Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Quincy Jones Speaks On Amy Winehouse.....

The legendary producer, who recruited the 'Back To Black' star to feature on his forthcoming covers album, said that he admires the singer for overcoming her long battle with drugs.

He told Rolling Stone: "She's a smart little girl. What can I say, man? Nobody sounds like her.

"She's been going through a lot of stuff, but she came on through, man. Everybody was saying, 'You'll never get her' and all that stuff.

"You know how the press is today - it's lethal, with all the haters and negative s**t. But she and Mark came on in and they did it. She has a great voice. She's from another planet."

Jones, who is best known for working on Michael Jackson's Thriller, releases Q: Soul Bossa Nostra later this year.



  1. I cant wait to hear the song

  2. She has a voice like none other I hope to har new music from her soon

  3. I wonder how her CD is gonna sound

  4. I cant wait for the song to come out

  5. I wonder when her new CD will come out

  6. I cant wait for her new material