Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Music: Kanye West Ft Pusha T "Runaway"

"Lets have a toast for the douche bags, lets have a toast for the assholes, lets have a toast for the scumbags, Everyone of them that I know- Glorious Quote from Kanye West

The song that we heard Kanye West perform at the VMA's titled "Runaway" ft Pusha T of the Clipse has surfaced today. With very eerie piano steps at the beginning that take off throughout the entire song, rolling into a hardcore hip hop beat beginning with Kanye West reminiscing "I always find/and I always find something wrong" keeps Kanye with his very personal lyrics that have people relating left and right. Pusha T (From the Clipse) on the other hand is a very creative rapper (At times) but left me lost with this verse the verse that had no UMPH in it to me....but on the other hand this song that is more of a "808's and heartbreak 2.0" with the eerie beat and lyrics, has me ready to hear the creative genius that is Kanye west whenever he drops!

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