Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Music: Mario,Kid Cudi,Birdman,

Mario: "Need To Be there"

For Mario its a big dud but it seems like he's getting back to his pure R&B roots hopefully somethings boiling in that head of his..If Not R&B music will surely leave him behind...

Birdman:"Loyalty" ft Wayne and Tyga

Even though YM and Cash Money is on top now that doesn't stop the flow of good music I like this one and with the push of Tyga that lets me know he's next but is he ready?...this song suggests that he just might be I like it..A lot!

Kid Cudi: "I do my thing" ft Snoop Dogg

All I can say is I like Kid Cudi he was on his grind for a minute but now he has the attention that he wanted...His melodies catch my ear and that raspy voice is killer...I Like it too much cursing' but I like it.

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