Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Never Fear New Music Is Here......

B.O.B ft T-pain: "Trunk Band"

I'm not sure about the dead subject "My trunk has a band"...but the beat is nice and T-Pain actually brings something to this track other than autotune...I like it!..

Kid Cudi: "Know Why"

I don't know why but Kid Cudi is growing on me yea the album was depressing as HELL, but you can't deny the talent. the song is just AIGHT

Young Jeezy Ft Plies: "Lose My Mind"

Ok I don't think this is Jeezy at his best...We're use to the HARD beats when it comes to Jeezy I.E "Get ya mind right" and "Put On" this falls short and defenitly last place when it comes to beats and raps...Is it just me or does Plies think the harder and louder he raps the better it is? Not a fan Jeezy


  1. I like the B.O.B song alot he cant do no wrong

  2. Ms.A where are the girls at?

  3. I was thining the same thing when I heard Jeezy's new song yesterday its so Blah what happened Jeezy?

  4. this B.O.B Guy is real nice with it

  5. Also Plies is wack have you heard his new song Ms.A? I hate it and his gimick is over

  6. Ms.A where are the girls there has not been one in days