Wednesday, September 1, 2010

John Legend & The Roots In Studio Performance Of "I Can't Write Left Handed"

The Roots and John Legend have been crafting a new album called "Wake Up" due September 21st, Along with dropping their single of the same title last week, the new found group has some in studio footage of them performing the oh so soulful sweet sound of "I can't Write Left Handed". I don't know if John Legend understands that after a song sung this desperate and with so much soul It has me wanting a John Legend solo album so so bad.

With Legend not dropping a solo album since the 08' release of "Evolver" with the single "Green Light" ft Andre 3000, from these vocals on "I can't write left handed" we can all tell that the unimaginable has happened....The legend has grown leaps and bounds...But until a solo album is released I'll definitely take this...


  1. I cant wait to hear this album it should be good

  2. Im feeling the song this is gonna be good

  3. His vocals are amazing on this song