Thursday, September 2, 2010

B.o.B Does MTV Unplugged.....

A very stylish B.o.B took on the legendary MTV's Unplugged recently. Transforming his original songs into acoustic masterpieces, B.o.B Along with Melanie Fiona (Who stood in for Hailey on "Airplanes") and Robyn Thicke (Who did "nothing on you"), is showing naysayers who once called him a "One hit wonder" that he is truly an artist who is ready to take on every venture that comes his way. Wonderful performance over all...In other B.o.B news The man is also rumored to open for Jay-Z and Eminem for the Detroit show at Comerica Park.....B.o.B is gaining much respect lately CONGRATS!!


  1. His live shows are so good

  2. I love bob but he gotta get away from T.I after today thats not a good look