Monday, March 8, 2010

Lil Wayne Sentenced.....

Lil Wayne was sentenced today to a year in jail in New York City for having a loaded gun on his tour bus in 2007, then was taken away in handcuffs to begin his term immediately.

According to TMZ when sentenced the rapper was asked if he wanted to make a statement..The rapper shook his head no..

The Grammy Award-winning rapper, born Dwayne Carter, was sentenced in Manhattan after pleading guilty in October to attempted criminal possession of a weapon. He admitted having the loaded .40-caliber semiautomatic gun on his tour bus.

The rapper will serve his sentence in city jails, not a state prison. He could be released in about eight months with good behavior.

Damn SAU no one ever thought this day would come but with all the music he's been stocking...The videos he's been shooting and another album on the won't seem that long!


  1. Damn he has finally gone to jail today I thought it would never happen

  2. I thought he was never gonna go

  3. We wont notice the time at all before he gets out Im sure he will stay on our TV screens

  4. I cant believe he really is going in I just knew he was gonna get off some how with the delays

  5. I cant believe he is finally gone

  6. I hope he does well in there jail aint nothing to take lightly