Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Details On Jay-Z Kanye West Mini Album..

As you all know now Jay-Z and Kanye West are getting together for a mini album called "Watch The Thrown". The growing list of producers(I.E Q-Tip, beatsmith Pete Rock, and producer Madlib) seems to be coming together to make beautiful noise. Kanye West tweeted:

"We got new Pete Rock joints on the Watch the Thrown [sic] album, Q-Tip joints," West tweeted. "We bout to spit on this Madlib beat."

Last Friday in an attempt to keep his "Good music" Fridays going Kanye West leaked the track "So Appalled" Check it out below...On the other hand we have to give credit where its due A couple months back Tyga Freestyled over this same beat and called it "So Raw" in which he actually murdered the track (Below)

Kanye West,Jay-Z, Pusha T, RZA, Swizz Beatz, CyHi The Prince-"So Appalled"

Tyga- I'm Raw

In other Kanye News The rapper has set a release date for his upcoming album..Nov. 22nd he's coming people..

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