Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Music: Drake, Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars: 'Somewhere In Brooklyn'

So if you guys didn't know Bruno Mars has a new EP available on itunes...Not my favorite EP AT ALL being that it sounds rushed to get something out because of the success of "Nothing On You" not that I blame his people, but at least make it listenable..There is a crown jewel on the EP and that's the song 'The other side" ft Cee-lo..If Team Bruno Mars was smart they would be ringing Cee-Lo's phone off the hook right now..but What do I know right?

Bruno Mars "The Other Side"

Drake ft Jhene Aiko: 'July'

Not too sure if this is left overs from a Mixtape or something new from Drake, but it's pretty Mellow a nice song to bob to..Not feeling the chick's vocal tone on the song at all but its a nice song to bob to nothing more...


  1. Nice song by Drake and I love the other side by Bruno

  2. The Bruno song with Ceelo is hot

  3. The Drake song is nice but I hate the girl who is singing

  4. I love the Bruno Mars song Ms.A they need to take your advice