Friday, September 3, 2010

Ne-Yo Speaks On Working With Beyonce'...

While Neyo doesn't have a single thats sticking nor have me looking forward to his album "Libra Scale" The R&B Singer sat with to talk about his collaborations with Beyonce' that might have fans looking forward to him once again...

In an interview with AJC, he said: "It's coming along nicely. I can't speak too much on it, but it's another direction for her, and she’s carving out her own niche.

"In a minute nobody will be in BeyoncĂ©'s lane. They really can’t get in her lane now, but they really can’t get in her lane after this album.

Not too much but just enough to let us know Mrs. Knowles/Carter is making her way to crafting another album....I just hope that for his sake a nice "sticky" single is in the works aswell since "Libra Scale" Is slated to drop October 5th... Below is the cover art...Still rooting for you Ne-yo



  1. I cant wait for her new music

  2. Its gonna be big when she comes back its good to know she is back to work

  3. I hope she comes to talk to us soon about the project

  4. She has to come through SAU

  5. I cant wait for her new project I wonder when it will be coming out

  6. She said she would come if Ms.A posts about her where you at Beyonce?