Wandering” is heavy with poeticism that is matched by substantial musicality." – Meijin Bruttomesso, Deli NYC

So Without further Adu...Deadbeat Darling People...


  1. I like them they have alot of potential

  2. I love the song really nice I want to hear more

  3. The lead singer is kinda cute

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