Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Who Needs # 23?.....

Is what LeBron James is thinking now... Apparently James filed paperwork with the N.B.A. to change his uniform number next season to 6 from 23; the paperwork was due this week. James has said that he would be willing to give up No. 23 in an effort to have the N.B.A. retire it leaguewide in honor of Michael Jordan.Nytimes reports that James wore No. 6 with the United States Olympic team and also wears it in practice...Those #23 Lebron James Jerseys are now classic people Hold on to em'!!

In other Lebron news the net is on fire talking about how the NBA will in fact be at Lebron's feet soon (with the changing of teams and all) Word around the league is that LeBron James could be looking for a three-year deal on whatever team he ends up signing with this summer when he becomes a free agent.

The thought is that signing for three years will allow the 25-year-old to keep getting himself better and better financial deals as his career progresses and puts pressure on a club to build a better team overall around him while he's with them....So the question is who do you think LeBron is going to sign with SAU?....


  1. I got my 23 Jersey on deck

  2. Lebron comin to N.Y. BABY!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I think Lebron going to Ny too

  4. LeBron always want some attention