Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Would You Guys Buy A Whole Album By This Guy?....

Regardless to if you will or not most of you know him from the Gym Class heroes as Travie McCoy and "Lazarus" (his new album) has a plan to come out June 8 “Billionaire,” featuring Bruno Mars , the album features production from T-Pain, Bruno Mars and The Stereotypes (Ne-Yo, Mary J. Blige), among others. Travis told MTV News recently, “With any project, I just go in and blindly start writing songs and then find out which way we want to go with it. This one took a bit longer to find the lane… The songs will appeal to a broader range of people as opposed to the hip-hop crowd or conventional GCH crowd.”

Didn't I tell you guys that Bruno Mars guy is going in?? I can't wait to hear more music from him...Lets hope Travis comes with the heat for his solo album....because he can be easily forgotten like his verses were on this song.

Video coming soon...

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